Ruger Impact .22 Air Rifle Bench and Field Review, you.hey youtubers this is those are key I’m going to be reviewing the.Ruger impact 22 caliber air rifle this.there I feel is actually manufactured by.Umarex USA pretty near to where I am.actually I would like to talk a little.bit about this gun the the barrel be pretty good the only problem.didn’t really care for was the silenced.air seems kind of cheap which is plastic.on the end and with the amount of force.that it takes to cock this air rifle I.kind of feel like maybe there is a.little bit of a downfall in the silenced.air system I don’t know how well it.would work without it but that is an.issue I’ve shot this it came with a.scope I can kind of show you here is a 32 scope that Weaver had it does come.with dust covers for it the scopes’s not anything special I would.probably invest more money into a go on this if you’re going to go that.route I did enjoy shooting with the open.sights it does have a fiber optic sight.system on it.which is pretty nice the only issue with.that is it’s a lot of its plastic so I’m.not a big fan of plastic stuff on these.types of air rifles main reason I picked.this thing up usually I think it retails.for around 140 or 150 somewhere in there.maybe in 130 I’m not sure but I think I.picked it up for like $70 on Walmart so overall it’s not a bad gun.this definitely has enough power to take.out small game very easily for a lot of.stuff I’ve I’ve messed with that.probably had it for about a month that.I’ve been shooting it and just kind of.putting through the paces I probably.have less than 500 rounds I think the.break-in on these is around 500 to a.thousand rounds so I’m kind of see how that’s going to change they.say the more you shoot these the choir.will eventually become it is a spring a.spring power air rifle but the like I.said one of the drawbacks on it.definitely is just the the poundage that.takes to cock very difficult especially if if you.had a young shooter or a female maybe.that doesn’t have a lot of upper-body.strength that may be an issue there but.overall I am very pleased with the with.a gun what at least what I paid for it.definitely it does the job I mean.probably better I’d say the most 0.177.air rifles I’ve had in the past it’s.definitely good does have an auto.cocking feature which you can see soon as it’s cocked this pops back.and you can just pull it back out.Safety’s on it does have a rail system.which it did come it did come with.mounts for the scope that it did come.with I can show you here the sight.system that it came with has just got a.regular dial the silenced air is what I was talking about and.really that’s probably my only complaint.other than the sight system being a.plastic I mean I think I don’t know they.don’t want you to put your hand on this.when you’re cocking it so that could issue there for anybody you’re get a little bit more leverage you.naturally want to put you know your hand.out as far as you can get on the cock it which leave you pretty much.cocking it right before you get the.silenced air system on this rifle so.that could be an issue the butt pad on.this is some type of rubber composite.they’ve got of course they’ve got the.Ruger emblem on both sides I have put.this thing kind of roughed it up I have.put it through the paces over the past.month and I’m not easy on these so I’m.telling you this thing definitely for.the money for what I paid for it.has worked out really well and I was.very pleased the one issue I did have.with this when I picked this gun up at.the store I bought Ruger branded super.point pellets to shoot out of a 22.caliber they go to this air rifle the.only issue I had with these was the.skirt would crimp and I’m not sure what.exactly was happening with these pellets.but the super point pellets pretty much.junk or at least from what I could.I tried shooting about 20 or 30 shots of.these through there and it would either.bind up and not fire them at all or.would have some kind of problem I.checked for a seating issue and think they should see just fine the.tolerances I think though on these.pellets are probably not nearly as the Crossman pellets one thing I did.find from shooting this is uh I started.using the craftsman premier hollow.points which I mixed feelings about I.didn’t know if they’d work that well far for my using one small game they.have they’re pretty much one shot these pellets with the dome hollow.point type but I think the tolerance is.a lot on these seem to be a lot better.than the ones that River put out so one complaint that I had with rivers.ammo overall though this rifle shot.really well and a very pleased with it.but uh I would definitely probably stay.away from their pellets or at least I.don’t know if I got a bad a bad can of.helis air what but there was some kind.of an issue with their pellets but.overall I’m very pleased with air rifle.and if I come up with anything else I.notice on this I’ll definitely on that.thanks and as 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Ruger Impact .22 Air Rifle Bench and Field Review
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