REVIEW: Kalibrgun Cricket Air Rifle – The Truth, [Music].hello there welcome to the airgun now I followed this gun around for the last 12 months I’ve a couple of times in America and it’s.high-power format and I’ve seen in.Germany and now thankfully the sensible.guys Cheshire gun room are importing the.caliber gun crickets now they come in at.firearms ticket power and Sam the gun.Smith in the shop wickles his magic and.twizzles them down so they’re sub.12-foot pam rifles and it’s a but one of the questions that.everyone’s been asking me over the last.12 months since these have started to.appear in the UK is is he accurate we’ll.take a look at this let’s cut to and show you accuracy first a story behind this rough footage.I’ve been waiting for a near zero for two months that a couple of.Sundays ago while shooting with my.friend Andrew we realized what no wind.well very little wind so I grabbed and broke out the calibre gun and.Andrew started to load this is what[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].at 50 yards with very very little wind.Andrew gets six and a half pallets the same hole that’s a sub one and a.half each group now grant it three and a.half of those pallets are outside but.let me say that again 50 yards six and a.half pallets in the same hole now I’m.going to break some news to Andrew.Andrew brace yourself I blame you for.the three and a half pallets that are.outside that ten shot group why because.he’s not the gun it could be a slight.gust of wind downrange or it could be a.bird farting but either way there’s.nothing wrong with that gun it actually.out shoots me it out shoots Andrew’ll probably out shoot you too the regulated and there are two methods.normally chosen by manufacturers to.release that golden burst of energy that.sends the pallet downrange each time you.pull the trigger this certainly applies.the pcp air rifles but the first that you know when you pull the bolt.back on the rifle well what you’re pulling back a hammer spring and pull the trigger the hammer spring.flies forward hits a pin on the back of.the air chamber and lets out a squirt of.that then that sends the pallet off.downrange the second method which is.what the caliber gun uses is the.regulated method and that’s where part.of the air cylinder actually has a.specific valve in the back of it and.what that air cylinder does is it pre.charges that particular valve with the.correct amount of air for when you pull.the trigger so it doesn’t require the.hammer spring to be incredibly accurate.because it just lets the air go whatever.when it’s told to but what it means pre charges the correct amount of air.and as soon as it’s let its amount of.air go to set the palet downrange it.automatically replaces itself with the.correct amount of air now I’m giving you in layman’s terms there I’m not.trying to be overly clever and give just telling you how it is many.people say that the regulated method is.far more efficient for arrogance I am.NOT going to get into that’s a role that you guys could have out.there all I can tell you is that from a.200 bar fill on the kalibrgun I am.getting 15 to 17 magazines worth of.shots before I hit the hundred bar mark.and they’re all extremely consistent more looking for that mythical or identifying where in the power.curve is best to shoot because with the.caliber gun it’s quite big it’s between.about 80 and 200 bar and you really.can’t miss it this rifle averages.between 7:45 and 756 feet per second.right through its charge from 200 80 and that’s using air arms jsps let’s speak to someone last year who.told me how important they were in the.AG and industry and how I should them and how my reviews were so.terrible because I never did any I don’t want you guys out there to.miss graphs because I think they’re.probably very important or so I’m I’ve made you one and this as you can.see here is the feet per second at the.side and then along the bottom.I’ve got shot count and I’ve got the bar.fill as well.and as you can see right the way’s basically a flat line other.manufacturers rifles can tend to do a.bit of that and that’s the power curve.and then you get people that look for a.sweet spot in there that’s not what the.calibre gun has now it’s not all rosy in.the world of caliber gun the stock looks.great but the finishing touches.well come a little bit.maybe the guy making them is chisel.slipped but that’s only the woodwork the.metalwork is finished to a high boughs or whistles or batteries on.this bullpup just put the air in and.shoot and it does just work really it.does the deep dish trigger and guard.combine heavenly with the stock really.well-balanced making the rifle easy to.carry even when your arms are tired.talking of the trigger its operated and.connected by a rod and it’s adjustable.even though mine was perfect on a rival.and the rod gives a direct connection to.the rear mechanism so it feels like a.trigger should do loading pallets is a.doddle into one of the two supplied.magazines but I would say that loading.the magazine into the gun takes first once you get the idea it’s.simple just