Sighting in an Air Rifle, hey fellas we’re going to show you how to cite in your rifle now we previously showed you how to mount to scope so the first things we’re going to want to do is take the covers off your vertical and horizontal adjustment turrets then we have a target setup that the range we want to shoot at right now we’re shooting at 20 yards just to start so we look through our scope and we if your scope has a adjustable objective on the front you want to adjust that to look where it’s really sharp focus on your target and you come back here and set your power get it all set up just where you want it and the target we’re using has a little hole right I made a little dot right here in the middle that this is what we’re going to shoot at so we’re gonna come in here we’ve got a rifle real well mounted in a in a rest and then take the safety off then we’ll gently squeeze the trigger okay here we go we were aiming at the center but we hit right here low and left so we need to move our scope over to the right side and we need to move it up in elevation so we’re going to turn it to the right a few clicks here and we’re going to move it up now we’re going to reload a rifle and we’re gonna shoot again set it back on the rest get it good and steady take repel it put it in there and seat it come back get back down here on your target good get it all set move your safety and squeeze that trigger okay we can tell by looking now we’re still almost right on the right-hand side but we’re a little bit low so we’ve got to move it one click more to the right we’re going to move it about five or six clicks up come try it one more time now so we’re here we go back we reload their iPhone get it back on the rest take a pallet seat to peel it back in here and get a good steady rest take off our safety bingo guys we got it so we’re dead down there okay guys that’s all there is to it just a few shots and you’re sited in and you’re ready to go [Music] you I adore items, because they are glamorous.
Sighting in an Air Rifle
Meet this astonishing plugin!! Watch as a Scope is sighted in on an air rifle. Air Rifle scopes like those by RWS and Walther have ASR or Airgun Shock Reinforcement. This means their lenses are cushioned at either side. This is because air rifles kick twice, once forward and once backward, as opposed to a firearm which only kicks once. Video directed by Umarex USA.

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Filmed and edited by 5-Star Productions.