Sig Sauer MPX .177 Co2 Pellet Air Rifle – Full Review & Accuracy Test, hey guys James here from epic reviews.and today we’re going back to basics.we’ve done all the sciences behind.shooting recently in long range shooting.and whatnot but today we’re gonna go.back to where we started and that was.reviewing replicas so in front of we have the Sig Sauer this is the shorter carbine version.of the two rifles the signal got the MC X which is the large one.with the the mock suppressor and then.the MPX now these were designed to be.used as training aids for the guys the world of the free where you can.actually buy the real nine mil version.of this and so you’d expect superb.accuracy I have to say out of the box.and yeah I’m really impressed to hold it.feels really really robust but we for.move on would quickly cut to a quick.clip for those of you that want to know.what the box is because I’ve seen a few.of the collectors out there want to know.what is packaged in so a critic clip to.that and then we’ll carry on alright.guys this for the ones that want to know.what the passions like when you open this is exactly what you get now.what you can see in front of you here.also I’ve taken the magazine out I’m.going to prefer to keep the mag get the rifle in this really nice.kind of styrofoam packaging you do get.the the user manual at the back which recommend that you that you read and.also you get this really handy little.tool but we’ll go onto that more in so yeah let’s say get the rifle.out and let’s crack on the rest of you.okay so that is the boring bit out the.way so we are left now to focus on the.MPX now this is my first time out.actually shooting it today and I’ve out and about we’ve been playing at home and trying to get a feel and I have to say it is solid it is.absolutely incredible now the stock is.plastic and this is where you house your.90 gram or 88 grams co2 cartridge can see in the back that’s screws in slides it back on.and then that’s good to go the butt rubberized so it does fit and.shoulder really nice and snugly and doesn’t slip around even with a coat.on it works absolutely superbly the.receiver everything that you can is all metal and which gives a.really good solid weight and the.internals as well when you do look.inside and all metal as well so that.just adds to the realism and it is.balanced really.really.nicely in the middle there and so yeah.when you’re putting shoulder it sits.perfectly you’re going to fall out for.20 mil Picatinny rail up on top and.we’ve got flip up sights that come as.standard I have to say I’ve been.impressed they are adjustable I haven’ around to adjusting them just yet.and that little metal tool that you.would have seen in the box that is.basically put it in twist around very.very familiar for anybody’s using ar-15.or AR variant and it will feel very very.much at home so these flip up and you want what I have found is if you.get a replica yo Tech and put that on.the rail when you flip the sights up you.can go Co witness so even if you’re a isn’t on I’m gonna have to stop on bring it to your shoulder you can.just bring it up your co witness’re there straight on target which is.a really really nice feature you do get.two rails one on each side but one on.this side you can have slip over one on.this side we don’t have anything on the.bottom the only thing that I could think.anybody would want to put on the bottom.would be an angled for grip that and flashlights and lasers on.the side but to be honest it’s a very.short gun I find holding it here it’s a.lot more comfortable and trying to it just seems to want to snuggle in.quite nicely and which yo good or bad a very very carbine rifle but at the.end of day that’s what it was about.moving forwards do you have a mock flash.suppressor obviously when there’s no.powder burning there is no flash and does give a really really good.realistic effect and with the smoke.coming out obviously with the COTC.and it’s a free-floating 8 inch barrel i.think it is a thing as 8 inches and and.yeah it works absolutely brilliantly just got a hand stop on the end.there so you do physically have.something to stop you’re not going off in front of your muzzle and.which if that wasn’t on would be a real.concern of mine to have looking back on.the receiver features wise it’s very.very familiar as I say if you’ve used you will know your way around one.of these like clockwork magazine release.catches on this side works beautifully.just literally bring your trigger and it’s there you don’t have to go.looking for it it is just there and then.obviously the safety caps now this is.obviously not a fully automatic it is.only semi-automatic and a very.interesting semi-automatic for that.matter so you don’t have that extra.fully auto switch but it is a very very.positive engagement.just flick this and even lockers in.places like flapping around now’re a left-handed shooter you want to.know can I adjust it with this side fire controls are fully.ambidextrous which is a bonus.the only thing isn’t kind of fun what’s.the way functional what would be your.bolt hold-open catch and your bolt.release these do not function on this.rifle they are there and they are.separate pieces but they don’t push can’t move them they are purely.there for looks but either way they do.serve a purpose as opposed for realism.and if you are training you are going to.want to be able to go you know load it.up bolt