The Umarex Gauntlet Air Gun Rifle Review, hey everybody I’m David I’m out today on.the range with the Umarex gauntlet this.rifle is it’s impressive start with America’s latest PCP gun pre-charge.pneumatic shoots 60 shots this is the 22.right at a consistent pressure 900 feet.per second.throughout the entire shot string.sunning consistency we put it on the.chronograph we have the results in the consistency remains solid.from the beginning right straight.through the end the barrel is integrally.suppressed has a few baffles down here.on the end but the entire length of which shrouds the barrel helps to.keep this gun quiet and it is insanely.quiet when you’re shooting at a target.we’ve got a board downrange it’s louder.hitting the board than it is coming out.of the muzzle now this gun sells for.about $300 which is really surprising.when you begin to look at the accuracy.and the consistency that the platform.itself is delivering it does not come.with an optic so you can put your own.scope up top what we’re using today is murex 3 by 9 it’s working incredibly.well it has a lot of adjustments to it.the trigger is adjustable all the way.down to below 2 pounds the cheek piece.goes up and down rivals like this they.they typically deliver this kind of.performance at a much higher rate.sometimes three or four times the price.point this one remember X is shooting.consistently well we’re seeing groups.and you can cover up with a quarter at.50 yards the accuracy is solid the.performance is incredible it shoots from.a rotary magazine very easy to load have the single shot sled which you.can put in if you want the sort of for the pellets your shooting.comes in twenty two and point 177 very.consistent very reliable let’s take it.down range and see some of.actual results.[Music].squishington that’s a male.[Music].this is a regulated tank which gives you.that consistency all the way through.that 60 shot string and there’s.something else which is there’s a.degassing key available and it goes in.right here if you need to D gas for any.reason whatsoever you can stick this in.bleed off that tank the very little.difficulty happens safely the trigger is.highly adjustable drops down to less.than 2 pounds which is a very very light.trigger for a rifle allows for that.pinpoint accuracy though because get the target completely set just a.mere brush of that trigger will send the.pellet downrange the tank is housed here.before arm the barrel will just suppress.all the way down provides for a very.very quiet.louder hit in the target than it is.coming out of the muzzle it’s.lightweight the weight is very well.balanced it’s just as easy to hold it is to shoot it from the sled.everything about this speaks to.usability but there’s something more.which is the accuracy that we see.downrange this gun in this price point.$300 is shooting very close to a minute.of angle you can cover up your shot grip.and we’ve got a 10 shot group down here.that I’ll show you you can cover up with.a quarter in 50 yards that’s tremendous.accuracy for a gun in the 300 our price.point so what I’m seeing here with I was shooting just a little bit high.of where I intended but the group pretty tight from 50 yards that’s.less than an inch from Center to Center.on my two Flyers that’s astounding.accuracy for.a gun in the 300 other price range’s consistent if you look at the.targets that I’ve shot so far the group.sizes are all right around that you can.cover them up with a quarter now this is.a keep in mind this is a shoot and the impact spreads the color so’re seeing off here on the’s actually a lot wider than the.actual group spacing itself which is.only measuring from those two points now.this gun sells for about three hundred.dollars which is really surprising begin to look at the accuracy and.the consistency that the platform delivered.[Music].[Music]. This is one glamorous item.
The Umarex Gauntlet Air Gun Rifle Review
My mom says this plugin is very unbelievable! A brief look at a new air rifle, the Umarex Gauntlet air gun. Find more info here:

The Gauntlet has upended that standard by providing a reliable rifle with all of the high-end features and performance with a retail price under $300.

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