REVIEW: BSA Lightning Air Rifle – Power Accuracy Spring Airgun, [Music] hello there welcome to the airgun Gear show on today’s show I’ve got this and it’s the BSA Lightning SC spring powered air rifle in 177 caliber if you know your history you’ll know that BSA as a company was first around in 1861 and it was heavily involved in the productions of firearms during the early – big World Wars famously for the lee-enfield and browning machine guns all sorts of firearms have been produced over the decades with an ever growing range of air rifles however BSA hasn’t always been a completely true British company with Spanish ownership being in the forefront since 1985 and as a history lesson that’s fantastic but would you walk into your local gun shop and listen to a fantastic whizz popping Boyzone story of history’s great nurse gone by and hand over your hard-earned cash or do you actually want to know that what you’re about to hand your money over for is actually capable of doing the job that you need it to do because I know which one I go for and that’s why we need to take a closer look at the BSA enlightening se this is the spring version not the GRT version let’s keep it simple tried and tested mainspring the stock is ambidextrous and made of beech which is a well finished article which feels very firm in your hands and it comes to the shoulder really well feeling balanced this great feeling of balance comes from the weight of only three kilos and a length of 95 centimeters at the end of the barrel is the BSA volumetric silencer which doubles as a cocking grip which is a must with the carbine barrel following back down the rifle we passed the steel barrel which is hammer forged rifling past the break barrel section of the lightning stopping at the maxi grip scope rail which is actually rubber padded to absorb any shot to the scope with extra holes for scopes fitted with any Antti creep or shock screws next we see the trigger which is two-stage adjustable then on the right hand side is the manual safety catch and if that does not got your wallet trembling we followed down the beautifully finished stop to the rubberized shoulder pad at the end this rifle is solid no shakes or rattles or rolls it’s a beastly beauty of a bang stick this rifle comes in 177 – 2 and 0.25 although I’ve never seen the point 2 5 version but it does shout that it’s capable of dealing with most small pest problems and some targets so let’s put some lead downrange and see how I get on as usual I’m gonna be on our range shooting 5 shots at 20 meters and today I’m gonna be using the de state sovereign range master palette why well because after using this rifle for the last few weeks I found that palette to give me the best performance and here’s my group I’m really happy with but let me just show you just how impressive it is if I put a 5p coin over the top you can see that I have got one flyer here which was me I think but everything else is under that 5 pence piece I’m super happy with that the BSA lightning si has more than proven itself on our range but you’ll all be saying what’s it like outdoors well let’s go outside and shoot it some stuff to see what the BSA lightning can do I’ve set out a selection of targets at 25 meters down there an egg a ping-pong ball and a paintball that see how I get on Oh lays in that’s the ping-pong ball the egg and the paintball all at 25 meters let’s move that back to 30 and see how we get on now can’t lie the paintball is timing at that range 30 meters and it did take me five shots to eventually hit it but that is still really impressive with a spring rifle at 30 meters I just want to show you exactly how small those paintballs are because I’ve hit one at 30 meters with a BSA spring air rifle here you can see it next to a ping pong ball and a 177 pellet it’s tiny for you number crunchers out there over a five shot chrono test we got an average of 10.0 four foot pounds or thirteen point six one joules back at the start of the video I questioned whether or not you should buy a BSA lightning SC on the basis that BSA used to make machine guns during the early World Wars and my answer to that is no you shouldn’t what you should buy is something that you know has been tried and tested and it’s very capable of doing the job history is a lovely thing but sometimes it doesn’t always tell the best truth the BSA lightning SC is a cracking rifle I can hit things at the 30 meters with this which is out into pcp territory for a lot less than what you pay for a PCP it also groups extremely well at 20 meters its sturdy it’s damn good-looking and for the last three weeks that I’ve been using it it’s never missed a beat so they are that’s my review of the BSA Lightning se and I have to say I’ve had one of these in my gun cabinet I’d be extremely proud thanks for watching bye [Music] This is another beautiful component!
REVIEW: BSA Lightning Air Rifle - Power Accuracy Spring Airgun
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** Update from BSA – The rifle in the video is the older version, we have been informed – the even newer version has even better performance**

REVIEW – BSA Lightning SE Air Rifle – Spring Powered Air Gun. Giles gets to test the pocket rocket from BSA on the range and out in the open. This air rifle can give you 30 metre accuracy for the price of a mid-range springer.

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