SMK QB78 Deluxe Air Rifle | Air Armoury, hello and welcome back to the air armory.I’m Jerry and today I’m looking at k QB 78 deluxe air this gun is made by SNK.sports marketing and I spoke a bit about.the company in the air Armory video on.the b-2 air rifle so I’ll put a link to.that video in the description below.SMK they are a British company that a.manufacturer distributor and importer of.air guns a soft guns knives and shooting.accessories now like the b-2 this is.actually a Chinese made gun I did read.somewhere though that all of these.rifles are inspected tuned and set up by.smk gunsmiths once they’re imported.before they’re sold so let’s take a.closer this isn’t an unboxing video but I.found the box in the lofty of the day so.I thought I’d get it out for the video.interceptions there now as you can is a very nice looking rifle or at.least I think it is and that is owing.largely to it being surprisingly good.quality for a chinese-made gun and the.majority of which don’t have a very good.reputation.this one though has very few the barrel breech and air cylinder.are all made of lewd steel it’s got a.nice rubber flat pad at the end there.and would use for the stock is also.quite good quality it’s no see shape and.finished very well which is in stark.contrast to the b2 now the rifle has a.really nice balance so it’s very.comfortable to shoot and it weighs.around two and a half kilograms and.sorts out about five and a half pounds I.think it’s thirty nine and a half inches.long with a twenty one and a half inch.barrel now for me personally the gun.feels a tiny bit short but not so much.that it’s a problem and now I could put.a rubber stock extender on the back.there but I choose not to as I don’t.really like them yeah don’t look at them.and I like to just take each gun as it.comes and kind of adapt to the.challenges of shooting different guns.and because of the size and’d probably be a very good gun for a.younger shooter it’s a co2 powered rifle.taking two of these twelve grams co2.bulbs these cost between fifty pound.each depending on where you get them many you buy so whilst it’s not.massive amount of money does cost a.little bit to shoot and to insert unscrew the cap on the end of the.air tube here.and then you insert them that then screw it back on as you can and then ideally you want to.back turn it and and slightly just to.allow the air to while so we’ll be shooting this.later on I’m not actually going to the co2 properly right now from two.of these 12 gram pallets you’re get 60 usable shots in 177 and 50 in.two – this is the 177th version and I.find that I can get a few more than that.all the it’s not too many more but you.can definitely tell when the power is.dropping off which one you just need to.dry fire it to get rid of the remaining.co2 now if you just want a shorter.shooting session you can actually have.the number of shots you get by of the capsules with an empty one as.long as you put the full one in first.and for that reason it might be worth.keeping an empty capsule hanging around.I’ve got one here that clearly marked is.used and you can see at the top’s empty.and of course because it’s co2 powered.there’s no recoil on this gun now it is.a single-shot bolt-action rifle so to.load it you pull the bolt handle up and.then back until it cocks then you insert.the pellet into the breech channel there.and close the bolt and pull the fire now I have to say I love.bolt-action guns and this one is no.exception.this one has a side bolt as opposed to a.rear bolt coming out the back here and.this isn’t actually the original bolt.handle came on the gun originally came.with this gold and a dive bolt handle.fitted but I changed it for this larger.and nicer shape nice-looking black one.made by a row in engineering.the boat was a little bit stiff and.rough when it was new but it’s worn and it’s nice and smooth now the trigger you can see it’s anodized like the original bolt.handle it’s a single stage trigger it’s.quite smooth there’s a little bit of.creep before firing but it’s not too.much it’s actually in a mount I the trigger it is adjustable three.ways and to show you that I’ll take this.opportunity to strip the gun down a.little bit and for safety reasons you.should make sure the gun is uncocked and.unloaded with no co2 in it and that’s.the reason why I didn’t put the co2 in.earlier on and like with all the things.if you don’t know what you’re doing.I’d advise against taking the gun apart.first of all you need to remove the.stock so to do that put the safety into.the safe position and turn the rifle.over so that you can punch the safety.catch out like so you then just have to.remove this nut on the bottom and usually done a lot tighter but I.loosened it before the video to make.this easier come with that off you can.just lift the action out the stock.there you can see the hole of the.trigger assembly and on the back of it.there you can see the three screws for.making the adjustments but to make those.easier to see and explain what they do.I’m actually just going to remove this.cover plate.right there you can see a close-up of.the trigger assembly and this top.adjustment screw here controls the sear.engagement or the’s basically how far you have to pull.the trigger to you fire the gun.this small middle one here controls the.over travel so how far the trip can be.pulled back after firing and this in the bottom here controls the pull.weight so that’s how much force or.pressure it takes to pull the trigger.and which is factory set to around four.pounds so then to put the gun back.together.replace the cover plate.put the screws back in put the action.back into the stock place the nut on the.bottom and make sure that’s tightened.properly and then all the left is to be.insert the safety and to do that again.put the safety into the safe position.and then return it over just with a.screwdriver I can leave up the safety.plunger and push the safety get back that’s the gun it all put back.together obviously adjust it to what.feels best for you but remember to not.set it too lightly so that gun goes off.if you dropped it or something as I’ve.already mentioned this rifle has is a manual safety on the side of.the trigger guard here which is nicely.placed to be able to flick off the.trigger finger and when the safety is.engaged you can still pull the just won’t fire now I found that when.the safety is pushed all the way that it can be quite stiff to off especially just with your trigger.finger which has got better over time.and