REVIEW: Weihrauch HW77 K Air Gun – Hunting Air Rifle, [Music] hello there welcome to the airgun gear show now special editions are fine as far as they go special edition gun bag special edition clothing which I don’t wear special edition scopes special edition pallets special edition gun rest special edition laser sight special edition special edition until you get to the word special edition gun then I’m quite interested and this one’s got German writing on it which can only mean one thing it’s var art time and this beauty is the VAR arc HW 77 special edition the one with the laminated stock and the one that comes with open sights the laminated stock is fantastic to the touch and honestly the camera can’t do it justice to me this rifle does actually look like a mini version of the 97 and that’s actually something that I really rather liked unlike the 97 this doesn’t come fitted with a moderator on the front it does have the rubberized shoulder pad which is beautifully finished against the laminate stock the trigger is fully adjustable it also has an auto safety system and of course it does come with those open sights the rifle is nice and weighty and it’s really nice and sturdy no rattling when you shake it around and it’s really well balanced right in the middle what about those open sights well even though you can quite happily plink with them all day long and I’m shooting here at 20 meters I don’t know that I would use them to go hunting with so wonder what would happen if you put a scope on this once I’ve got the scope on the rifle I’m going to do a little bit of zeroing and after a few minutes of zeroing time I’m ready to go I’m shooting at 25 meters five shots and I’m using our ws superdome’s why am I using those because I put my hand in the cupboard this morning and that’s what came out as you can see while I’m sat at the table the rifle is easy to load you press the release button at the front pull the bar down the canopy opens you slide your pallet in and you push the bar back up take it off safe and you’re ready to go I’m really rather pleased with that 25 meters I was on a rest but 25 meters with a VAR r HW 77 spring rifle and I can take a five peak oil and cover all the pellet holes in that group with that 5p coin I’m so happy I’m going to dance a jig back up there but what power is the HW 77 putting out can you take it hunting oh yes we chronograph there as well and this is the score closing thoughts then on the VAR rhw 77 special edition well firstly the stock is lovely I do like that and it comes with open sights which means you can use it as a blinker to start with but if you then put a scope on the top it turns itself into a full-blown hunter true there’s no moderator on it so it does do a bit of barking when you pull the trigger but 2-centimeter groups at 25 metres and you don’t need a pump get your money out now [Music] you These plugins are clever!!
REVIEW: Weihrauch HW77 K Air Gun - Hunting Air Rifle
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