forward and are not for you from a realism point of view they are.there and they do work and for that.sense but from a functioning point of.view not at all.the magazine will move on to show to load that into seconds and it’s a.very very very interesting design rather.than true semi-automatic and which would.literally cycle a lot back and it a revolver type system so you do.have the belt inside the magazine and it.just gets pulled around then you stay.around that once I’ll be honest it goes.very very very quickly you can just carried away we trigger fingers.unreal and but I’ll move in and we’ you that in a second now the only.thing left to show is the charging you don’t have to worry on some got the little sort of it’s a safety type of things you have gripping it properly this one just.pull straight back it does make a really.satisfying noise I’ll see to fire off.the action off the empty and direction like so and then also you.put mag in cock it and then you’re go.I’ll quickly move in show you how the.magazine works.I think this I’m reading through the.manual I think this is going to be the.bit that people stumble on and and like.with any gun that’s new on the do sequel people whinging on know can’t do this can it do’s not working yadda yadda yadda and.nine times that time when I’m looking.anyway it’s down at user error so we’ll.move into the magazine and we’ll a quick lowdown on how that works.and then we’ll do a bit of firing I’ a couple of knockdown targets I can.put out do a bit of accuracy as well.we’ve got a relatively fresh co2 so we.fired those couple of shots I’ve done.there.think about ten rounds earlier to make.sure it’s all seated fine.and so yeah we’ll quickly move into the.magazine explain that and then let’s.crack on with the rest of the review.okay guys so this is the magazine now.this is a 30 round belt magazine and can see it’s plastic’s run a few things on the gun that is.actually plastic so the loader it’s a.really simple system to use just pop.this hatch open on the side you can’ve got this belt in here so you pull.that out good to go like that now the.thing that you’ve got to remember it.with this one here and if you read the.manual it will tell you these metal you.can see here half its plastic half its.metal the metal must be facing forward.that is the the business end as such now.this little tool here serves a couple of.purposes you can see on the top’ve got the front pin adjustment and.for your sights and then on the back.there for the rear but you’ve also got.this little stud here now that is for.once you’ve seated your pallets in to.push them in now I’m not going to to death with actually loading the.pallets and what we’ll do is we’ll just.cut out a second and I’ll load them up.and then I will show you exactly how to.load them into the magazine and then we.will get on with the fun bit okay once the belts all fed you literally.put it in just line up the little.notches like so and just push it around.and load it in and it really is this.simple and only luck there we go there’s.the other end so what we’ll do is I’ll.load that one there close the hatch down.and now for the fun bit we’ve come out.roughly ten yards I don’t want to.stretch this one too far and that’s.because the power but we’ll go into a minute so we going to load up my 30.round magazines push it in like so.charge it flip the sights up and I’m.going to put the full thirty rounds here and we’ll go realtively.slowly and we’ll just see exactly what.kind of grouping we get so let’s put it.on so far and let’s we are guys safety back on rifle safe.magazines empty let’s go in and speck.the damage okay so there we go right.there we have you can see we’re shooting.consistently down right again very very.sort of similar issues that we had with.the six-hour pistol they are actually.kind of relatively grouped okay we.didn’t have any that weren’t on the I can only assume that most of them.went through here obviously I haven’t.adjusted the sights at all and so that’s.probably where that comes in so I’ll adjust the sights and you can see.that quite easily be moved up into so I’d say you know 30 rounds.that is an alright group actually and I.I’d sleep quite happily we didn’t flyer that could have been me.getting carried away with the trigger or.not looking down the sight picture.correctly and but like I say most of.them in on in on target III yeah I’m.quite happy to take that as a decent.result okay guys we are back with.magazine number two I would say we’re.going to in the N bit getting the spare.magazine so 30 rounds in flip ups on.tactical glasses on just make sure we’re.looking badass I want to try to do just.up up and slightly tell ash we say to.see if we can drag that grouping back up.on target so yeah I see what magazine.two is capable of.there we go there the only thing I would.note on here at this point is there last shot and sort of there’s no way.of knowing when you’re in the last just have to count it or if you’re a.bit a bit simple like myself just wait.until you hear that change in the tone.alright guys so apologies for slightly.abrupt finish there we had to get on the.track start quite quickly that was.magazine two while I was making the.adjustments you can see most a shot and we did get one through so I do believe that we’ve a.little bit of adjustment you are be able to get the groups in quite.quickly obviously saw there I wasn’t.slow oh you know