Sporting Air Rifle Live Quarry 1, we’ve been around to have a look at this buildin and as the farmer said there was two or three hundred pigeons in it when we walked round the majority of the pigeons flew off was shot two or three quite unsuccessful so what I’ve decided to do is come back tonight in the dark and we’re going to use this BSA hornet with a deben generation to night site this will enable us to go into the shades in total darkness and we should be able to shoot probably around 50 to 100 pigeons the first night maybe the same the second night and down to twenty thirty three four nights and after maybe a week we should have entirely cleaned up all the feral pigeons in the shade well here we use the night vision school absolutely deadly pigeons can’t see us but I can see then that’s the first one you see that pellet went into it just don’t get you can actually see the whites of their eyes this has got to be the most effective form of shooting pigeons in a shed with a night vision absolutely incredible as a professional pest controller I had to invest a lot of money on this scope but he paid me back so many times this night fishing gear is just incredible this must be 6 and then Hawaiian beer with using the air rifle in the shed no holes in the roof no damage and the farmers are very very happy in a shed like this with the big open doors normally some of the pigeons will fly out if you were using the LOB but with this night vision they just said last night we came into the shed and we probably shot about 6070 pigeons so we’re coming back in here again to see if we could get some more of them farmers quite pleased they came in this morning saw a few dead pigeons on the floor whist with Miss picking up so at least he knows we’ve been in here and given a a good try This is another nice constituent!!
Sporting Air Rifle Live Quarry 1
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