TARGET – Airgun Shooting Reset Target – Air Rifle Fun – Solware Christmas Special Day 6, [Music].hello there welcome to the airgun day six of our stocking fillers.from Seoul where a ton worth and that.means it’s two sleeps until the fat man.comes down your chimney let’s go outside.and see what he’s brought for us and he.sat today I’ve got the anglo arms.reseting airgun target system and ideal for the bottom of your garden.or the bottom of your range you can.whack it with airgun pellets all day.long this it’s a heavy duty which means it’s built to.last and it works very simply you hit.the four spinners at the bottom they.spin round and land on the rail and want to reset those four you hit the.fifth on the top and the four drop back.down I have to say you no matter how.many times I shoot these spinners over.and over again it always makes me smile.when I’ve managed to do five in a row want to get your hands on those.spinning airgun targets you can on saw where co-taught UK or click.on the link in the description box below.we’ve been asking people out there on.facebook for their favorite christmas.cracker jokes and we got sent one by the.legendary rob collins.or the old aunt creeper as he likes known writes books what sort of thing.quite good anyway he said this a joke.and it goes like this.hmm why did the tomato blush because he.saw the salad dressing the room silent.Rob no one else is laughing in my.professional opinion to you my friend.I would keep writing your books and.stick away from the jokes.have a great day see you tomorrow bye.[Music].you.[Music]. These WordPress plugins are huge!
TARGET - Airgun Shooting Reset Target - Air Rifle Fun - Solware Christmas Special Day 6
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Something for the bottom of your garden, or the range, these air rifle spinning targets can be blasted with your air gun all day long, and still comeback for more. Put out at different ranges they can be a real challenge to even the best shooters.
Enjoy. Giles

This video contains a review of a pellet / BB rifle. Its powered entirely by spring actioned compressed air and uses no gunpowder and must not be confused with any form of tactical firearm. My Targets are paper and tins.

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