The best airgun ever. PART 2, [Music] hey everybody welcome back to Tom Canty airguns and welcome to part two of the best air rifle ever created I didn’t plan on making this video but after a lot of the comments that I got I felt it was necessary to do so um best era Clark reiated I named the mk2 impact X and the reason I do that was because of what it did for the industry and what it’s capable of doing and as a whole it just pushed everything forward and it’s still doing great things for shooters today now I did say it was the best but I think a lot of you may have taken that to mean my favorite and this isn’t my favorite kind it’s tremendous it’s an outstanding rifle but my favorite gun is going to be one that it’s easy to shoot is quiet is reliable is above everything else it’s so enjoyable to shoot that it reminds me why I got into shooting in the first place and it’s for the pure joy of shooting so what rifle is that for me it’s the FX Royale 422 caliber this rifle is everything I just mentioned accurate reliable easy to shoot all that stuff but above all else when I take this rifle out and I sit on the porch maybe during sunset in the summertime with a nice cold drink I just plink I’m talking low power lob and pellets of probably 500 feet per second when carrying it all over the place and you know hitting one of those cylinder valve protector caps and I got sitting water at 100 yards ting can ring the bell take a nice little sip go back to shooting tink that is why I say this is my favorite rifle I’ve had this rifle for about seven years give or take I think maybe more and through all that time it has never let me down it’s just been a reliable and consistent shooter that you know I took it out of the box it did great and I’ve never to new and in fact it was only very recently within the past two weeks that I actually cleaned the barrel Mike took the barrel off and cleaned it and I replace the gauge which was all beat up that’s it I’ve never messed with the hammer spring I’ve never messed with the regulator of just leave it alone it’s happy it’s shooting just leave it there so this has held that top spot for you know like I said about seven years or so and honestly there has only been one gun that has ever come to challenge this one for that top spot and surprisingly I only got this gun about a year ago look a little over here ago you’re in a couple months and it’s showing me all the same qualities as this gun easy to shoot accurate quiet reliable all those things and like I say above all else just a joy to sit behind and shoot that challenger is the daystate wolverine are in 22 caliber what can I say it’s everything that 400 is and it’s just a newer gun it came out of the box shooting outstanding in fact I competed with it last year at RMA C 2018 and it did great on the line it did an awesome job for me in competition but then I also took it home and sat behind it and just relaxed just enjoyed my evening of shooting and to be honest I took the the Royale to competition a number of times as well and the same thing it didn’t let me down it was doing its job they both do such great jobs so now the Challenger has arrived and I say the Challenger because you know for me I’m a very loyal person and a very traditional person so to have a rifle sit in that top slot for like I say seven or so years it’s gonna take a lot to dethrone that number-one rifle which I hope your understanding is really saying a lot about this rifle it’s awesome I’m not gonna go into a pitch about all the great and wonderful things about it but just understand that you know when it comes to my favorite gun it’s not the impact the impact is great gun absolutely um it’s up there in my top tier rifles but not my favorite and you know that for me there’s really a value in that style of gun where you can just take it out of the box start shooting it and never mess with it just it’s accurate out of the box maybe the barrel needs to be clean once in a while okay great but you just shoot it take it out the box and shoot it and enjoy it and be done forget all the tuning tweaking and adjusting playing around with forget all that stuff just relax and enjoy the gun so today I have two favorite rifles that it would be very very difficult for me to say this one is my favorite rifle um you know I’m surprised that I got a lot of Sumatra votes video comments um I didn’t expect that but a lot of you guys seem to really like the Sumatra’s I’m gonna have to give one of them a try so guys I hope that clears things up about the best rifle versus my favorite rifle you know it’s it’s – two different things to me and if the best rifle in your mind the best rifle in the industry is also your favorite rifle kudos good for you back before yeah oh that’s always guys thanks for watching and happy shooting [Music] you My unbelievable dad says this plugin is elegant!!
The best airgun ever. PART 2
My huge sister says this plugin is very adorable. I felt it was necessary to make this continuation of my first video due to the responses I was getting. I look at “favorite” and “best” as two different things. My personal favorite rifle choice is, arguably, not the best rifle. I considered the best ever created from a very wide angle and take in many many attributes in order to come to a decision like that.