that was quite but that’s where this rifle comes.into its own having fun is where this.thing is going to excel now a lot of you.might be waiting and I’m sure I’m.waiting for the comments what about the.power now we’ve done a very very quick.test today using jsb 8.4 for grain.exacts and they came in I think it’s are.421 feet per second ish and which if I.remember correctly equated to 2.8.foot-pounds of energy the ladies of this tracks me to my next I’ve seen.a lot of people in the forum stating.that we can use this for hunting it’s.gonna make an amazing gun traps out we all know the types I’m pretty.certain we can guess what they look like.good job team here see ya you can know we all know at least one don’t.we.but I can guarantee this gun is designed.for basically two things one to be a training aid the guys over in the.states or anywhere where you actually.allow to own a firearm where your.government don’t don’t all assume you’re.Isis or to be used for a fun blinking.rifle and I can guarantee you this is.going to be a fun blinking rifle if you.can look past the fact that six-hour.worm a tree out with their power kind of.estimations it is really really good.let’s say build quality superb the rate.of fire I mean I wasn’t rushing then you.could probably go really flippin quick.if you wanted to and it won’t because.the co2 but you know fun piece is.sometimes better than co2 consumption.there’s a couple of things I would.change on it you know I’m sure there are.a few with many first think the controls.even if they’re not functioning it would.have been nice to have actually to push them in and have a physical.kind of I can practice using these.controls the other thing an open-bolt.would have been amazing obviously pull the lever back on the rear one.dust covers come down not on this but.apart from that actually you know it’s.actually a really pretty good gun licensed trademarks all over it the.warning bit is in black so you can’t see.screaming out you know it’s a toy and.all the rest of it and it’s actually.value for money wise this was 250 pound.I think we got this one for that’s a.hell of a lot of gun if you think about.the original Sig Sauer rifle that we did.a review for about a year ago I was 120.pounds at the time I thought that was a.lot of gun for its money.these things value for money are superb.if you’re into something that you just want something fun to go with this is the one to get now I.will do follow-up videos with this we’ something a little bit more in-depth.once we got the chronograph back.unfortunately we bought one of her.Majesty’s fires commandos out and he.decided to shoot the chronograph and.shortly after use so I can’t tell you.and you know I can’t show you filmed.shot strings and things like that but we.will do that in up-and-coming videos this coming out of garden parties an.awful lot if you got mates over for a.barbecue put some cans down once you’re.finished with them and blast away of these I will put a link in the.description too and to where you can.pick up one of these and and yeah if.your local rfds got one or if they’ an account with Highland outdoors.because they’re the guys in the UK at.least the distribute them at least don’t.have a look at one the MCX.for me I love to the size didn’t like.the moderator for this just nice and.short yeah it’s absolutely superb can’t.really go too far wrong with it I will.put a link to some pictures on our.Facebook page in the description and’ve got any questions comments or.anything like that feel free to put the box below and I’ll get back as soon as I can and also as I say.we’ve got a Facebook page and if you.just type in replica reviews on Facebook.and your little search bar will pop.right up and yeah you can see loads more.ramblings of me and CeeLo two more this.gun because I can see this being a firm.favorite with everybody because it just.fits it looks tactical and you just one of the SAS whilst you’re.running around which for those guys who.were mentioned earlier in that clip.please don’t take offence that was.literally just me messing around but.anyway until our next video guys thanks.for watching don’t run off just yet.quick thing that I forgot extra.magazines now these things about 35.pounds and we pick one up again from the.gun room down in average these are an.absolute get free belt and extra magazine.housing and when you’re firing as we were with that rifle this be very lonely down on the field.there you do rack through these an awful.lot so I would advise if you’re going to.get one of these pick up an extra.magazine as well if not just for the del.for the extra free belts we say because.loading them up is quite tedious you.punch and around can get little bit.laborious so if you got free you’d worry about as much but anyway that’ done now see you next video. 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Sig Sauer MPX .177 Co2 Pellet Air Rifle - Full Review & Accuracy Test
This is the helpful plugin ever%sentence_ending Here we have our honest and full review of the new Sig Sauer MPX pellet firing .177 co2 powered air rifle. and what a rifle! build quality is a lot better than i was expecting and the value for money is just amazing, you’re getting a lot of rifle for the money! a big thank you to sig sauer for finally bringing a good replica of a modern rifle, something other companies haven’t done!

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