REVIEW: Daystate Wolverine R Hunting Airgun – Regulated Side Lever Air Rifle, hello there welcome to the a gun gear show in this episode I’ve got this it’s the daystate wolverine r and as we’re in britain it’s raining which means we’re going to start indoors [Music] this video contains a review of a pallet rifle it’s powered entirely by compressed air and uses no gunpowder and must not be confused with any form of tactical firearm and my targets of paper and tins always shoot safely in show consideration to others around you now I get it this is the flagship of the mothership de States the stock the electronic system and the fact that I think in the future where your law allows programming could become a big thing but and I thought this at the SHOT Show this is the possible champion released by de state it’s a massive update to the already popular Wolverine things have been added and the most important is that regulator on the front from humor now depending on your country depends somewhat on your power and what you get inside minus-25 and it’s kind of a hybrid between USA and UK that’s what I was asked to test Agins of Arizona tell me the full USA spec they get is 45 foot pounds with a 25 point for jsb and the 80 shots are within 10 feet per second that’s the golden zone for this rifle Matt Manning has made a video on the UK sub 12 foot pound version so I don’t need to do that again and a link to his video is in the box below plus daystate sent me this rifle and not the UK version so I can’t compare I cannot magic shooting the UK version out of thin air I’m not Houdini you know [Music] how about a bit of magic [Music] this one is far better than anything you’ve seen in Harry Potter it could produce guns Abra feedback money and if I could make it come I’m currently experimenting between scopes on different rifles they keep moving round and yes I have the MTC Cobra f1 prototype to test so far it’s good I like the zero point hold on magnification I’m sure a review will follow once the full production version becomes available that reg is now giving 80 shots from a 250 bar fill before it drops off but when it does the numbers only go down slowly the reason for that I think is the mechanicals inside the gun have not changed hugely yes it now has a side lever system to cut the gun but the hammer system especially in my 2 5 version still works like the older Wolverine version so when the red drops the pressure the gun just continues as before so you get the best of old worlds and you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] nothing is good without accuracy and I was surprised to learn because I don’t know everything is that over 40 foot pounds and using the 23 and a half inch barrel you will be getting a polygon barrel polygon barrels are as the word describes polygons shaped kind of it’s more of a twist than rifling it makes the palate a bit quicker and smoother down the barrel it helps to get the palate up to speed [Music] that polygon barrel clearly works very well there is a gentle breeze now but I’ve got four within an inch and a half and two touching each other that one I don’t want to discuss that one that’s the wind or the nemesis out there that is Mother Nature but that little group at a hundred yards that could win you some prizes it slows the walther and here is something else polygon barrels seem to in tests allow the palate to retain speed downrange and independent tests say it can retain around four meters per second extra in speed at 50 meters compared to a normal barrel less friction when that palate goes down that barrel the last 18 months has been all about barrels in the airgun world and I’m learning stuff every day until a few days ago I knew nothing of the technical details of a polygon barrel thank the world for Google spying on us they all may be and they can have my ingrowing toenails ate a google has just taught me about polygon barrels and I have to say when shooting the Wolverine are I thought hmm this is more than I’ve grown used to from a distance I got keep going because they’re all going in the same hole and if I can get ten in the same hole that makes me really happy [Music] straight out of the bag there’s three in there two to the side that’s win three in there and Moses probably made and then using this as a point of aim because I’m just dialing I think I’ve got nine in that hole after 75 yards now [Music] Oh pumpkin it’s 75 on dialing getting better three through the same hole just on the outside now you have to enter a whole world of discussions about accuracy for and against traditional rifling because this is all I have and I cannot compare you guys can carry on in the comments section below my thought is that it’s giving a bit more accuracy but the prominent feature is for speed right now however the thing with any air rifle in fact anything that gets fired is you have to beat the wind this is the shooters biggest nemesis and I’ve experimented with pellets listen to educated discussion and tested everything I could get my hands on and it’s the jsb 25 for me if you want to land a bit harder then go for the 33 s but I have around 7 minutes to keep you interested and I’m telling you quickly