SCARY Powerful Rifle For the Bucks – QB78 Repeater .22 Cal Co2 Air Rifle, The Beast!, hello from China China Kong this is.mafiosi today I would like to do on a less expensive air gun the QP 77 78 79.sorry 78 golden deluxe version a.modified into a repeater so I don’t have.the original here anymore because I.modified my friend let’s take a close.look at the rifle the stock is really.stopped at the original stop the polished and also whacks it by me’s kind of shiny usually when you get.your new QB it doesn’t look like shiny.and you see I actually bought this a longer handle for talking so it.feels better more realistic kind and the trigger here gold plate it.also you see the repeater breech and.then you see the barrel here comes out.okay and then here it’s where the co2.goes this is a co2 rifle it takes to 12.grams co2 and then here this thing cosmetic only it doesn’t do it’s legal for Canadian some people.will be worried that old this thing’s not legal and stuff like that is legal because it doesn’t reduce.the sound then it’s fine it’s cosmetic.stuff so yeah a lot of air guns have.those stuff too so the other side here.oh I want to mention that this is very tricky and we view.disassembling it you find that that.screw sometimes it will it will slip and.can’t damage the screw so do that.carefully okay so very nice stock and.also a rubber pad of course okay the.rail okay here on the repeater breach at.the throat a rail I put a weaver rail.mount here just to mouth my scope.because I ran out of dovetail rings but.that’s fine you can you can use any kind.of mount you like okay so I want to.mention about this repeater breech’s from one of my friends in this.state who bought it for me and yeah you.basically cut the gun so that the pulled back and then you use a use a rotary magazine that fits the.benjamin marauder okay at that point two.two caliber magazine with ten shots and.then you put it in from the right so and i give it a snap that it.holds the ten rounds and then you just.need to push it in and so on to get it.out you push it out from the left side.with the finger here okay you push it.out and pull it out like that.okay it may be kind of hard to push first but when you do it a few’ll get used to it and that’s the.easier okay well you can just pull it.out like okay.again everyone now I want to show to load this magazine here load the this magazine is it’s very.tricky and very hard to load at first.because like it is so not the thing you need to do first you.see this plate this is plastic you.rotate it all the way here to the other.side no city okay you push up you feel.that there’s some spring tension okay push up and all the way down you see that it clicks to the point.where you can see an opening you see.this opening and it goes into the first.round that you insert okay take a point.two two caliber pellet push it put in like so just a second it’s hard to.see it from the camera side okay there.we you see I’m trying to show it good not easy okay so you put the.first round in you see I just put the.first round in and then you release make.sure that it’s pushed in enough you.release release and now you go to the.second spot here and put put the second.round in so you put the second round so and then you keep going up and.then now you put another round this okay so you work your way up.until you feel up everything okay so.yeah okay um okay I’ll be I’ll be.loading this makeup and we’ll be.shooting this to make together today so.yeah you can see how fast I can go of.loading the mag that’s pretty easy.because you don’t feel much resistant.when you’re putting the Pelican it’s.very easy to it’s like almost you just.drop the penneth end you don’t even push it okay sometimes if you used a.large pellet it will stuck so it’s use normal sized pellet and if you.doesn’t go then just give it a that and yeah like this and it will.go in to make your hole ten rounds and.oh we’re at the end okay yeah hold ten.rounds and it’s Auto in sexting so that.I mean after you shoot the first co flick on and that’ll make will.index to the next round so you see we’re.done it looks like that okay so here I.have 1005 I mean I have three mags all.loaded up yeah the good side about the.QP here is that okay with the gun.original QP 78 it’s a single-shot.bolt-action rifle if a small boat okay.very small handle so when you pull it.back and push it forward it’s gonna like.hurt the palm a bit so if the extended.handle here you can really like feel the.difference it’s very different it’s like.nice month to do and it’s not expensive.and also single shot it’s kind of like.bothering me okay that’s uh you know.after one shot you have to like this low.put it in like that and aim again okay.that sometimes you don’t want to have your.eyes off the target with the multi shot.Meg you can’t go like that.and then keep your eyes here and then.just go like this.see it’s very easy and you’re fishing.also one thing to know is that with shot max okay you can shoot 10.rounds loaded I’m a man Tamara slowed.another man until the end when you reach.about 30 rounds okay your co2 also cool down and you know it get cold.because you should too fast so let the.steel to rest and then you can load your.mags again for the second session so it.makes sense but then if you’re using.single shot whoo it’s tiring and you.don’t have much fun we were shooting as.well so yeah pop the scope up like that.Beyonce scope I hope you fun stuff there are still two co2 in and we’ll.shoot that gun for today so first you.take this cap off and by the way there’s.a cap that you can buy