The Quietest Sniper Rifle Ever… and Why The Government Doesn’t Regulate It…, headshot whoa right in the melon.hey welcome to demolition ranch I am.very glad that you’re here and you’re.gonna be glad you’re here too because I.have something super cool so you’ve seen.this gun before this is an air gun so.that has a barrel on top and two.chambers below that hold air this is the.samyang Dragon Claw it’s a big bore 50.caliber air rifle this thing is the you can hunt with this thing you.can take an animal with this thing it’s.a real gun but the government doesn’t.classify it as firearm there’s no powder.just air she’s got a little air gauge.and bottom stock right there pretty I made a video on this like over a.year ago I got this gun from air gun.Depot and it’s cool it’s really a neat.thing and I showed in that video how.powerful it is and what’s cool is I went to air gun Depot again.and got a new one that’s even cooler.introducing the air force texan’ll notice it has what looks like a.suppressor on the end of this barrel looks like that because it is a.suppressor this is an integrally.suppressed air rifle now you might be.saying Matt that’s just an air rifle why.would you need a suppressor on an air.rifle it can’t be that loud it is way.quieter this gun is way quieter than a.regular gun powder firearm but this still really loud your ears ring.after you take a shot not like if you.shot a gun a real gun your ears ring 10 minutes after you take a shot.this one they ring for a little’s not as loud but it is still loud.this one is so quiet in the video it’s.hard to show you the difference in sound.because this microphone will make loud.things quieter and quieter so it kind of.makes everything about the same makes it a better video but it’s not.what I want when I’m trying to show you.sound so what I’m gonna do to try you is I have all my quiet we have the Air Force Texan with.the suppressor we have the Dragon Claw.air gun without a suppressor we.a gunpowder firearm the FN FNX 45 with a.suppressor there are still targets down.there but I’m actually gonna be missing.them on purpose just so you don’t have.that ringing steel to deal with so first.we have an unsuppressed 45 acp now for.the unsuppressed air rifle and now.suppressed much quieter now for the.suppressed air rifle how neat is that.let’s take a few more shots all you open up the breech you put the and you’re ready to fire this thing.nothing more fancy than that let’s hit.the metal you see how loud that metalist.compared to the shot here that’s what I.think it’s crazy about shooting with.anything suppressed is I never hear the.metal dean like that the metal is.usually very quiet compared to the.firearm but with suppressed guns and.especially suppressed air rifle the.metal dinging is so loud one of the.small ones over there so every time you.put a bullet in it automatically puts.the safety on pick the safety off you.were ready to fire this gun has been.around for a while but not the.suppressed version so how do big bore.air rifles work Matt good question tell you so they all have some sort.of tank and this one is really cool it’s.integrated into the stock so my other.gun its integrated down into the barrel.either way seems fine I mean they both.look similar to another gun it’s they have a giant tank hanging off.of them somewhere but this one has an.air tank right here and you can see it.does have a little gauge right there at.the back it has a plate for your.shoulder no pad or anything on it.because it’s an air rifle he doesn’t.kick much we have a scope on the top of.this one which in my opinion is a big.improvement over the Dragon Claw.the trigger is actually really good in.this the safety is great as well and.then the suppressor on the.the normal one the other Texan had a.nice skinny normal-looking barrel that.came way out here this one is obviously.bigger the barrel comes out I’m not far but little ways down there and.then there are baffles in here just like.a regular suppressor I knew you could.suppress an air rifle but I just’s so quiet like how much you really.going to take off but it makes it much.much much much much quieter which is.really cool in a rifle because this.thing is silent but deadly so literally.all you have to do on this gun is this lever which opens up the.breech there you drop let’s go a drop your pill in there push it the front you close it just like that.and this thing is unsafe but otherwise.ready to fire safety off and so what.happens when you run out of air Matt.great question so we have a big air tank.over here full of air we have a little.opening here plug this thing in and fill er up well you watch the gauge.and we go to 3,000 psi then you close it.this lasts you about I think I’ve 10 rounds through it and before I.needed a refill but