RUGER AIR HAWK ELITE 2, so I decided to up my game a little bit as far as my pellet guns go I went to Walmart this weekend you know this has kind of been spurred by a little bit of my trip down memory lane with my old pellet rifle and pellet pistol that I have and I will actually be doing a little video on my pellet pistol it’s a Daisy 1200 powerline 1982 version so anyways I don’t want to get too far down the track on that but I did want to share this with you this is the Ruger air hawk elite 2.17 7 caliber pellet rifle it’s a break action so it breaks and it’s right in the center here and you load the pellet right there in the breach of its chamber lock it in place and I’ve got some targets set up in my yard so I’ll send one downrange rated for about eleven to twelve hundred feet per second with alloy pellets with regular lead pellets that’s gonna be about a thousand probably 972 a thousand there abouts the thing is got a lot of velocity and by comparison to my old craftsman 760 Funkmaster this thing is a powerhouse it will definitely take small game you can oh I have no doubt you could take a rabbit with it you could take small birds squirrels you know those types of things I probably won’t use it for that but I will definitely shoot out a lot of these little steel targets that I have stealth fully placed around my yard I’ve got them spray-painted in camo green so they blend in they’re difficult to hit which makes them a little bit of a challenge and so what I’ll do is I’ll come out periodically and you know what I do like about pellet rifles pellet guns in general is that the relatively inexpensive I think this thing it was about like 95 bucks and then I bought some pellets and some other stuff and it came out to a little over a hundred bucks but they’re relatively inexpensive by a thing appellate sir you know ten bucks for like 500 and the beautiful thing about any type of rifle or pistol no matter what it is if it’s pellet if it’s a firearm the the basic fundamentals of marksmanship marksmanship apply across the board so you can get the same benefit of practicing your marksmanship fundamentals with the pellet rifles you can you know shooting your area or 15 and as you know they you know the air 15’s aren’t inexpensive to shoot you know you get a thousand rounds it’s gonna cost you a few hundred bucks and so you know rather than go out and spend a lot of money on 556 I would rather just sit in my front yard and practice my trigger control and target acquisition and distance and you know hitting harder to see targets targets that are gonna be a little bit obscured by you know the bushes and and whatnot so that’s really the main reason I got this they’re fun to shoot you can shoot them all day long they’re relatively maintenance free you don’t really have to do a lot of maintenance on these things just I think every 500 rounds you put a little bit of oil on the recommended locations that the manual indicates they’re just they’re great they’re really hard to beat so yeah this is it this is the Ruger err Hockley – like I said it was just it’s just you know it was it right under a hundred bucks and I couldn’t pass it up because it’s just really fun and I’ve just been having a blast with the thing no pun intended so yeah I think if you’re in the market for an air rifle check these out they also make these types of brake action spring piston or a gas piston air rifles in 22 caliber and I have a few friends that have them and they love them in fact they one of my buddies said he takes his out rabbit hunting and he said that little 22 pellet will go right through the rabbit so there’s a lot of power with these things and I think if you’re interested in saving some money on your regular shooting you should think about getting something like this because you know weight wise this weighs about I think it weighs about 9 pounds so it’s actually a little bit heavier than my ar-15 so you know it’s substantial it’s got a nice polymer stock and it’s got a Picatinny rail system now it does come with the scope the scopes kind of cheap it’s a 4 by 32 made in China so it doesn’t hold a zero really well so I think if you if I was gonna do an optic on it I would do oh I know I go to fight something a little bit better for it probably something that’s gonna be way more expensive than the gun itself which is almost always the case with optics anyways but these these you know adjustable iron sights are not bad at all it’s got a fixed front and it has a elevation and windage adjustable rear and yeah I took it out 225 yards and put a 25-yard zero on it and it’s holding great shoots really nice shoots really tight groups I think at 25 yards you could hit about a half dollar fairly consistently alright so that’s it wanted to share this with you a lot of fun you should go get one I’m gonna have a whole lot of enjoyment with this thing alright see you guys in the next video got those targets out about 50 yards I’ve got one of my steel pistol targets and a old saw blade just you know something that’ll make a nice sound and something that the pellets not going to go through so that’s kind of fun you build yourself a little range and you can have just hours of entertainment with the thing My grandpa says this plugin is fancy!
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