Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle Preview, everybody it’s Michael from replica arrogance and I finally got my hands on one of these Sig pellet shooting air rifles this is the MPX asp by the way the SP stands for air gun sport pellet that’s what the ASP stands for and this is the MPX what’s the shorter barrel version it didn’t come with the Sig red dot this one came basically just with the iron sights I decided to put my geotech slash Chinese EOTech on it just for this review just to sort of shoot it and get some target practice in kind of got it sighted in pretty decent I think this gun just going over some basic specifications okay see it here I don’t have the mag in just yet I’m going to load it up for you guys but it has an 8 inch barrel it uses these either 88 or 90 grams co2 cartridges ok the stock is basically non adjustable just goes on there you’ve got your charging handle which feels and sounds really cool again it comes with either just open sights right these flip up sights or you can get it with a red dot there are other versions as the other version the the mcx which is the longer version which has like a mock suppressor on it and that I believe also comes with different sites as well but really nice gun now they shoot pellets 0.17 and this is 0.177 I believe they will be also supporting point to two caliber I’m not sure if they’re shipping the point to two caliber yet but it’s on the list for sure and you know they shoot this version shoots they say up to 600 FPS right which is kind of that marketing thing that arrogant companies like to do Sig did send me up sheet of real-world testing that they did using their lightweight grain pellets which are these guys here okay this is kind of a preview informative video this isn’t the real video by the way this is my extended preview I guess you could say for this gun I’m just telling you kind of what’s coming up I will be doing a tabletop and shooting video for sure they send me a bunch of stuff I’ll show you these are the light alloy pellets they’re 5.25 grain so about the same weight as a steel BB so they go pretty fast but even when they did their testing I think they did about eight shots and averaged it out it’s still got just a over five hundred and seven feet per second five oh five or something like that I do have a little cheat sheet here so yeah at average 505 with the five point two five green pellets I’m using eight point one eight grain pellets at averaged about 450 so still reasonable I mean that’s plenty fine shooting a pellet as long as it’s accurate you know it’s it’s pretty decent and it gets to that target downrange which I’m going to be shooting at shortly for you guys really quick now sig did send me a bunch of their sig targets the one I’m shooting at down there this is a pretty cool it’s a quad shooting gallery they also send me this Texas star spinning wheel Texas star spinning wheel okay they also sent me i’ma put the gun down for a second these guys here quad spinner and this reflex airgun target so pretty cool they sent me some co2 some six co2 okay and this is what the ninety gram right it’s ninety gram alright I’ll show you the Box real quick this is the Box again I will be doing a full tabletop video all right back that’s pretty much all you need to see for that now let’s talk take a look at the magazine okay the magazines are really cool this gun has basically a 30 round magazine it’s belt-fed I have pre loaded it up with pellets okay so it’s belt-fed has this little opening here that you allows for the pellets to go in and basically you got to remember that the metal part the front is the front and this little track here goes on the top these little nubs go on the top so I’m just going to quickly load it up for you guys you just pop them in there as you put about you know a bunch in first and then I’ll just sort of feed the back in and then I just sort of spin it just to make sure everything’s everything’s working now I’ve shot several magazines through this gun already just getting things sighted in and playing around with it and I haven’t had a single missed feed I am using I’m going to keep the cig pellets for my testing of the chronograph but I have been using just these hobby green RPG RWS pellets and they’ve been working fine and they’re a flathead pellet so and by the way these are seven seven grain alright let’s let’s shoot this gun for you guys we’re off safe we’re ready to go my yo tech has decided not to work – love that oh there it is okay we’re good we got sights now that’s important it’s always going to shoot better when you got a sight alright let’s see if we can actually you know get these to knock down this is neat because you shoot the four sort of man targets there and then you actually shoot the center one which is a little smaller to pop them all back up not do it so well okay I was I did have this thing dialed in but now it seems to be my sighting is off for some reason you just pop it up I might have to shoot open sights should be in should be pretty close maybe it’s just me there we go there okay now I just hit that middle one oh yeah first time pretty good now we’re done wasn’t the best shooting in the world but I’m getting used to this gun already turn that off we’re all off good thirty rounds is pretty cool I mean that’s a lot of rounds and as you can see there was no problem with feeding at all just choose perfectly the trigger is pretty nice it is a little you know it’s not the lightest or shortest in the world but totally usable definitely not heavy by any means definitely not too long you can shoot pretty quick with this gun and you got lots animal there are 30 rounds so I mean that’s pretty awesome sure if I showed you everything on this gun so we’ll get a little bit better look alright pop-up sights charging handle alright pop up for your sight again I will be doing a full tabletop review for you guys really nice gun I mean weight and everything is awesome just really nice guns by the way I also am sig is said Evy the pistols I forgot to mention that the p250 and the p226 t6 sorry p226 they are sending those pistols to me those are again blowback pistols that you pellets 0.177 green or point one seven seven caliber pellets and they use 12 grams co2 so those are on the way I don’t know exactly when they’re coming they haven’t shipped yet but I think they’re just waiting for inventory to send me that basically those guns so pretty cool I’m not going to be doing the the longer barrel version the mcx this is just going to be one of them to test on the mcx will shoot a little harder with the longer barrel but other than that no big deal just a shorter barrel this this shoots plenty hard for me for just clinking in the backyard not a problem at all I might try out some of these other targets for some other future videos but I did definitely want to try that big boy over there it’s pretty cool alright thanks for watching another replica arrogance video don’t forget to subscribe check me out on face book and Twitter also coming down to replica air guns car more I have articles post reviews usually some additional photos of the products i review as well so check the photos online for this gun I’ll have some nice photos for you and also check out our Canada and us online replica air gun stores where we sell air guns BB guns pellet guns airsoft guns blank guns knives and other accessories thanks for watching until next time take care These add-ons are beautiful.
Sig Sauer MPX ASP  .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle Preview
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In this preview video I do a little bit of fun backyard shooting simply because I could not resist having a go with this awesome air rifle any longer and needed to shoot it. I was not disappointed! Every pellet I placed in the 30 round belt fed magazine fired flawlessly from the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle. I used both Sigs high velocity 5.25 grain alloy pellets and some flathead 7 grain RWS lead pellets and all my ammo shot well in the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle. I have not done a Chronograph test so far for the Sig MPX but can say the pellets where getting to my Sig Sauer Quad Shooting Gallery Target in no time and I had placed a good 35-40 feet away. Once I figured out my sights I was able to continently hit what looked like pretty small targets from where I was standing, this was no surprise since the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Riflehas an 8 inch rifled barrel..

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