Shooting Cats: Australia’s War on Feral Cats, [Applause] cut this thing open and see what it’s been eating [Music] [Music] feral cats are different to domestic cats the more aggressive and the impact on the environment is severe feral cats are the proper but not the domestic cats we are drawing a line in the sand today on our watch no more species extinction our little native don’t stand a chance against them it’s very very difficult to control some of these species it’s actually a war it’s an australia-wide problem there’s a choice to be made here between ongoing decimation of our native fauna and protecting a fellow species I think the cats are winning at this stage [Music] [Applause] we’re always condemned as rednecks you just got to live with it he’s got a cop it just chicken here a few of these Facebook posts on SBS cat article they’ve put up I’m from and Nicole I think we need to focus on the steps that we need to take in reducing wild cat populations such as D sexy as it was humans who introduced the cats to Australia in the first place well Nicole D sex and feral cats is not gonna save our matey wildlife we need a cull they’re eating them not screwing them to death and their brain like they breathe like anything some people got no ID this is been a nice wedding day at goseck Church it’s actually really pretty it’s in the middle like a roundabout on a property let’s see these people who don’t like us killing feral cats they take it to a whole new level I would never turn around and say I hope your family dies because that’s just not right I have a son that doesn’t like killing but absolutely understands he sees the destruction when we go out and do our job and he says to me Mom I don’t like killing but I know why you do it so I’m not the villain if my son who is 11 and autistic can understand that what I’m a 30 something year old at all anyone who wants to argue on the most humane method of dispatching feral animals just can’t go past a bullet will be using 180 grain Woodley well cause a mushroom well usually don’t get any overpenetration with a lot of damage done to the vitals and always a quick and humane kill we’re not out to cause any pain or suffering even if it is only a feral cat more and more women are starting to shoot and get out there I think there is a bit of a belief that guys are better shooters if you tell me girls can’t shoot I probably would say I could probably shoot better than you that in our native wildlife are unique the nothing anywhere else in the world we’re doing a important job that needs to be done [Music] [Music] you don’t have to squeeze these out get–all the first loosen out as much as I can I’m very living American River Kangaroo Island I trap federal cats and give them another home I keep a record of every cat that I catch and the total is fourteen hundred and thirty-eight 2.2 I’m not that fast if people have their cats I just have the thing for the feral cat is if you beat some pieces it alone there’s one long the skinny then we have split this one’s the heaviest seven point two kilo and this is a special one strange isn’t it anymore visit this book I’m on my second one now all the people who visit me and see my things they put think I’m doing a good job all right hello hello alien friend Lola all right I’m the Cat Man but there’s people that he probably don’t think I’m doing a good job people think I’m a cat hater but I’m not we just hate the feral ones right okay domestic cat just sits and meows and says hey I’ll feed me but it’s the Thoreau one the cat’s alive removed we probably have killed millions of birds the bird life around the river has dramatically improved and curiosity you know what curiosity did it’s my art these are my favorites these are not for sale back off and I’m quite happy to discuss with a cat lover the prize of keeping a cat at home or a feral cat so Berry in Florida I live on the edge of a swamp I have my two cats inside and we have feral cats and in st. Petersburg Florida there is a push to capture neuter and then release feral cats I’m not interested in their breeding habits as their eating habits I’m still gonna eat if they’re out there I don’t want to shoot them but they’re just not rehome aboot I’ll be quite happy to give you a full fill adult feral cat to take home anything you got let me know how you get on the family’s rang me up and said he seen cats you get one more the door here and it’s because we knew they’d be looking for cover so I’ll sit through here and see how I go nice all the door walks [Music] on a property that Ben and I worked on contract shooting that was a resident little possum and she become really attached to Ben unfortunately though we went down one weekend and we found little bits of her spread along the front of the hut she’s dearly missed feral cats are a problem they’re a huge problem and they need to be dealt with because they’re not dealt with we’re not gonna have native animals they’ll end up hitting the endangered lists and then they’ll be gone and shooting them calling them out is the only effective way at least we got real warning out of the environment anyway that’s a tomcat that she’s been hanging around with so probably the kittens here somewhere we might find them tonight who knows we’re here today because Roland and his wife was called me out we’ve been sightings of feral cats on on the peak of that hill day they’re conservationists look after what they’ve got hit your native animals and hopefully we can go and get a few very thick bushy so we’ll have to trap there’s not much chance of shooting anything if you were to say anything it’d be gone in a in an instant basically so we don’t set some traps probably one of the most humane ways of dispatching cats there just a simple drop-down door on a floor plate get here quick and destroy him in the cage over time when people leave their job they leave their pets behind so you tend to get a lot of cats if were domestic and become feral left around the houses so we’ll put a strap in here look I’ve got one I need another one take I don’t really hadn’t one of the new am-3 match you know couple of months it comes from down he’s not thrashing around in the cage and I don’t wanna carry this makes my body where you can get his claws through the page and get me possible I’ve spoken to four or five gets the RSPCA sent me a letter when I first started please explain I’ve been there mapping and you’re satisfied with it was being done and I haven’t heard from him since yeah he hello bosses soon we’re nighty they protected yeah continue no one coming up there we go he’s the heavy one huh just taking the answer here yes it’s confronting to the people who see what I do or hear about what I do but a lot of people come here extremely