it’s the 25 s that work this rifle has done the rounds with me I visit races at Bristol range whenever I can I love to get the opinion and feel for the risers I shoot from other shooters oh yes you like that yeah very much very much and it seems this one is going down rather well in fact I saw these into sort of 12-foot pound three my yeah first before it even shot one the stock is typically manelli and it’s a fine chunk of walnut I’ve not seen a laminate in the world outside the show yet the breech in action are sturdy maybe it could be a bit lighter in the future it’s got quite an industrial feel to it solid like me the barrel is covered in a shroud and it free floats now it’s a 2:5 it goes bang the 2-2 is without doubt more garden friendly so you have to have a moderator and that’s what I’ve done in this case you need to add all the Huggett you can get to quieten down that bark from the Wolverine ah that sturdiness is clearly an approach that they state is taking they want to grab the Bentley feeling from the market that it’s built to last and they show that with their warranty in the UK which is three years it’s non-transferable mind however if you’re in the USA it’s a five year warranty and it is transferable but some stores in the UK offer a lifetime warranty but that is gonna be with conditions mined out in the field I would definitely want to put the sling on this gun now this isn’t mine so I can’t go drilling holes in it but I can tell you there after a little while that 10-pound weight feels like a lot more after about an hour however it does give 80 shots from that bottle upfront which means you’re gonna fill your freezer all day long and 80 shots at the range before you have to put more air in well that’s plenty the stock is ambidextrous there is nowhere to put an adjustable cheek piece I do like the fact that the red wolf stock and the Wolverine are stock are different they’re dressed in different clothes but as with the red wolf you do get that nice adjustable 3d pad at the end other features anti double load and it’s got a resettable safety at the back with a match grade adjustable trigger carbon for a TCC bottle on the front and I think but don’t hold me to it steel bottles are an option somewhere along the line UK FAC rifles can come with a 17 inch normal rifled barrel I think they’re set differently and shot counts are variable depending on the specification look I can only review what’s in front of me I ate the Oracle for the daystate brochure for that you need to speak to your local dealer it’s a 10 shot or single-shot magazine system and brace yourself des states that magazine system needs working on it’s being left behind by others also past fifty yards I would never use the magazine and would focus on the single shot tray to keep my accuracy to me what is super important is pellet speed and I look forward to the day I can shoot the AO a specification of this rifle dates they advertise that a lower power version of the two five is available take my advice for pellet speed it’s the USA set up that matters and that’s what you want this rifle to be doing however they still think this is an awesome bit of kit and it’s good enough to put food on your table [Applause] to demonstrate the power of a two-five air rifle I’ve got clucking the chicken let’s be quite clear on this puppy the chicken was dead when I got it I’m not going to kill cooking the chicken for the first time I’m probably going to shoot it and kill it the second time in its lifetime so here we go the demonstration of power with a two-five air rifle with either ticket [Music] [Applause] didn’t cookie do Wow when I fired it went in that side all the way through and he’s managed to catch the pallet with his wing on that side [Music] reminds me of the Muppets remember them chefs don’t you that used to do the things I’d like to thank Crocky for taking part in this experiment and providing me with my lunch to be a bit warm good good chicken [Music] going right back to the start I stand by my comments the red wolf is awesome get one and you will be as happy as a pig in warm poo forever but for me this is mechanical simple and you just need air but make me choose and all I’m going to do is work overtime to get both the rifle is leaps and bounds ahead of what daystate was producing two years ago and it’s being applied to the whole range they’re listening and now innovating and now what you need to do is shoot one thanks for watching [Music] you These items are beautiful.
REVIEW: Daystate Wolverine R Hunting Airgun - Regulated Side Lever Air Rifle
My grandpa says this plugin is very interesting! This is my review of the updated Wolverine, the R or regulated version. I have the .25 Version and its a stonker of an air rifle. I have my usual humour in the video and lets be clear, I bought Clucky from a supermarket, and had nothing to do with the its choice of initial direction in the food chain, it could have been KFC or Supermarket and it went the supermarket route clearly. But if your a hunter then the Wolverine R will put food on your table.

These are the targets I use, way cheaper than the major brand.

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