Wicked Air Rifles .30 cal Flex PCP Air Rifle, travesty smart Hey and [Music] [Music] run this is reckless you were 1721 welcome to the 2017 season well what do we have here yes we actually have it a 30 Cal flex so today is the review of the 30 Cal flex travis whitney builds one amazing gun well I did some testing already we’re going to shoot 50 yards do a five shot group at 50 yeah I I started testing this I was like are you kidding me it blew me away just the trigger itself I couldn’t believe how beautiful the trigger was the trigger you sent it to me it said it one pound and this thing is just flawless it’s tight everywhere tolerances everything about it I did shot string and shot 14 shots last night and it just kept right in why needed it to be from 9 to about 8 90 something and it was just gorgeous I mean it’s a shot amazing so today what we’re going for the review 50 yards and of course we’ll throw some trick shots in too but we just want to show everyone how accurate this gun is and you can see the Picatinny rail I’m shooting at Asko 6 to 24 there’s nothing wrong to scope it really shoots really well here it is a mil dot scope it is the AR stock you can adjust it to whatever you need it to be the one thing I really really want to be clear on how tight things are and number one just so everybody knows it’s american-made that’s it baby USA all the parts on here american-made Travis takes a lot of pride in his work I really want to show what his work can do we’re going to really try and show this flex I’ve been waiting a long time over a year to get my hands on a flex and shoot one and thank you Travis for being gracious to the shooter 1721 and and helping us out here let’s get to shooting all right here we go is our five shot group at fifty I got that compressed [Music] ridiculous I know it I knew this I know it shoots better than one I just did kill I as you’re looking down there what do you see I see one hole oh ah trust me I this guns gonna outshoot me yeah by far by far holy cow you want to go take a look at this let’s take a look all right gonna see ya I’d say that’s like I said the gun shoots perryland and I do I think that that’s that’s amazing yeah that’s really nice that’s a really nice group I mean we know it’s tight it can be tighter than that you know what I mean yeah we can have a lot tighter than that but it’s also 50 yards with an air gun – yeah this is a special air gun and I’ll say that Travis’s build I mean man a man kind of walked around there a little bit sorry the stock a couple just in the stock but that faux max yeah hey if we had that thing locked down I guarantee you if we had it locked in now this is now you’re gonna remember that whole thing’s moving back there was me if we had down locked in I bet you I think shoots one hole oh yeah I’m not kidding oh yeah the way he set the trigger and stuff it’s it’s just amazing Wow we ought to try and drop some in at 102 and just see what happens at 100 yeah one two a couple 100 will shoot the same target and see where we’ll just see what happens I’ll hold the scene in point see if she drops in there yeah let’s let’s drop back to a hundred and see what happens okay yeah we’re going to do something a little different here as you can see this target this is going to be this is pretty much there’s my hand shows that size of the target it’s not that big we’re going to shoot this at 115 maybe 120 yards and we’re going to see what kind of grouping we get and we’re gonna see what happens and we’re shoot five shot seven shots whatever we can with the Flex I know this this thing’s hammering so plus we want you to hear the energy the impact that you’re having on steel about it is 120 about 120 yeah from other bunch of setup well say well shoot the laser and give you an exact measurement down but 120s good distance so let’s see what group it shoots at 120 I I can tell you this I wonder when I’ve been him you see that so by using this X you know we’re trying to get this in there the buffer tube was rolling left and right and it 110 if we shot this way that way I actually have three shots like this I’m telling you we locked this gun down it it’ll shoot in the same hole even at 110 yards like I have three shots touching the other ones are because I had this thing roll in here Wow drawn a smiley face pretty good shooting for 110 like I said if we lock it down we get even a better group you all right let’s go to you well here we are down at 110 yards and I mean there you go Bing Bing Bing Bing no problem here what I was noticing was when I was using this x-mount foam on the buffer tube I’m kind of not settled yet so you can see the rolling that I did but this is what happens when I locked it the whole way back in I had two together and then drop this next one in there so I’m gonna I’m just going to spray paint over this and maybe shoot another group maybe not we got other things to do so we’ll take a look and see what we come up with the wing kicked up winds blowing left to right you can see that what the winds doing [Music] why we always gotta have one bird want to cause trouble look at the size of him get ready here he comes wildlife in PA hooter dactyl was that pterodactyl was I was a pennsylvania terror doc it was indeed that tree falls i guess you see it look at the size that i trees it just fell one of those days are you so i guess they didn’t make a sound yeah beautiful shot group even at 110 we got we got three touching too low when that wind pulled up I get to see what to win how it even affected a 30 Cal pellet I’m pretty happy with what we just saw a good hits downrange even though we got attacked by a pterodactyl you know middle of our shooting there huh you got words for that no I don’t think was that’s why we need big bore air guns and PA so I guess we get attacked by pterodactyls but anyway did you think he knocked that tree down down there I think you did can you that’s ridiculous the size of that tree it just fell all right I’m so glad the cameras were rolling yeah same here people never believe us do you know if a tree does fall in the woods does anybody hear it well pluses YouTube crew there I think we’ll hear it it’s a fact alright so there we go this is Rick woods and Ryan with shooter 1721 on the review of the Flex here we are ringing steel at 110 shooting nice tight groups thanks for watching well here we are downrange for a little school shop with the Flex kind of getting a lot are you here what we’re going to try to do this is crazy I don’t know if it’s gonna work or what’s going to happen and I want to try and ricochet the boy out of the Flex the 30 Cal flex ricocheted off the steel and pop the bloom and trust me I did check to see if it is possible what would happen the bullets are staying flat so what we’re going to try and do is ricochet and get to the balloons if we can pop this balloon we do have the target far enough away that we’re getting away from the splatter of the lead okay yeah any Spalding we’re not yeah the problem was so what we did we did check to see if that was the effect and stuff so I’m going to try and do a free hand shot at 100 ricocheted off of here and pop the bloom this the distance between the balloon and the target right now is about two and a half feet so freehand shot with the Flex at a hundred yards ricochet off the steel and pop the blue what do you think right let’s give her a shot Wow attack 100 we’re going to give us a shot with the 30 Cal flex and tell you this this gun is definitely definitely accurate so see if we can get this locked in all right there it is there it is this is Rick and Riley shooter 1721 ricochet in 30 Cal pellets popping balloons at 100 yards with the 30 Cal flex a Travis great job again man whoo what a gun here Ryan I have been testing this all day today and I just you know the guns out shooting me and uh yeah I know right yeah that kind of blows my mind so that was pretty cool well there’s your first 30 Cal ricochet shot on a balloon and you can throw the theory out that yet you know it’s spawning or something we actually had to ricochet the pellet over two feet to get to the balloon this is Rick or shooter 1721 thanks for watching [Music] [Music] These add-ons are adorable!
Wicked Air Rifles .30 cal Flex PCP Air Rifle
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+ Flex Air Rifle
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