World’s most accurate air rifle, hi guys quick review on the everex or in America they call it varn X this is the blizzard s 10 177 10 shot pcp maxvill is 200 bar and you’re getting around 180 200 unregulated for power shots running at eleven point four it’s a long rifle it’s got I believes a 30 mil tube on it it’s backed with the Hawkeye night I it’s a beautiful funhouse stock very light side lever action ambidextrous stock very comfortable an arm climb top of it here and this is the first time I’ve actually had it in the field today this Lewis is rifle I’m actually amazed how accurate it is and we’ve both shot many rifles BSA’s air arms de States etc etc FX is and but I’m going to put the hand on my heart and say this is the most accurate pcp I’ve actually ever seen shot I’m just going to do a quick demonstration now Lewis just finished off he’s quick back we’ve mapped out our little range inside a barn it is exactly 35 yards to where I’m going to show you so I’m just going to walk up there now show you some groupings what we’ve been doing and Lewis is going to see if we can actually hit pellet on pellet give me a shot when you’re ready so as you can see that there is four mags have two Flyers so the city is a brand-spanking-new gun as well it’s only just been loaded up today absolutely amazing so this is what we’re going to attempt to shoot this is to 177 pellets stacked on each other and we’re going to see if we can get them left the right all right so there we have it that’s the proof in the pudding free shots free smackdown 35 yards 177 pellet and pellet so there we have it the Evan X Blizzard s10 177 so if you’ve never heard of them guys get on them big thanks to Steve for icy guns in Hastings great shot really nice guys to deal with if you’re looking for a new PCP that will outperform just about any other PCP on the market go for an evidence I love WordPress plugins, because they are magnificent!
World's most accurate air rifle
This is the huge add-on ever%sentence_ending 177 Air rifle rewiew. Evanix Blizzard S10 multi Shot.