“the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment”

That is the basis for the majority of my blog, as such I cannot think of a better way to add balance then to offer an opinion other than my own.

Slinging Lead hails from Georgia

Hence, my first guest contribution by none other then Slinging Lead:


I have a propensity to be long winded at times. I have written a bit on the Disco but I don’t know if it is too much or not enough. I have alot more to say but this is what I scribbled so far. You may want to make this a multi part blog…

OK, let me get this out of the way first. The Discovery is not actually mine. It was a gift from me to Mrs. Slinging Lead on the occasion of her birthday. Some readers might liken this to Marge Simpson receiving a bowling ball with HOMER engraved on it. But I have an excuse… I mean explanation.

While me and my neighbor were plinking in his backyard one sultry evening, my wife picked up my 1377 carbine and went to work. She was darn good and having the time of her life. “I want this for my birthday!”, she squealed with glee. Being as shrewd as I am, I quickly realized the possibilities if I could turn my wife into a gun nut, instead of the discretionary-fund ombudsman that she had been when it comes to things I want to buy. But I realized she was somewhat impatient with all the cocking, and the pumping, and the loading for each shot. I figured if I got her something more streamlined, she would enjoy it all the more and become hooked.

A few weeks later, while looking for something else entirely, I stumbled across a NIB Discovery with pump for the same price as most places were charging for the rifle alone. (The online retailer actually raised the price $30 the day after I ordered it.) I had an epiphany. I could air up the rifle for her, and she could shoot 40 or so shots without the hassle of pumping a stubby little lever several times for every shot. Perfect. It may have entered the very depths of my subconscious that I would also be able to shoot it myself every so often.

I open the box after UPS dumps it carelessly and unceremoniously on my doorstep without a knock on the door much less the signature of an adult, and I am entirely underwhelmed. There’s the plain stock, the shiny uneven stain, and the knothole, and the scratches on the airtube. How do you scratch metal with cardboard? But I will get to my cosmetic criticisms later, as by definition they are cosmetic, and have NOTHING to do with how the rifle actually functions.

Nothing like a Georgia Peach, but is the Disco one?

Being the thoughtful and caring husband I am, I wanted to sight it in for her, so that it would be ready to knock down targets without frustration on her part. I plinked away a little with the stock fiber optic sites and was satisfied with my results at the short distance that I can actually use open sights. Then I bought a Leapers 4-16X50AO for it. It looked like the Hubble Telescope mounted to a Derringer. Not the scope for this rifle. My long distance results were encouraging, but not consistent.

I decided on a smaller Bushnell I had, which happened to be non AO. It was her gun, after all not mine, so I wanted it to be light. Also I figured it would be easy to zero for the distance she would be shooting with it. Her birthday arrived, and we were both excited, and she tore the wrapping off the box and… she did a very fine job of pretending to be delighted.

After much grilled chicken and some malted barley carbonated beverages, we decide to start shooting. It is shooting pretty good, but, “it’s SO LOUD.” she says. “I still like little SWAT better.” (This is her nickname for the 1377.) Sigh, the best laid plans…

more to come.” by Slinging Lead.

Okay, so Slinging didn’t send any pictures and all I could think of was Googling
Can’t wait to see what part two holds…Volvo