REVIEW: Brocock Compatto REGULATED Air Rifle – PCP Multi Shot Airgun, you catch me in the opening sequence of.this video spanning my tins back up.because I’ve been shooting at them from.a hundred yards away over there you can.just about see a while I walk back to.shoot again I can tell you it’s a 177.pre-charged air rifle and it’s a.marriage of two technologies that a lot.of you have been waiting for I can screaming at me let’s see it’s right there it’s the humour.regulated compat oh our gates.there are two things in this that I think make this gun.revolutionary the first is that humor.regulator in the front super high.quality super efficiency the second is.that at the back you’ve still got that.small slingshot system it’s tried its.tested and people out there love what’s happened is you’ve got the.people over here shouting going.I want a regulator and the people shouting I want a slingshot system.and bro cock has brought them together.and it’s brought them together in such a.way that it makes this gun incredibly.efficient now pay attention because the.story here isn’t the gun that’s not new.but the shooting experience with a tote argh it is and I’m going you from a 150 cc cylinder when you.fully charge it to 230 bar you are.getting 810 shots.yes 810 shots that makes that rag and.slingshot system extremely efficient to.get my chrono results I spent time with.the professionally set up chronograph.and weighed all my pellets to make sure.that my results were accurate and here’ chart with weighed Bisley magnums.averaging around ten point three grains.I fired a.all charged through the chrono’s my results and I’m getting an.average of around seven hundred and.thirteen feet per second do your.calculations with that I like doing that.and you get an average of around eleven.point six foot pounds but the story is.the shot string just look how flat it is.from start to end the manufacturer’s a great lightweight target rifle but you and I know it’s so much more.the target is light weight three four kilograms without a scope and.talking of the scope.this is MTC’s new 10 by forty four power.scope it’s a kind of mini version of the.Viper fix power super clean optics has the geared turrets on the top still comes with the 10 shot.magazine and I need to mention the.silencer on the front which is my own.while there is a certain level of sound.reduction from that shrouded barrel I.would always suggest adding an optional.extra silencer you can add a small.Huggett however I’ll always favor a.larger Huggett because you see I can never have too much agat.three-stage para just are on the side.which I need to be clear does not save.air when you adjust it down.and the original camp a toad stock been coated in a soft touch finish.the bolt has been anodized black.however when cocking the gun the pin at.the back is still silver adjustable.shoulder pad resettable safety just in.front of the trigger and the easy fill.probe at the front with the dust cap no.gun review is a good gun review without.a man with a beard in it therefore Dan in a moment you’re going to see.Dan’s beard walking through the field.and shooting on the range.[Music].the gun is accurate to at 25 and 50.yards it’s a pass Buster at 25’s one big hole and at 50 yards it’s.six within half an inch but what now.brings this into play with the big the consistency and that’s.consistency to shoot at a hundred yards.that is film that scene it takes me.hours to set and experiment to get it.right you can only do it with a.consistent rifle all I’ve got to do is.beat the wind and that can easily be.done Plus don’t have to bring my bottle.with me a hundred and ten shots from one.charged sub 12 foot-pounds that’s enough.that any day sport good news though for.those of you that have already got at OU and it’s not regulated if you.want to regulate it you can go to the.humor website by one and home fit it.there you are’s official bro cock have married a.slingshot system with a humor regulator.and it makes this rifle a whole new.animal and I think in the future that.marriage is going to produce more.children maybe some of them of different.breeds and I’m sure that one of those.will end up being a supermodel add that.MTC scope on top and you’ve got a.cracking little package but my final.word of advice is whatever you do put a.big Huggett on the end a grey squirrel.carries a squirrel pox virus yes I some.other main reasons so there it’s like.catching a cold.your beard is getting gray right.absolutely static don’t know don’t agree.or anything like that stand there and.think I’m a twat basically because.that’s probably what I am see see that’s.easy. These plugins are beautiful!
REVIEW: Brocock Compatto REGULATED Air Rifle - PCP Multi Shot Airgun
I like plug-ins, because they are the glamorous. This one has big implications for the future of air rifle shooting. Two actions have been married together to bring harmony. All of those who want a regulator YOU GOT IT, all of those who want a Sling Shot system YOU GOT IT……in one gun, and boy does it work, works like a dream.

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