World’s Most Powerful Production Air Rifle! AirForce Texan, all right I see where that hit let’s see if we get any kind of a group I’m not going to adjust my sights my scope just shooting for group here oh wow hey thanks for tuning in at swingin bang ordinarily I’m not going to get that excited about printing a two-shot group like that at 100 yards with the centerfire rifles that I own but it wasn’t a centerfire rifle it’s an air rifle it’s a 45 caliber air rifle hurling lead slugs like this with more kinetic energy than shooting this 45 Kohl out of that revolver it’s called the Texan and the manufacturer Air Force maintains that it’s the world’s most powerful production air rifle and that’s what’s coming up next on twang and bang the Texan gets its name not just from its massive 34 inch barrel or it’s crushing 500 foot-pounds of available kinetic energy but it’s also made in the airforce arrogance Factory in Fort Worth Texas at 8 pounds of primarily aluminum and steel construction the Texan not only has center fire rifle ballistics but it also has a center fire rifle feel the machining and finish matched that found on high-end ARS costing double the texans 1,050 $5 MSRP the texans 45 caliber barrel is made by Lothar Walther 308 and 357 caliber variants were just introduced at SHOT Show 2016 giving shooters greater velocities and flatter trajectories for hunting predators and smaller game dovetail runs along the top and bottom of the handguard as well as the raised scope rail seven-slot proprietary Picatinny sections slide anywhere on to the dovetail and will interlock to allow you to make as long a mounting surface as you need the trigger has a broad serrated shoe that is height adjustable its two-stage action breaks very cleanly at around two pounds a Texan has an adjustable power valve that allows the shooter to tune gas and maximize either power or shot count even still the 490 CC reservoir is generally only good for two or three full power shots at its maximum 3000 psi fill pressure like other air force rifles the reservoir doubles as the buttstock with an adjustable shoulder piece and padded cheek rest the reservoir can be changed in the field with the included spanner and hex wrenches to maximize the number of shots you can make before returning for a fill speaking of which as a pre-charge pneumatic rifle the Texan must be filled from an external air source such as this 88 cubic foot carbon fiber wrap tank from air venturi the fill port is not regulated so you must be sure not to fill the onboard reservoir above 3000 psi unlike some air rifles the Texan won’t give you more velocity out of overfill as they tend to result in valve lock which paradoxically reduces velocity with greater fill pressures the Texan is a single shot loaded by opening the cocking lever inserting your chosen projectile until it’s fully seated against the breech of the barrel then closing the locking lever the safety automatically engages the action is opened with large graphics depicting it’s safe and fire positions I’ve mounted a Hawk optics four to 15 by fifty adjustable objective rifle scope with an illuminated mil dot reticle this will allow me to zero at my preferred range then have precise holdovers for targets at ranges beyond that with no need to dial the turrets the kinetic energy that this puts out is really really impressive for an air gun there are more powerful air guns available that are custom made that are low production run but Air Force maintains a claim that the Texan is the most powerful production air gun in the world meaning that it’s mass produced two quantities you can order them instantly online or walk into different air gun stores and buy these there’s no waiting there’s no customization they’re not hand building them to order and what’s amazing is how much it feels like a centerfire rifle a handgun caliber the trigger is a very nice two-stage trigger and it’s got recoil it’s got recoil like shooting a 45 caliber rifle that is incredible how powerful is the Texan it generates more velocity and kinetic energy than a 45 Colt handgun though it does take 34 inches of barrel to generate that it’s also capable of shooting lead slugs with weights that put most centerfire handgun rounds to shame check out what I get from the 457 caliber air rifle bullets from a hunter supply 737 feet per second with a 405 grain bullet these aren’t pellets these are bullets lead slug there we go 785 with a 350 grain lead slug whoo 739 now I’m going to try these thompson/center super 45 XR say boaters with the shock wave bullet these are designed to expand at higher velocities and what we’re going to get out of this but I still want to see these fly they see so far so good I was told that these this should be okay shooting out of this so fingers crossed Oh 902 feet per second whoo it was nice and soft shooting too whoo that’s interesting but that’s a big dropping in feet per second there I was worth trying I’m gonna go show you what that target looks like okay so I just painted the dot on some butcher paper that was my point of aim we’re at 50 yards right at 50 yards and that was shot number one shot number two shot number three shot number four shot number five and it’s at about eight and a half inches spread that’s so eight and a half inch group but from the first three shots off of a filled tank no that’s that’s that’s something I’m I’d be looking forward to shooting at game not at all that might not be a group I’d be happy with but days earlier I had already printed some nice groups with the hunter supply slugs each of these groups is shot starting with a 3,000 psi fill with no refills between the shots that is a serious cake that is fun though that is really fun I say serious kick I mean for an air gun I mean it’s it’s not really that bad but but you just don’t expect it from an air gun oh my gosh whoo yeah that might be a 1 a 3/4 inch group at 50 yards that’s plenty good for hunting no problems and these things hit hard I’ve already shot up a concrete block with this exact round and I’m gonna be shooting three shot groups because I have to refill after three shots to make sure that I’ve got the right pressure behind these that’s insane beautiful that is right at an inch now let’s take a look at what the taxon can do with all of its kinetic energy against a two by six board at 25 yards well I don’t remember what round I last use and had have this cited in for but I’m only 25 yards away from the board and I should be on the board this is the 405 grain slug 3000 psi fill right through it didn’t even slow down that’s awesome that’s really cool and there you go a nice clean hole on that side and it blew the back out I don’t know whether that was a slug expanding or just pushing wood out of the way this is not the actual slug that I shot because it’s somewhere deep in that bullet box I’m never gonna find it but it just gives you an idea of how big these things are it’s crazy and of course that’s that shouldn’t be too unexpected to go through this but that’s a massive hole that’s I could stick my thumb inside of there that’s pretty awesome okay so that was just stupid fun but I like having stupid fun with things like the text and I’ve already done a video busting up a concrete block with it now link to that video in the video description below this is more than just a lot of kinetic energy obviously it’s got pretty good accuracy the best groups that I have seen however come from reviewers that have topped off getting a full 3,000 psi fill before making every single shot and some reviewers that I trust have been able to get 5 shot groups under an inch at a hundred yards which is really really impressive for any rifle especially an air rifle with this much kinetic energy now you’re you’re not going to get your best shots pulling this out of the box it’s got a 34 inch barrel and because these slugs are moving at pistol velocities there’s a lot of barrel time between when you pull the trigger and when this bullet has left the muzzle and so that means that any body English that you have as you pull that trigger is going to translate to a wide group and it took me a bit of shooting before I settled in and I realized okay now I’m showing the kinds of groups that the rifle is capable of and I’m not getting in a way of that the other thing that I found out and I think it’s related to that is it shoots better off of a soft rest then it does off the bipod you see here or off of a hard rest like like a shooting rail so you need to try that out yourself if you’re not getting good groups with the bipod shoot off of a bag and if you need to shoot off of a bag to get the best groups make sure you have a small bag to flip over the shooting rail when you go hunting because you owe it to your game to be shooting in the field the same way that you shoot in practice if you want to learn more about the airforce Texan be sure to click the link in video description below be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook you can see the links right here and be sure to click right here to subscribe so you can catch my next videos on Bose guns and other cool stuff like the airforce Texan I really appreciate you watching twanging a bang and I hope to see you next time This is another beautiful module.
World's Most Powerful Production Air Rifle! AirForce Texan
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