Review Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump AR BB/Pellet Air Rifle, Fun and Accurate, hello welcome to my Aragon name is Kenny and dedicated it to the review.of affordable air guns we will review.air rifles air pistols pellet and BB.will let you know how much fun you’re.going to get very money or how much.grief we will also review some.accessories some upgrades and fixes.we’ll let you know if your money is well.spent or wasted on these things so let’s.get started with our next we’re going to look at another fun.gun from Crosman it’s their m4 177 BB.pellet multi pump air rifle it’s or 177 caliber has a 350 BB reservoir an 18 shot.magazine and five shot pellit clips it’ front and rear sights both.adjustable with dual aperture on the.back for wolf close in or distant.targets it’s got a weaver rail so you.can even mount a carry handle or a scope.or red dot sight it has a fully.adjustable rear handler that slides.forward or back and it’s three pounds.nine ounces 34 inches in length it’s got.a rifled steel barrel so I am NOT actually shoot many bb’s through it.because I just do not believe and.shooting steel babies through a rifled.steel barrel it’s got a clip that’s got.your tool for adjusting your front sight.and a place for a spare pellet clip it’ a slide safety for on and off it’s.multi pump and averse from three to ten.pumps for maximum power.kated to shoot this gun you have a five.shot pellit clip it’s got notches on and a slight lip here so you want.that look up and forward place it with.your bolt back place it into the first.notch slide the bolt forward.and then pump the rifle release and fight to shoot again pull the.bolt back slide it in another forward oh sorry I got my targets.on the other side so and that’s how it.okay now here’s a five-shot group that I.did using open sights from standing.position shoulder position just over an.inch about an inch and quarter okay we have a five shot group open.sight from a rest about three-quarters.of a little about a half an inch from.Center to Center and then I also did sight from the shoulder which is.this one shot was obviously my fault but.the other four shots as you can see.pretty tightly together that’s pretty.good and then from a rest with the sight yeah I missed with one and the.other four went through the same hole so.this is really an accurate gun I was.much surprised this is shooting from 20.feet from both arrest and the shoulder.and I got better groups from the.shoulder with this than I did with any.of the Magnum sprinters that I own so.I’m quite impressed with the rifles.accuracy you know here we have our 350.BB reservoir you slide that back and you.fill it up to 350 bb’s slide it shot is your 18 BB magazine you slide.this button forward check your baby’s.that until your reservoir is full and.then push that back and that’ll keep.them from rolling back into the.reservoir and now here you can see your.BB in the what do you do is you pull the ball.back the baby drops on to your probe and.then as you can see just push the probe.forward the magnet on the tip holds it.and then certs it into the breach with.your breech forward remove your safety.hold the trigger and fire that’s how the.babies work you do not want any this reservoir when you are shooting.pellets because when you pull the bolt.back to be view will drop down you’ll.push a BB in to the backside of the.pellet and you may damage the gun so.never have any bb’s in the breeder in.the magazine part when you’re shooting.pellets to use a red dot sight you do.have to remove of the fixed sights just a matter of twisting these.screws off and they come right off and.then you can just mount your red dot.sight on there and tighten it up it’s a.good looking rifle you the way you do let’s take a look at this to wrap it up you saw what the ft/s.was with ten pumps which is supposed maximum 601 feet per second with lead.pellets and 664 with alloy pellets.that’s pretty potent you can take out.birds and possibly even a squirrel says you can take out squirrels says you shouldn’t but it is a.lot of fun to shoot it is the most.accurate shoulder shooting rifle I have.shot I don’t know if I’d want to sit.there and pump it ten times all day long.but for target shooting I just use five.pumps and that gives us plenty of.velocity 483 feet per second that’s.plenty good for target shooting it’s a.lot of fun to shoot I like it it’s I’m I.prefer peep sights over anything else.and that’s basically what you get with.this you get the wide aperture and a.small aperture and that’s like I’s pretty cool-looking rifle the.Weaver pick any rails on the front of.the cocking lever and on the below the.sight they’re not real useful if you.mount a laser or a flashlight there you.can still pretty much pump the gun might end up having to add one.stroke because you’re not bringing the.lever out quite as far but you can there if you just don’t bring the.handle weight forward so you’re hitting.on it if it’s useful if you’re careful.and it’s got a nice look he’s got a.heavy smell plastic there’s a lot of.plastic do I think the only thing steel.on this thing is the rifled steel barrel.and the bolt everything else is plastic.but like I say it’s a cute rifle’s a lot of fun to shoot and I’s.pretty good value for the money the.average is 69 99 with some of the kits.they are up to 89 99 it will come the basic version with the open.sights they got one version with a carry.handle that mounts to the Weaver rail.and they’ve got a tan version and they.also sell it in kits that comes with.pellets and targets and safety glasses.but like I say there are several.versions of it any one you get I’re going to enjoy it it’s a lot you know it’s not overpowering like.a Magnum Springer it’s light enough for.somebody in their early teens or you.know even a 10 12 year old wouldn’t have.a problem with it as long as they’re.supervised and for an extra five can get yourself a four pack of.clips so you’ve got 25 shots ready to go.and even increase your shooting I like the rifle for the money and I.think it’s money well-spent and a lot so thank you for watching This is another interesting ingredient!!
Review  Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump AR BB/Pellet Air Rifle, Fun and Accurate
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