which convert the.QP to a pulp field meaning that you it up to a hose and then just HPA.tank which I’ll do in the future so here.we have two 12 grams co2 you put one.into the thing like this okay.this end and then here they point.outward like that okay after you get.done now here’s the tricky have to put this back also pushing a.finger here to screwed.cap back on sometimes you’ll find’s very hard to screw it on or.sometimes you’ll be screwing one side.more than the other side and stuff like.that so yeah tix practice there’s.nothing hard nothing requires.professional skills to do but yeah you.get the idea okay so as you do it you.feel that the steel too will go like.that felt it and then you felt the still.too got Pierce okay and you’re sure’s chart-topper ready now pull it out.a little bit and there’s still to expand.good no it’s done okay let’s test the.rifle out one shot to a safe direction.make sure that is charged up okay it’s tucked up and one thing to that what the repeater magazines you.need to have the ammo load it into the.magazine first in order to push the bow.forward if the mag is empty your boot.will be stuck backwards so that’s a good.thing but you shoot the tail shot know that you have a mo coming up can still cuff the pull like push.the boat forward if not okay if you run.on a mo it just stuck and you cannot.push it forward it’s like a real gun.anything so it feels very good for its.tactical kind of life okay guys let’s.take a look over okay guys so this is.their first target but they’re tested on.a soup can the big soup let’s try that out Wow the rifle is.super loud and I’m sure you went through.both sides as you can see it way and I was here a big whoa almost.crashed my truck.a big hole okay here and here.big hole now let’s test it out if I put.this at this came as you can see the is totally new okay we’ll put it.inside and see if we can strike through.both sides like so okay we’ll shoot here.about here okay guys let’s try again if.the cat in sight its punch truth and.that’s pretty amazing scary shit okay.guys let’s take a look so it should know.actually I think I missed it.yeah let’s try again let’s try okay it should be here okay yeah.let’s try again it’s loud super long.they saw it should be here.wait ho mm-hmm it went through here well.let me show you.okay guys I’m holding onto the can let you see I’m keeping the mark this is very freaky okay it’s the.point 2 2 palette guys and country here.look at how great that hole is okay it.went through here the other side you see.the other side and it almost went.through the other side see this is these.this thing is fucking scary okay so it’s.super it’s super legal okay trust’s legal and yeah when think about 490 something FPS that’s what.happens scary yeah okay yeah we’ll be.shooting some target not this one yet.let’s try some bardos okay guys no we’ having some bottles the three glass.bottles are inside the inside the back.and we have a cleave this target okay.let’s shoot now first let’s try the ball.on the in the center one down cowboy.action.okay down I need this target as you can.see it’s very very fast look okay anyway.let’s take a look everyone dinner okay.this rifle is kind of overkill let’s.take a look Wow amazing look at that I.just did one shot and the whole thing.including the sticker ooh look at that.including the sticker off busting so.yeah what the heck is this thing okay wait let’s wait a second.okay you see the problem sometimes.really execution.okay see execution okay that’s good now.that’s more like it.okay so I probably missed the middle one.but as you can see all three bottles are.shattered nicely okay and I’m soybean sauce right now okay guys.that’s very good let’s move on to this.I’m talking to shooting okay we go we have some nice target.we’re going to shoot the rifle at about.16 feet just to test the accuracy out.okay guys let’s get it give it a shot.I’m gonna aim the same spot at maybe a scope is a bit off but.that’s a system that’s different from.where I usually shoot okay.double tap they just used up one mag of.shot now we change the mag everyone with.changing the man.okay load it sir shut.triple top okay guys well I sort of get.the pattern it’s a bit it should be a.bit today came to the right and also aim.higher so let’s try this again we’ll be.shooting aiming for the center pulled.eyes.okay guys let’s take a look not Betty I.was trying to aim at the things but I’m.saying it’s giving me a pretty nice.grouping okay so let’s take a closer.look this is the first group and then.the second group so yeah just some scope.zeroing and it’ll be nice usually I just.shoot at that distance or the scope is a.bit off but it’s fine you can see the.idea is pretty accurate and not crazy jumps and stuff like that.not bad okay okay everyone thank you for.watching remember to subscribe and like.bye bye.[Music]. This is one huge extension.
SCARY Powerful Rifle For the Bucks - QB78 Repeater .22 Cal Co2 Air Rifle, The Beast!
Meet this adorable plugin!! QB78 Deluxe is a .22 Caliber Co2 air rifle that shoots pellets. The one here is a 500fps version for Canadian sales, but I modified the gun into a repeater just for the sake of multi-shots mag! The power can still be reduced to 500fps with proper modification. The QB repeater now use a Benjamin Marauder 10 shots .22 Cal rotary magazine and can fire all 10 rounds without touching the mag at all! Just pull and push the bolt to fire! Very realistic action! Just the rifle (original) is about $120 USD only, what do you expect?

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