they will start.dropping like once you shoot like’ll notice that they’re not going anymore and so they drop further at.longer ranges scoot it back about a.hundred yards away now see how there’s a 5-inch plate on the far.right see if we can wring the table see if I can hit that the big target is a silhouette it’s.not a 2/3 silhouette sized target and ridiculously easy to hit with this.gun from this range got to take though we know the gun is quiet we.know the gun is accurate but is it.powerful that’s the question I know I.told you the dragon claws of 50 caliber.I’m not sure if I told you what this this one is chambered in 45 the bullets are slightly smaller.diameter but I think they actually weigh.more they seem to be a little bit longer.of a bullet so this is not a 338 Lapua.this doesn’t have a power of even a’s an air rifle and so it’s going.slower than the gunpowder fired bullets.but it’s still pretty powerful it’s more.powerful than a 45 ACP a bullet that’s.about the same weight this thing’s going.faster than that people from what the.research I’ve seen online people to a 45 long colt they say gives.about five hundred foot-pounds of energy.downrange which is a lot I mean’s plenty for hunting so let’s test.out this power on a few targets first up.we have a 2 by 6 that must have washed.down during the last range it’s a little.hard to see but I stick that 2×6.sticking out of the dirt over there I I.think it’s gonna go straight through it.I have a feeling perfect hit and an exit.wound I do it focus cool ok so that is.what a 45 caliber air rifle will do to a.2 by 6 so if someone has an Air Force.Texan don’t hide behind a 2×6 wall you.will not be safe all right how about.watermelon I got two lined up in a row.this time we know how to go through it exploited the first one I had to.go pro recording but it fell over before.the shot so we got nothing.first one exploded there it went into.the second one and came straight out the.back let’s uh I’m gonna do the GoPro.again one more at the last remaining.watermelon if it may not explode’s already busted but maybe the GoPro.catch something cool I have never.actually caught a bullet in this guy.they all go through it’s kind of a soft.kind of gel it’s not like I don’t’s too speck but maybe an air rifle.bullet won’t be going fast enough plus.45 caliber is fairly wide so maybe it’ll.stop in there I have a feeling and go.straight through but we’ll give it a go.also if you want to look as good as me.we got hats we got vet ranch shirts they.look amazing description below ranch.merch calm also these sunglasses are.from shade tree and they’re titanium and.wood and we have coupon code demo ranch.get you five dollars off goes to our channel so if you’re.interested I think I think it’s gonna go.through even even sideways I think it.will still go through oh yeah so I was.aiming at the widest part and it went in.right there the shoulder went all the.way through and out did it come out.right there somewhere.the holes gone but you can see that line.going all the way through so that is the.only shot going through like that pass.through good 18 inches of gel so that.thing’s moving it will do some damage so.we talked about the coolest part about.this firearm is that it’s actually not.considered a firearm by the US.government right which is cool but it.has a suppressor on the end which we all.know suppressors are highly regulated by.the US government it’s pretty hard to.get a suppressor so what’s the deal I’ll.tell you the deal the deal is a.suppressor is any device that’s to quiet a firearm or suppress the.noise of a firearm since this is not a.firearm.this suppressor its job is not to.suppress the noise of a firearm it’s to suppress the noise of an this suppressor is not classified as.a suppressor by the United States.government.this entire gun is unregulated by the.United States government which is loophole much you know else is since this is not a real firearm.based on the laws you could make one.that’s fully Auto with a suppressor and.the US government go okay even a big.boar even one that’s capable of taking.on dear US government say yeah it’s it’s.not firearm so we don’t care so that is.why I think this is one of the coolest.rifles in my collection that was.spray-paint cans you guys know I like.unique guns and this one definitely fits.the bill I wanted to say thank you to.airgun Depot for introducing me through.the world of big bore air rifles amazing.I have nothing bad to say about this gun.I will leave a link in the description.below to go check it out it’s freaking.awesome.Bobby I’m a doctor yes. 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The Quietest Sniper Rifle Ever... and Why The Government Doesn’t Regulate It...
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