RWS Model 48 Air Gun Pellet Rifle Features Review : Umarex Airguns, hey everybody I’m David with MRX I’m out on the range today with the RWS model 48 now this is an air rifle has a little bit of a twist most of us are familiar with traditional pumps with brake action maybe even the old fashioned lever action and the co2 capsules that you put in the 48 has a side arm pull back and it ratchets down your air compresses everything you need back here but the distinct movement takes this are not in the side one thing you have to remember with the 48 and that is that you have to push this lever right here get the handle back you don’t get locks open and you might end up bending your arm the actuator arm when you are returning at the battery so this one happens to be a 22 very easy to load plenty of room in here to get your thumb in close it up it’s nice and secure we have a safety right here that automatically actuates and you cock the rifle so you need to move it back to read where you can’t see the white when you’re ready to shoot till then keep it on safe run your thumb right up when you’re ready to fire it’s very easy to push it in just slightly and the trigger on this is beautiful it breaks I would say just north of three pounds I haven’t got my trigger scale on it yet but I will I’ll let you know exactly but it’s a nice delicate trigger there’s just a slight amount of take-up until it hits that very crisp point and then it’s a clean break it’s a lovely trigger for an airgun game iron sights you also have the option mounting scope this one is a package it comes with the scope I put the scope on it in a moment the ironsights rock-solid like everything that I’ve seen from RWS this gun is exceptionally well built the attention to detail you see in the stock is on par with what you find from any production gun from an American rifle company this though in the air guns market is making that it’s heavy it feels substantial it’s the kind of quality in an air gun that you will pass on from generation to generation and not just a typical sort of BB gun toy must think of when they think of air guns [Music] [Music] so the 48 comes as a package with a scope so if you are one of those who likes to have a little bit extra magnification the RWS brand scope to provide that point it’s in the box and has a nice mount getting strap it down to the top I’ve been so impressed with the way this gun is shooting just with the iron sights but I haven’t gone that extra distance to put the scope on yet the attention to detail and stock the build quality the fit and finish everything about this Plitt sit on par with the center fire counter place great gun go and check it out RWS bottle for me [Music] you This is one glamorous addon.
RWS Model 48 Air Gun Pellet Rifle Features Review : Umarex Airguns
My grandma says this plugin is very unbelievable!! RWS Model 48 Air Gun Pellet Rifle Features Review with David Higginbotham on a legendary pellet rifle with fixed barrel accuracy. Offered by Umarex Airguns in the USA


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