unusual to begin with the.rifle indexes without issue than.anything jsb passes down the barrel of.dream the caliber gun has got a side.loading mechanism and its safety.mechanism is on the bolt being open it.won’t fire it’ll only fire if you load.the gun again and then push this side.leader pass this spring point which point of no return and in and you.can actually feed it sort of index there.then it will fire but if the bolts wait now you will notice in the last.sequence close up that the caliber gun.will let you double load it that’s.something in the future I’d like to see.caliber gun address the caliber gun in.length is about 27 inches or 69.centimeters.and now you’re gonna ask me the weight.of the caliber gun and they got it met.before I started a few months ago it.didn’t weigh it without my scope on it.and I’m not taking my scope off today.just to give you the weight because it’s.zeroed so lovely so check my in the next couple of weeks and.I’ll give you the weight of the gun when.I send it back oh by the way I’m not.paid by Cheshire gun room I’m not caliber gun and do the videos because.I enjoy a guns and I enjoy making this is a completely unpaid for an.unbiased review and I’ll be very.grateful if you would either press the.subscribe button or the like button.below thank you.I’ve been testing the kalibrgun cricket’.for a while now and of fire 2 2 and the prepared format from Cheshire gun.rain and both performed as well as each.other the tutor I tested was in the.tactical black and that was in late 2014.the gun has a slow fill just helps.everything to settle down during the.process and its max pressure Cheshire gun room as I said before is.200 bar the silencer on the front really.does the trick the only report I get on.firing is a click from the’s incredibly quiet if I show you this.sequence again just listen the camera.catches the whiz of the palate coming.but no bang from the gun and that’s what.your prey will hear the barrel behind.the silencer is well supported no.movement nothing floaty here so let’s.answer the actual question you’re.probably watching the video for can I.kill things with it.yes you can certainly you can out 250.yards and can kill rabbits pigeons rats and.squirrels with this.and know what’s just happened I’ve said.kill things beyond 50 yards which means.someone in the YouTube police is.currently having a fit that man that man.on YouTube he’s just said you can shoot.things better than 50 yards with an air.gun that’s immoral you mustn’t do’s not possible well actually it is.possible if you know your hold over put your crosshairs in the it’s very possible but I’m only.saying you can do it with a Cheshire.gunroom caliber gun there’s a few of.these floating around that aren’t.Cheshire gun room and the way you can.tell if it is it’s just there at the end.there’s a little stamp and that’s been tuned and set up by Sam which.means it’s gonna do the business I say I’ve fired many air guns in my.time and if I wanted to be picky I could.say the Picatinny rail on the top is.slightly too long at the front but.that’s being really really picky you put.air in pellets and shoot pellet hits.what you point out bang lights out.this is some slow-mo footage of some.four centimeter spinners that I was.shooting at it’s just too easy for the.calibre gun.sugar cubes they’re tiny 50-yards could.only just see them and it hits it time.and time again I’m trying to think if.there’s anything else I’ve missed.anything old school that should be in.the review that I haven’t put in I know.comes up to the shoulder really Wow a broom shoulders really well I can.sweep up a bit.I go fine I’ve been testing the caliber.gun at braces of Bristol’s new air gun.range over the last couple of weeks and.the guys here have been so impressed.that they’ve actually started selling.the Cheshire gun room caliber gun so want one and you’re in the southwest.give them a call you always come and try.the new range as well there we are then.that’s my quest for a sub 12-foot pound.caliber gun it hits everything I want it’s incredibly consistent and.accurate and I guess you’re probably.getting fed up of me kissing this guns.ass by now but I really do like it that.much.Cheshire gun room we’re gonna have we got to work something out cuz I.just can’t let this go that’s not.possible I have to say and I don’t lightly this is the most accurate and.consistent pcp in my collection and I’ve never said that before it.really is that good and if this is what.we got in 2014.bring on 2015 thanks for watching.[Music].you.[Music]. 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REVIEW: Kalibrgun Cricket Air Rifle - The Truth
I be crazy about modules, because they are the beautiful!! Kalibrgun Cricket, a full review and test, which as taken 12 months to achieve. Waiting for someone to bring the guns into the country and retune them to our power levels and its been worth the wait.
Cheshire Gun Room are now retailing the Kalibrgun Crickets, and what a knock out rifle they are. Air and lead to make a lethal cocktail. Enjoy.

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