with a bit of oil but I found you.don’t actually have to have it much.passed halfway for it to still be safe.and secure but easy enough to release.just with your trigger finger I’m not.sure if that’s an issue just with my gun.or whether they’re all like that but in.the interest of safety.I would advise have one to fully engage.the safety catch moving on to look at.the sights it has fiber optic open.sights so you line up the green at the.back.where it’d be read at the front now.they’re quite good sites I really like.them they pick up light well even in.fading light the front one is set on a.metal ramp and is removable and the is largely made of metal and is also.removable and that is also adjustable.for windage and elevation although you.will need a coin or a screwdriver or.something to adjust that I’m now test the accuracy using the open.sights I’m going to fire ten pellets of these 14 centimeter square.targets at a distance of 12 and a half.meters and for that I’ll be using these.7.9 grain daystate Rangemaster pellets.I’m first going to insert the co2.capsules as I showed you earlier unscrew.the end cap here and then insert the.power lit back to back.and then screw the cap back on now can see I’ve now got my GoPro.mounted so I’m going to get on with.testing I have my target now I’m more than.happy with the accuracy therefore open.sights even with these couple of.slightly wayward shots the group is.still less than an inch and as you can.see most pellets went into quite a here and if the guard – mouthing a.scope it has a dovetail scope rail on it.there and you’re pretty best off using a.pair of mounts rather than just a single.block mount because of the gap in the.scope rail for the breech there now the point where I would normally.scope on and show you the accuracy with.that but I’m afraid that it’s not happen today when I bought this gun I.did actually buy a set of hot mounts.specifically for it but I’ve never.actually used them and that’s because.for me this gun is just too much fun.with the open sites and to bother.putting a scope on of course they by.mounting a scope you would be able to.tighten up their grouping and now you’ve.seen the accuracy I’m going to test the.power I’ve got my chronograph here and.I’m going to put ten shots over that.again using these daystate range I have my coronagraph test I’ve already done my calculations.and with these 7.9 grain pellets I’m.getting average velocity of six hundred.and thirty two point three eight feet.per second which equates to a power point zero two foot-pounds and.that’s right about where it’s be so it’s not full power rifle’s still got some punch to it now this.gun has a big following and is a.favorite amongst customizers and that’s.because like the Crossman 2250.ratcatcher this rifle has a massive.amount of aftermarket mods upgrades and.custom parts for it and there are.several companies that make and sell.these you’ve already seen I’ve changed.the bolt handle on mine but that just the tip of the iceberg you can.also get two-stage triggers bulk fill.adapters caliber conversions manually.indexing magazines repeater systems.weaver rails left-hand conversion stock.upgrade sights tuning kits and plenty of.other things and whilst the barrel on.the QB 78 deluxe isn’t threaded for you can see there SMK do make one for.this gun here.SMK catalog see a picture of the.silencer there that one’s for the QB 78.deluxe and I think that just fits over.the end of the barrel and is then.attached and secured by a grub screw’ve probably heard in the clips of me.shooting earlier on whilst the QB 78 lat.isn’t silent for me it’s not loud warrant a silencer even for shooting so that’s the QB Sinti 8.deluxe but I think it’s also worth.mentioning that there are some other.similar models which you can get which.just really variations of that gun and I.can show you these in the SNK catalogue.the most basic model is this one the XS 78 which doesn’t have the gold.anodized Bolton trigger it doesn’t.feature fibre optic sights it has a much.more basic open sights next one is this.rifle the QB 78 deluxe then there is 78 D which is the QB 78 deluxe but.features a thumbhole stock and then.there are also target and match versions.and the last one which isn’t in the 78.series but is very similar so it’s worth.showing you and that is this one and that is the XS 79 which is the.same as the basic XS 78 model but it’s.powered by larger 88 grams co2 tank.instead of Li to 12 gram pallets so.they’re using the XM k QB 78 deluxe air.rifle now I’ve been looking forward to.getting this gun out and making video.for a while as I really like this gun.there’s just something about it that and it’s one of my favorite guns collection it looks great it’s.well-made it’s fairly accurate it’s.powerful enough for plinking target.shooting or close-range pest control but.above all else is just tremendous fun to.shoot and that’s exactly what this for it’s a fun all rounder and s their catalog here describe the Q.Vicente deluxe as suitable for vermin.control and all-round target shooting much were they set you back now the.latest official price I’ve got is in the.2014 airgun world buyers guide now and.that’s a little bit out of date now but.I don’t think the price has changed.significantly and that list the RRP as.129 95 but as with all things if around you should be out by one.cheaper I only paid 84 pounds new for.this one back in 2012 so at the risk of.courting controversy I think in terms of.value for money this is probably gun I own I wondered no illusions.though despite how much from raising.about it you’re not going to be dropping.a rabbit 35 yards or winning an H ft.competition with one of these you.certainly won’t regret buying.thanks for watching until next time keep.your arms in the My fancy grandpa says this plugin is astonishing!
SMK QB78 Deluxe Air Rifle | Air Armoury
I be wild about extensions, because they are the smart! Air Armoury – Episode 16 – SMK QB78 Deluxe Air Rifle

This month the Air Armoury’s JRH tests and reviews the SMK QB78 Deluxe CO2 powered air rifle in .177 calibre.

Some viewers may have noticed it actually says ‘TH78D’ on the side of the gun. The QB and TH (thumb-hole) are the same gun but with different stocks. As the TH78D is the flagship model they are marked with that model, but with this stock it is the QB78D.

Please note that when I say ‘silencer’ I mean sound suppressor/moderator.

Air Armoury ‘B2 (SMK/Westlake) Air Rifle Review’ Video.

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