REVIEW: Remington Express Air Gun – Spring Powered Air Rifle, what’s up gods it’s will go through the doors and today we’re shooting this awesome spring powered air rifle this is a really nice pellet rifle it shoots at 23 foot per pound it shoots at 1,300 feet per second without lloyd Telus it has a auto reset safety on it which I really like we’ll get into that later it is forty seven point five inches long at eight point eight pounds this is the Remington express XP tactical 177 caliber air rifle look over here is a giant this is my buddy that owns a rifle you guys think you will say about it go to rifle it is it’s pretty awesome I’ve shot there’s a few times we just got it sized it into where I can shoot a pop cap at about 20 yards which is not really a big deal for these air rifles do you think so like 22s they’re extremely accurate once you get them sighted in the only downfall to most of these are the springer style at least now if you get the pneumatic or the pcp style like i’m talking about those are really great they’re high-dollar but those are usually scuba diver pump actions so they run off a tank instead of spring these are breakdown which means in between loads you have to actually pull it down and then you have to reload it we’re shooting these hollow point style pellets today these are pretty good pellets and again you just have to manually reload every single shot and the downfall of that is it creates a lot of vibration on your barrel on the shaft here so that could cause your scope to be knocked off very easily so you want to make sure it’s tightened down very secure a lot of these scopes that come with it are not great scopes you’re probably going to want to invest in an aftermarket scope with one of these rifles but they’re pretty good and actually this is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen so one thing I do really like about this air saw a rifle is the fact that this safety is an automatic safety every single time you cock this gun to break it down this safety pops out and it’s on right now then just with a click of a hand it’s off now the only thing is you can’t you can’t just pop the other side to put the safety back on like a lot of rifles are you actually have to lift this little lever up there’s an ami you have to lift this lever up and you have to pull to push in on it or well pull it back I’m sorry pull it back all the way so see that where you can see it pop safety off take the lever pull it back all the way and then the Safety’s back on the stock on this thing is synthetics tall plastic which is really nice because it’s actually all-weather which means I would probably take this thing camping with me now the barrel itself would be carbon and with that being said I would want to blew it there’s a little bit of coloration starting on the the silencer part up here and what this does this thing does shoot over the speed or the sound barrier and that will pop off like a 22 almost that could scare a lot of things especially with how slow these can be compared to average state rifles so with that being said you would want to blue this you can take a lemon or an orange or something and cover it with some of the acidic properties of it and it would give a nice protection barrier on there so just to show you guys exactly how awesome this arrow is we’re going to set up in about 20 yards here take a couple shots I’m actually shooting the top of a milk jug which is an orange cap and we’re going to be shooting that at 20 yards away so you can kind of guess that you can easily take down a squirrel with this thing or a rabbit or any kind of other small rodent maybe even possum or a coon and I’ve seen some crazy videos on here these things are almost limitless what you can do with them they’re dangerous they are an actual weapon and that’s something you have to remember so it’s getting in our prone position here of take one down nailed it this barely clipped the top of it that’s right here but as you can see with the center of it and the other shot I mean I’ve nailed it three times out of four shots so it’s pretty good put it to the side Luke you ready to make your shot sure let’s take a got so we have a bottle of soda here used to have soda in it had water in it and then we shot it and then well it has nothing in it now but the next challenge is to go ahead and try to shoot the cap off of this which is just a little bit smaller than the orange lid that we were shooting not much but just a little bit and my goal is try to hit that dead center we’ll see how the shot goes look at a good idea what was it you’re going to try and shoot the cap of the soda bottle then I’m gonna try to hit the orange Cup in response to each other here if I shoot the cap of the soda bottle colicky game we’re going to see who wins you’ve got the best shot here I don’t have like an ultra slow gamer to like record slow definition or anything or slow speed so instead what I’m doing is I’m going to show you where a shot at you hit right here right above the cat which means that my sight is a little bit high and I can lower it down just a hair not much though but before we do that it is Luke’s shot and it’s actually his advantage because now he knows that shooting a little high look they were he hit Luke is actually going to attempt to hit the the cap of the soda bottle instead of the orange cap since I missed let’s see if he can hit it this is Luke’s shot down here this was my shot so mine shot a little high the overall left and right was good there his uh his left and right was a little off but he he shot just barely could ride it I mean I’m talking like an 870 it truly and honestly it’s just ridiculous how how close it was overall this gun is pretty cool I would I would actually highly suggest it I’ve shot the gamma Bone Collector and it was it was pretty good but I actually kind of like this Remington Express XP a little bit more than I do the gambler than I had I’m actually looking to get another air rifle after shooting this thing so maybe you guys are in the market for one this would be a good one for you now if you have the money I would highly suggest a PCP those are a lot better pneumatic style animatic they’re just absolutely fantastic but for a good one on the budget not a bad little rifle right here not at all alright guys if you liked this video make sure to go down below hit that like button and while you’re down there hit that subscribe button it’s only just a couple inches to the right of an issue and thank you any extra time out of your day because I have comes outdoorsy bushcraft survival kayaking hunting fishing traditional archery blow guns all the nine yards of the outdoors on my channel and while you’re down there if you feel like it leave a comment let me know which thanks you have any questions comments or anything like that that’s it forget your air rifle things are pretty awesome especially this room is been here I actually like it quite a bit peace out guys This is one glamorous extension!
REVIEW: Remington Express Air Gun - Spring Powered Air Rifle
I be wild about addons, because they are the adorable. Let’s take a look at a pretty fun air rifle today! This Remington Express .177 Caliber Spring loaded air rifle is a pretty good bang for your buck. Shooting at 1200-1300 fps and a pretty solid hit at 22 pounds per foot.

Stay tuned and we will try to get a scope mount attached to one of these bad boys and do some pest control!

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