supportive not just removing the federal cash but the skimming and the tanning and giving them another life they did me skinning them that was something that happened and continued on and got good at out of hundreds of visitors and phone calls and letters I’ve only ever had – death threats do you think I was a fool and a half like flashes a big cat I think they objected to me actually killing the cat to start with what I did with the cat I have to really upset them that’s their life they worry about me doing cats then I’m quite happy for them to ring me up and discuss how you do things but they don’t do that they just send death threats all taken to that refugee I got me six dollars to dump a body yeah I sold him down rolling up and you matter or not here we go my son Hunter’s been obsessed with reptiles spiders and snakes he’s old life so he’s not scared of him he’s definitely cat food but um the cat had it found him they would have eaten him looks like he could do with the feed my beauty you feathers it’s hardly likely to be a fox or a cat kill we would have climbed up the tree and pulled the baby out of the nest and eaten it on the ground didn’t leave much anyway [Music] making a plane he’s gonna run through the middle of it with the head up like him go ahead every way that’s odd without trees or they’re just in here either yeah I’ve talked on the 2y and I’ll tell you where they’re up to all right and see if we can cut em off I’ll say well you can’t stuff it up she’ll be growing all right there’s a big pig thing a lot of people just don’t understand what way is runners or actually don’t that’s why Ron Hannah yeah that way Ron that way might run just keep running we’re only getting rid of the feral animals that are affecting our Navy Vigo system pigs foxes dogs cats and these are all decimating their native species down straight to water you can run into them look you know you know Zeus had e ed half a dozen small ones we didn’t get a thing that went everywhere for some reason Garen doesn’t like doing any of these technical stuffing himself sir I’m done can you come builder anything to do with the spanner all right good I’ll finish you care if you fix me here okay fair enough that’s a good deal very good we’ve got a bit of structure here an old tip a bit of broken-down farm machinery so I’m it’s good place for holding cats instead of trap here and see here we go [Music] you 308 yeah [Music] oh I’m great short Hana hey droppy we like to hunt know where label is bloodthirsty killers and all the rest of it but it’s just not true if you’re gonna call yourself a true animal lover you’re gonna put the value on our names first I think of the true conservationists to tell you the truth oh yeah Thank You Lee native species anything we hunters Ferrell’s sort of good once you get into into the hunting and shooting community you make friends for life really the that’s it they’re all in there doing the same thing coughing the same criticism it could be a few death threats I’ve had plenty of them over the years well I guess a lot of people of nevus spent much time in environment like this and ever since my kids were little babies I’ve been away camping hunting fishing digging knows animals back to front but he knows all the natives I guess even Piggy’s interest up from me I’ve always had an interest in animals and wildlife I’ve always been in the bush I guess he’s just following in following in me footsteps when you catch a feral cat in the cage he’s pretty agitated when you get there but I’ll try and dispatch them as quickly as possible it’ll be a direct shot to the brain it’ll render it instantly unconscious and dead before it hits the ground quick and clean as you can get it I think hey a lump of a cat count that size have no trouble taking down any of the bug lord 4mp cut this thing open and see what it’s been eating everything seems to be pretty broken down so it’s really hard to see bird a bird yep it’s hard to tell what’s order but we can tell where these definitely be naked Birds that’s a stomach contents of a feral cat that someone’s dissected you can see why they claim that they take a thousand natives a year three animals put a cat per day the statistics are a bit cloudy as far as how many feral cats are out there I think the last time I read there was 8 million feral cats and 2.5 million domestic which I think I both do as much damage people say they look after their cats but they let him roam at night so they’re killing most the time was they like to admit it or not actually gonna get three out of this one but normally 82 everyone seems to want one with a tail they always the first to go did I only get one okay a lady has a jam in government fine generous cuddly what sort of animals do you think will see it here today Kidner koala that’s a platypus up on the side of a hill that’s got a wallet ruin it I couldn’t see I don’t think we’d ever see feral cats eradicated in my kid’s lifetime the pace were going at the moment the number of natives they kill every year once these natives are gone they’re gone absolutely urgent that we start doing our bit towards controlling feral cats I try to never let them get away [Music] mm female cats on their all and we’re producing a lot more kittens than the government or myself or other people or a movie so I think the cats are winning at this stage but we’re trying their best if we can’t get rid of them on a little island I think Australia will have a real problem on my knee a little hat trapper I did my bit [Music] feral cats eat moose cow possums little piggy possums short beak the kidness southern brown bandicoot’s wallaby Joey’s little blue rings fairy penguins honeyeaters marbled echo Rosenberg joanna saga snake brown frog looks Birds it done art do bees lawyer birds sugar gliders long neck turtles push backs none bet better thongs northern Falls western grandparents reptiles skinks lizards and soon worse These ingredients are astonishing!
Shooting Cats: Australia's War on Feral Cats
My interesting dad says this plugin is very beautiful! WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

In Shooting Cats, VICE set out to explore the consequences of Australia’s feral cat plague, and confront the uncomfortable and violent realities of dealing with it. Most suburban Australians give feral cats little thought. But for residents of the country’s rural fringes, they’re a diabolical pest and scourge on wildlife. Found in 99 percent of Australia, they’re estimated to kill more than two million native animals a day. That devastation has seen Kangaroo Island local Barry Green declare a personal war against cats; trapping and skinning them, before turning them into hats and fridge magnets.

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