worlds most powerful single stroke pneumatic air rifle 22 cal.700 fps, [Music].well hello folks and thanks for to my new channel I guess is my ever on YouTube and not I hope you.enjoyed it.well I wanted to show you this a single.stroke pneumatic 22 caliber air rifle in.full’s the first one of its kind well.actually not the first one of its kind.there’s been a few develop that is the.first one that incorporates this type of.pumping system and of course is more.than full power.I think full powers is around 12.foot-pounds energy we’re at this it’s anywhere from 8 up to 19 foot-pounds energy’s a multi power single stroke.pneumatic not just a simple to automatic.but you’ll see in a minute why I say.that first of all this is a working.prototype it’s a year and a half in.development my friend and I decided it.of the year and a half ago that there’ to be a way to make a single stroke.pneumatic air rifle in 22 caliber that’s.not hard to pump and that has some.decent power and this is what we came up.with now the way this looks right now I said a working prototype we’ve.built a bed of aluminum because aluminum.was cheap and easy to work with so we.wanted something that we could do our.testing on and not break the bank so to.speak we are going to build a finished.product from steel later starting pretty.soon actually and but it won’t be ready.for about a year and I couldn’t wait you this so this little baby as I said this is a working.prototype that it’s a collaboration.apart from the very previous a few stolen parts from other guns.that I.they have a pistol grip is from a hatsan.125 and the barrel and preacher.craftsman but that we will be designing.and building your own breech now this is.a double an arm single stroke pneumatic.and what that does is give you 16 full.inches of pump stroke and that’s a lot.of air because the inside diameter of my.pressure tube is one inch so you’re.compressing one each 16 inches that’s.12.5 cubic inches into the space the.thickness of a coin now so you’re.probably looking at 3000 psi per shot.full power shot that is and which is.quite impressive now our puppet wants you how easy it is just not easy.and I’m not going to fire it because it.does silly things to the camera but.that’s a full-size full pressure pump.and during the testing depending on.appellant Lee of course depends on the.amount of foot-pounds energy that you’re.going to get from that pump stroke let’s start talking about the.thirteen point four grain which is the.lightest colored I use and that gives me.nearly well actually it gives me 700.feet per second sometimes for the most.part at 695 feet per second average.excuse me and I did get one day I don’t.know what it was the stars were all.aligned to her or the zodiac was in the.right alignment.I got 740 feet per second.we fill it with the heavy pellet the.heaviest I fired so far are the 25.4.Grange ASB and I got 593 feet per second.which is just 3 feet per second shy of.20 foot pounds energy it was a 19.8 5.foot pounds energy or 1984 so I.definitely have the potential for a lot.of power but generally that pumping that.hard all the time is it where it wear the pins on this prototype now.that won’t be an issue of course but the.steel gun once we make everything out of.carbon steel and hardened pins and.hardened pump arms and just everything.built better it won’t be hard over at.all and then 20 foot pounds energy is.probably going to be a bit more if.that’s what you want now what I say.reason I say that if that’s what you.want is because like I said this is a.variable speed air rifle which means you.can go as low as I think about 260 feet.per second is the lowest shot I’ve ever.fired with a valve opened because it.takes a certain amount of pressure the valve but 300 if you’re.shooting in the basement that paper is.fine 400 it’s nicer but because this is.a variable the pump head is designed in.such a way that you don’t have to open.the pump all the way to let air in.through the tiny hole cop to competitive.valve in itself so it’s springing up on.its own it’s under pressure right now.but anyway that’s a full stroke and.there like I said that full strum will.give you the 700 feet per second and there would be 650 there would be.600 500 400 and then not about 300 down.there but now once you have committed to.a full pump stroke with your pump can’t be unsealed until you fire’s under pressure right now so that that’s basically the gun I’m.going to do some crony shooting and.later on you’ll see that as far as of it I can’t tell you anything.more about it.the valve is is proprietary I can’t anything about that how it’s a unique design that I came up with.and my friend and I and the trigger a unique design that my friend and I.came up with and both are integrated one.can’t work without the other so without.those trigger that trigger and that.valve the pump can be adapted to a say it for instance a hammer type.valve on a typical PCP but you won’t get.the same kind of power because you just.don’t have the volume there so because.of the valve that’s the idea here today.that’s what I wanted to mention is I got.a valve that makes this gun work in full.power so thanks for watching and as I fired this it’s going to make the.cameras turn its volume down so things.are going to look there or sound funny.there for a minute so before I go oh.okay now the camera should be back.before I go I want to show you just that.that’s like five inches four inches and.that has a shot that’s a probably about.350 feet per second just a little bit.and that little bit finger easily as a matter of fact.the arms almost fall down on their’s that easy my my ten year old.granddaughter can pump this gun for a.five hundred feet per second shot so.anyway that’s it for today folks so it.stay tuned for the chrony and will you after the chroming results and.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].25.4 grain jumbo monsters.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].well folks I hope you enjoyed the chrony.portion of this video I think we did.pretty good at displaying how easy to pump you saw me pump at 10 or 15.times during the video and I assure you.that I can sit all day and pump this.cotton easier than a brake barrel gun.full power brick barrel gun is difficult to pump as this gun is it’s it’s I’m going to call it the.freedom 700 because 700 feet per about what I you can get with a light.pellet 13.4 grain pellet and it’s the.freedom of just taking a gun and this ladies and gentlemen is my.freedom 700 give me some comments and.what you think if you would like to own.a gun with this much power 700 feet per.second in 22 caliber in a single stroke.gun that’s that easy the cop folks what nothing nothing to it so don’t.forget leave your comments I’m read.[Music].[Music] I love ingredients, because they are elegant.
worlds most powerful single stroke pneumatic air rifle 22 cal.700 fps
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