Testing Prometheus air rifle pellets, well bars very kindly arm donated these pellets to me so I’m very thankful for that and I’ll post a link to his channel in a video description imagine a lot of people who watch my videos also watches but if not all include links you know years so these are Prometheus pellets and they’re quite interesting because there are not LED I look at their steel sort of heads with a plastic skirt so see size-wise it’s about the same size of this we Magnum a little bit thinner but weight wise it’s not quite as much as I’m a bit slim Agnon and you can see look at some case Spitfires tiny in comparison so I’m going to do a ballistic gel test one psychic wire some powdered jelly and everything and some good containers to form it in but for the meantime of what we could do some of our conventional tests I normally do and then what we’ll be able to see is is this prometheus because it’s a little bit lighter than the busines magnum and because it’s a steel head it shouldn’t deform as much so that means we might get quite a bit better penetration so compare our penetration wise what it would do compared to an old pellet or maybe some wood and catalogue and things like that right so we’ve got the rifle about ten yards from the target targets that piece of sheet metal at the end in front of in now the normal palates no matter if I disconnect names or the Spitfires can’t penetrate that they dent it quite a bit but I don’t kinda create it so I’m going to try and do it see if one of these arm me feeis pallets can punch a hole in it they’re much tighter fit in the barrel ammonal pellets so this will be interesting let’s see what that did get that somewhere I’m not sure might be worth in again and see what happens this time I’m going to aim at the lower section so it should be easier to tell what the pellets done think nuts made a new hole about here on our hole a den so doing this it’s not made much of a difference that normal pellets wouldn’t do we’ll try out on something a bit more interesting now in front of the tree we have a wooden board I’m going to put one prometheus pallet for it then I’m going to put one Spitfire for it and test what the difference is poweful Spitfire now I’m a shoe-in both shots hit this there’s two Prometheus you can see that’s gone at least a good inch two inches in this other palette has gone in roll with it but it’s come out it’s buckled the wood at the back which makes me think it’s carried more kinetic energy with it and there’s tippet appellate their penetration wise have o seem to have done the same thing but it looks like a Prometheus has done much so it looks like the Spitfires on a much better job actually damaging the wood around a chunk of concrete and all pallet so I’ll only break this if they hit near the edge so the interest to see what a Prometheus does if I get in the middle that’s much more interesting Prometheus managed to break this into three chunks this was the main section you can see where the pellets gone in there blew this bit off Louisville Prometheus public seem to be much better for shooting at concrete Warsaw Pact helmet Hungarian made version normal pellets just may take the pain off but don’t even dent this I’m just going to see what the Prometheus will do to it I’m quite prepared for ricochet on this one it looks like we hit it just about here you can see it’s left a fragment of steel on the arm bits hit it still dot not done very much like with the other pellets right helmet we’ll just shoot the helmet again this time spit fire to see difference is noticeable very noticeable difference here this one just left a little mark didn’t actually dent it or whether prometheus one’s dented it so Prometheus pallets carry a lot more force onto plastics classic phonebook tests do it both Alex see where each one one pellet has caused dents up to about page 233 the other palette is torn the bottom of the pages up until right here we go there’s prometheus billet 479 pages and always completely intact well overall I’m pretty impressed of these um there’s some things normal pellets do better but what’s quite nice at ease is they penetrate further into things like phone books and they deliver more kinetic force than standard pellet so I’d think they’d actually be quite good for hunting because see what’s nice about these is as there’s no blood in them you don’t have to worry about really getting all the laid out as all see LEDs poisonous so yeah once I get some meat to test them on or some ballistic gel we’ll see how they compare to both my other types of pellets then but meantime you seem very nice pallets thanks again bass I be wild about plug-ins, because they are beautiful!
Testing Prometheus air rifle pellets
These extensions are quite glamorous! A very big thank you to Baz for sending these pellets to me, they’re better than I expected but lead pellets are probably better for general use.

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