Sheridan Silver Streak .20 Caliber Multi Pump Pellet Rifle Field Test Review, however one its Michael here from replica air guns I’ve got my Sheraton and this is the Silver Streak point two zero caliber pellet rifle multi pump and we’re going to be putting this gun through the chronograph and shooting it at a target a hundred feet out so this is the farthest got a truck driving by loud one-two this is the furthest I’ve ever shot at any target during my reviews and this is the field test shooting review obviously now I haven’t done a tabletop review yet I will be doing a tabletop review and I’ll post that link in here when I do it just that it’s a nice day today and I’m going to take advantage of this really fine weather we’re having here in BC alright so first off I’m going to shoot a few different pump rounds through the chronograph I’ll start off with three pumps five pumps then I’ll move to two or three shots with eight pumps which is the maximum for this gun eight pumps is the maximum I am using the Sheridan or started the Benjamin hopefully you can see these in the glasses I’ll just pull up here these are point two zero cal caliber lead pellets and they’re fourteen point three six grain alright so let’s start off with three pumps see what we do here all right shot number one for sixty two point five five pumps 5:47 takes a little bit of work to get this gun pumped up so we might just do two I want to leave my my muscles for the pumping for the actual target it would be putting five rounds into the target and I want to not be shaken all over the place from strain so here we go first shot at eight pumps this is maximum pumps maximum velocity six thirty seven point four so if we’re close with the next one three you know what I forgot how many pumps it’s gonna drive fire I forgot how many pumps at it so I’m gonna count them off first two three four five six seven eight okay so if we’re close to the six thirty seven point four then I’m just going to call it a day with this chronograph and just say that that’s pretty much what this gun does okay so if we’re within a few feet per second I’m not going to worry about it we’re not going to do another one we’re just going to move straight to the target portion here we go six thirty seven point five almost exactly the same velocity velocity I’m not going to strain my arm anymore here I’m just going to move right to the target portion so we’ll head I’m going to head out I’ve already got a target set up hundred feet out I’ve actually measured it off with a measuring tape did it in ten foot increments so we’re pretty much at a hundred feet within give or take couple feet tops all right so let’s see what we can do I’m going to shoot five rounds into this target from a recipe ssin here and again hundred feet out all right I’m all set up I’ve got my target all set up a hundred feet out I’ve got the cameras all rolling got my camera out there really close into the target so we can we can document exactly where we’re getting the shots and I did pre test this gun really quickly it’s all sited in actually got a bull’s-eye from this this distance and about a 1 just just over one inch three shot group so hopefully I can replicate those results for you and again we’re going to shoot shots eight pumps each time and hopefully my arm holds out for this so let’s get started all right I’m using a nine power scope here at the nine power maximum zoom it’s my Bushnell scope okay now it’s going to take my time here because this pumping takes a little bit out here not in any rush I can even okay got on the bullseye I can feel my heartbeat through the scope I forgot again how many pumps do this again one two three four five six seven eight okay now this is the tricky part this is not easy to pump so I’m fighting an elevated heartbeat something I’ve been bad shape but you can really feel this gun and with this big magnification you can really see and feel your heartbeat through the scope so let’s just slow down here little high okay want to get some good results for you here this is a fantastic gun and I wish I could just lock her in here but anyways we’ll do the best we can right now we’re looking at about a one inch group so far that’s okay if I can stay within one inches I’ll be really happy almost exactly beside the other one again talking not thinking one two three four five six seven eight okay now this is the range that I primarily will be shooting at this is a vermin gun it’s for crows and whatnot and they like to stay pretty far out they’re pretty smart and they know not to get too close but I don’t like the way they attack all the Bluejays to get into all kinds of stuff constantly killing other birds around here the nice guys and I’m not a big crow fan I also get rats occasionally here so this is just my gun for dealing with those types of situations not that I enjoy it it is kind of sporting because they are challenged they’re smart animals but anyways here we go shot four okay so so far we’ve got three on the top group nice and tight one down a little lower to the right on the bullseye but still we’re about at a one-inch group we’re not far off so if I can get this one in the bullseye we’ll have a one-inch group okay here we go I think it got in those top three again so not bad at all here I can tell you already looks like we’re we had four across the top one sort of down in the bullseye now that bullseye is an inch and a half across and that one sort of in the middle of it so let’s go up there real quick and take another quick look don’t need that other camera rolling so we’ll just run down here think I’m still recording yeah still recording good that’s always good when you’re recording these events and don’t have to redo it all right so it’s a bit of a walk you can see here luckily this isn’t underwater and only this area is underwater but it’s been warm there’s my camera and just want to make sure should be recording better have been I’ll be upset if it wasn’t anyways okay and hopefully what’s recording if not then this is my uh proof here okay so we have one here and then there’s got to be for the Hittle on the top here because there’s no way it went outside of this so there’s one that’s a duplicate here and hopefully we can see that on the other camera that it recorded over top so I’d say that’s at least okay it’s a little bit more than a one-inch about an inch and a half group there really not too bad that’s going to be perfectly fine for what I’m shooting at from 100 feet out be able to hit a crow in the shoulder and head area no problem and that’s what I want to be able to do alright so thanks for watching another replica organs video don’t forget to check out the tabletop video for this Sheridan Silver Streak when I get to it hopefully sometime in the very near future come on down and check us out at replica arrogance comm don’t forget to subscribe we’re also on Facebook and Twitter username is replica air guns and we also have our replica air guns US and Canada store so come on by so thanks for watching until next time take care My sister says this plugin is magnificent!
Sheridan Silver Streak .20 Caliber Multi Pump Pellet Rifle Field Test Review
Meet this helpful component!!http://www.ReplicaAirguns.com– Sheridan Silver Streak .20 Caliber Multi Pump Pellet Rifle Field Test Review.

In this Field test Shooting video I test out my brand new Sheridan Silver Streak on the Chronograph to see just how powerful it really is not just at the maximum 8 pumps but also at 3 and 5 pumps. I was actually very surprised at the very decent power I got from only 3 pumps (460 fps), you could easily take out a small rat with the 14.3 grain .20 caliber lead pellets I was using for my Chrony test. At 5 pumps I gained close to another 100 fps and at 8 pumps I maxed out at just a hair under 640 fps respectively. With the 14.3 grain pellets I was using this worked out to right around 13 foot pounds of energy. (My Sheridan was purchased using a PAL)

I also shot my Sheridan Silver Streak .20 Caliber Pellet Rifle at a target setup 100 feet or just over 30 yards away and was able to get what I felt was a nice 1.5 inch 5 shot grouping. 4 of the 5 pellets where all within 1 inch of each other with my first shot being a bit lower and to the right of the rest spreading the group out to about 1.5 inches.

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