Ruger Yukon Magnum Pellet Rifle Air Gun Review : Umarex Airguns, [Music].we’re here in beautiful Texas it’s 85.degrees so we’re just out here sweated.up I just retired from the military.representing boot campaign right here so.I want to take care of everybody what I have today is actually the.Ruger Yukon Magnum and the thing I like.about this is the fact that it’s a Ruger.I’m a rigger fan I own everything I can.rigger let’s just start by opening okay when I say it’s new it’s oh we got scope rings and everything.all right so three basic things you’ll.notice when you first take it out gun most important piece the other.piece is you got scope rings they’re.sitting inside here and on top of that.we’ve got a nice 3 by 9 scope that we’re.gonna use today so we got to put this.thing together.all right first thing I noticed when I.looked on top of this is a Picatinny.rail I like that because accessory can put just about you can put a on top of this thing if you you give me to shoot with the regular.scope however you want to do this I pick it any rail all right.[Music].but whenever I mount my rings on here I.always take and put the opposite just to keep it held in place and I.don’t tighten it up all the way I just.want to make sure it’s loose so I can.move around once I get on the gun to.kind of level it out.[Music].all right they’re both on the same side.we’re good so one thing when you.actually look through the scope you set up your eye relief so you in a relaxed position where you’re.firing here you should naturally be put your head down and have a full.view of the scope without any shadows or.shades on anywhere in the scope I’ll start out from this atman checking through it by eye relief.looks to be about right there does that.feel natural for me probably a little.far forward so with this here just pop.the top pull it down into position here.and I’m gonna hold this as I put the.pellet in position so we’re just.teaching that from the safety side make.sure we put it on the right at the right.direction all right I could pop it place okay so we’ve got it loaded up.ready to rock and roll here the’ll notice is down here it’s very.very convenient so it’s at the front you.pull the safety back here and then you.can pull the trigger to fire the gun.when you buy a springer or the new gas.pistons or whatever it is right out of.the box are gonna have oil if they made.for the manufacturing side it’s gonna.diesel so if you think this thing is.gonna be quiet because it has a.suppressor on your first bunch of’s actually getting rid of the oil.that’s actually inside there so here’s the first shot we’re gonna.take a shot down here at the target not.bad I’ve already fired the first shot.out there it’s kind of loud and actually.I only hit about an inch below the.bull’s eye which is pretty good for.mounting this thing up so sometimes I’ve.mounted scopes and it’s like off the.paper then it becomes a challenge so.that’s gonna work out really well for us.all I’m gonna do at this point here is.this continually keep shooting and we’re.gonna break in this gun I want to 35 to 50 rounds through it kind of.clean out that barrel get rid of the oil.that should be good so back on target.again safety off.okay so we’re grouping if I had to adjustment on the scope here which.I’m going to sew on the top of the if you’re looking at says quarter.MOA or one click quarter inch sorry and.that’s at a hundred yards so if I’m.going to bring it up here at a closer.range it’s gonna require a lot more.clicks to do that for us so I’m I’m gonna bring it up an inch so.I’m gonna take this here I don’t want to.put the I don’t want to coat it back.there but you can just put a little bit.on your finger if you want to it smells.kind of like dengue or something like.that back on here again so straight out.of the box put them through the same.hole that’s pretty amazing this is good work out here if you’re a.springer guy you probably noticed your.left arm will be buffer than your right.I’m right-handed by using my left arm.when you get a brand new gun to when this up and it starts to get in.that path to travel and you start moving.this thing back and forth it’s gonna get.easier and easier for you to lock the fire one here and see where we.can go so I’m going to switch my pick out one of those little teeny.ones.okay it’s still hitting a little bit want to get a group so when you make.your change you have good data form’s connecting dots when you have a.cluster it gives you a lot better than.just one shot you’ll be chasing it all.over the shoot a cluster make adjustments.shoot a cluster make adjustments and I’m.still breaking it in so-so but again.that’s why I like to shoot clusters and.sitting and find out where the group is.sports grouping at bottom left all right.we’re starting to pull in so it it’s starting to move up you know I.can’t wait to shoot those blast gaps the.whole time all I’m thinking right now is.I want to shoot one big blast caps.bottles right there that’s a good one.the 2-liter ones are really cool can put a lot of air in those things.and they they have a the bigger the.bottle the deeper the sound on the caps so when you’re pumping it up.if you got a really big ball of a boom the bigger the ball gets my.goal is hit the yellow so I can knock.this thing down and I got this nice.little string here I just pull up and.stands back up.satisfied there it was actually holding dead center – so.that’ll do it for today.Ruger Yukon Magnum 1,000 feet per what it’ll shoot that’s with comes with a scope as you can see again fire away.tighten everything down and if you opportunity to get into the’s a lot of fun I’ve really been.enjoying it lately comes with a scope.comes with the Rings that’s huge bonus.for me it’s got a nice wooden stock’s a Ruger can’t beat that alright thing I wanted to look at up here check out to see what these heavy.pellets are doing if you’re shooting a.thousand feet per second you’re gonna.deform this thing with the heavy pellets.right I’ll go on a full thousand feet.per second but the heavier the pail you.loot you use actually kind of see this.curve here so I would do at this point I.would actually take this and put.probably further out for two less than.the impact on the target itself’s very cool so what happens tell it.flies through here.kicks it and it pulls down and then we.pull it back up from here if you guys.want you can follow me on Instagram I’m.Texas hog dude it’s TX h o GD u de and.if you want to see me on youtube its led.slinger so you lead give it back to all kinds of different stuff.[Music]. My beautiful grandma says this plugin is interesting.
Ruger Yukon Magnum Pellet Rifle Air Gun Review : Umarex Airguns
My huge brother says this plugin is very clever!! Eydin Hansen, the #TXHogDude, shoots the Ruger Yukon Magnum pellet air rifle in the this Umarex airguns gun review and unboxing video. Straight out of the box he scopes the airgun and shoots it.

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