Very old Chinese Air Rifle, hi guys it’s a Friday yet again I’m.turning 50 later on this year.and yeah the long sightedness is really.really catching up with me now so that I that I needn’t even bother to.try and shoot a rifle or a rifle with.eye open sights it’s just impossible I.went onto the internet and found a few.interesting the octaves type thing is.that you attach to your glasses some of.them with adjustable irises if you.actually want to have a look at.something like that there’s a video on.YouTube.high score high score extra optical aid.or something like that sorry for not.getting the name right now however I.thought I’d ever go at it myself.and this I bought a very cheap pair of.readers but it’ll probably give you.cross eyes took the one pop to one lens.out and with a bit of experimentation.enrolled myself a little 3 millimeter.I’ve just read that two millimeters is.the optimum size how after spraying the.lens satin black from both ends I I tell you it makes the world of a.difference if you want to try it be sort of figure out where the hole.should be with your head tilted and your.cheek placed again to him against the.back of the rifle I did not get it right.the first time.however what I’ve got here works for me.a couple of weekends ago I went chasing.after the elusive Diana model 23 for my.Diana collection it ended up to be a.Diana made in England by Maroubra I anyway but it’s not what I want I.would be looking for the jacquard over.twenty three four original 23 which are.not the discards are quite common in not regionals I actually have.not seen one yet.the gentleman which I got the 23 from.told me that he’s got something else he.would like to show me he’s got a 32 year.old Chinese 5.5 caliber air rifle which.he wanted 400 ran for the first thing I.saw is would you see the box it’s like a.plywood box with a latch on definite.signs of water damage damage on this.corner and yeah I felt like a kid.waiting for this box to be opened but.unless in 30 years nothing has’s just your run-of-the-mill Chinese.air rifle as you still get in some was water damage I must say one.thing for the bluing on this rifle it.must have been them done very well.because you can see even the the Bulldog.pellets are corroded it beyond you.steady it’s nice to have the the Bulldog.tin I haven’t seen that for ages.the other interesting thing is the.barrel locks up mechanically so you push.this forward then you can actually carry.on to cock the rifle when I first got had a terrible cocking pin that it you know sort of closed with.half a millimeter gap on the breach.there are then just for a quick fix tug.out some of the old hard leather washer.and insert the earring in there which.took the velocity from falling a couple.of meters and land on my feet.up to five and eighty feet per second.for the thirteen point four three grand.paid for pellet yeah since move the pin.given at a new washer do be lightly my disappointment but maybe she.should still be running in she’s now.shooting at 545 feet per second.yes she doesn’t group too badly again.hold eyes even with my glasses but I can.get it down to at 12 meters down to her.batter the 3/4 of an inch with a lot of.evidence on one big single out that.inner eye things she were grouped very.tightly okay there’s all those Chinese.girl and we’ll speak again. My awesome grandma says this plugin is huge.
Very old Chinese Air Rifle
Meet this astonishing addon! I bought a 32 year old Chinese Air rifle for the character of the case and the old pellet tin, getting a rifle with was a bonus, and sorry the real figures was 485fps down to 445fps. Not 585 and 545fps. Thanks for watching! I neglected to show in the the Video the engraved part that says made in Shanghai China.The innards, piston, spring, spring-guide and trigger are shamelessly modeled on a Gecado 25.The video about the shooting glasses is “Hyskore optic aid set.”