RWS Air Rifle Model 34 Umarex Air Gun Review, hey everybody David I’m at the range today with an RWS classic this is the model 34 this is the most widely sold RWS spring gun out there and I can tell exactly why one it has very classic features they don’t call it the classic for anything this hardwood stock very traditional lines it is larger then many of the spring guns will see it feels more like what you would find in an old mid-60s rimfire or maybe even one of the more modern centerfire rifles that are out there it’s got a nice heft to it which is perfect for when you’re shooting and you’re standing and you’re holding it up it gives you that nice steady platform because this is a spring piston gun it has a little bit of a jump to it and the weight helps to hold that down now the 34 comes in two kinds one has the scope comes with it it’s a solid mount with a scope that is a 4 by 32 on top the other way is as you see it here which both versions come with these same iron sights and they’re really really sharp they’re fiber optic it’s green on the rear sight and it’s red up here on front this very well shielded front sight glows gleaming Lee between these two and allows for really nice accuracy everything about this from the sight radius here which is long – the extra leverage that you get off of the barrel then link the pull on the stock it’s perfectly fitted I’m 6 4 this is a gun that fits me perfectly maybe not be the perfect starter rifle for a 10 year old but for those of you who are out there a little little bigger this gun is gonna fit you perfectly safety is right here as you manipulate the spring it sends the safety into its safe position and you can actually see when you’re siting down you can catch both the red and the white dot so when you cock it the safety extends and you can see it right there another thing that I like about this design something that I find very admirable is that the rear sight and the front sight are both on this barrel when you have a gun where parts move around when you have a rear sight that’s way way back right here instead of up there you have the potential to get something out of alignment but when they’re both on the same position all the way down the alignment stays consistent from shot to shot cock the cock everything you do keeps it all in alignment very very reliable the 22 version like this one averages out around 800 feet per second by the 177 itself it’s of aghasura this is a great gun taken out in the field one you don’t have to worry about any kind of gas it’s all there in your Armstrong muscle memory but – it’s very consistent very accurate it’s a classic for a reason the RWS model 34 [Music] I love addons, because they are helpful.
RWS Air Rifle Model 34 Umarex Air Gun Review
I be wild about extensions, because they are the clever! RWS Model 34 pellet gun air rifle review. This Umarex airgun is a classic. One that has sold well for many years and still does today. Its a basic German-made air rifle that will stand up to the test of time if properly used, cared for, and stored.

Here’s a blog post article about the Model 34 RWS:

There are a several variants of the model 34 rifle available. You can get the classic wood stock or a synthetic stock; with a scope or without; chambered for .177 or .22; classic length or compact; there’s even a “pro” model that has a heavier muzzle brake attached.

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