REVIEW: Weihrauch HW95 Air Rifle – Beeman R9 – Spring Hunting Air Gun, years ago men were men and they used to live on meat pies and pasties and beer and women wore very very big undergarments and used to do all their washing on the local stones in the river some say they even do that still around here a little bit today but it also meant that back in those days you didn’t have things such as BCP air rifles they used to rely on Springs and that’s why we’ve got this the Vark HW 95 rifle this is the walnut stock version of the rifle in 177 calibre as with all via arc rifles the attention to detail is second to none and you can see that on the checkering on the side of the stock and of course it comes with a gold-colored trigger which is two-stage fully adjustable and something that we really like on this show is an auto safety there’s a functional shoulder pad on the end of the rifle following along the mechanism where the spring sits there’s a big old chunk of metal where you put the pallet in even with the breech open the section where you actually put the pellet in looks like it’s been hand finished I know it’s not a review of the loose blue super gun that everyone wants to get on video this is a review of a stalwart of a rifle that has been around it’s been round the block it’s been tried it’s been tested and it works people don’t have six seven eight nine hundred pounds to go out and buy a rifle scope palette bags divers bottle or pump to get going people managed to save up a few hundred pounds and they want to walk out of the shop ready to go this will do that for you the HW 95 is solid solid wood well this is walnut actually and it feels really nice and weighty everything is polished to a high level and it balances really well in the hand and something I always like to do with a rifle particularly a springer is give it a good shake see nothing rattles no moving parts which means it’s nice and tight just like me so let’s see how it shoots before we start shooting at anything I’m going to deal with an ongoing comment everyone says you keep using the same palette over and over again and I thought well okay we’ll change that so this morning before I came out I put my hand into the palette cupboard and I didn’t look and I pulled out three tins and I thought we’ll try them all and this is what we got the three tins that we got in the magical mystery peloton selection game were that RWS super hates points the exact Diablos and yes the daystate range master lies came out as well would you believe it anyway it’s a great game we’ll try it again and I’m sure them get copied by many people on YouTube as usual it’s 25 meters five shots at that over there I’m as keen as you are to find out if this rifle is pellet fussy we’ll start with the RWS is first [Music] and now the exacts [Music] and now the noise three different types of pallet no correction to the scope the crosshairs was always on the bull’s eye very interesting results this rifle is not pallet fussy but my shooting needs a bit of practice a couple of hours of this up at the barns I’ve had a great time straight out of the box this is fired everything we’ve put through it and it’s hit it with consistent accuracy yes there is a little bit of a kick when it goes off yes it’s not as quiet as it could be even with the silencer on the end but it is a nice bit of kit as I said earlier it’s a stalwart of the airgun industry and everyone should be proud who owns it in fact we like it so much we’re actually going to use it in the next section This is one magnificent module.
REVIEW: Weihrauch HW95 Air Rifle - Beeman R9 - Spring Hunting Air Gun
This is the glamorous module ever%sentence_ending REVIEW: Weihrauch HW95 Air Rifle – Spring Hunting Air Gun
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