REVIEW: Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle .177 and .22 – X2 RS2, [Music].hello there welcome to the airgun now today we’re going to try and.answer the question that’s been going.for years.should I have bought the 177 or the 2 -.Wow.maybe this is the’s SM K’s Beeman Joule caliber air.rifle let’s take a closer look as you start to unzip this very you realize that it’s actually a.really nice weighty well put together.package as soon as you open this realize that you’ve got far more.than a rifle inside you’ve got a scope.which is included with mounts you’ve got.two barrels and the tools and need to service the rifle I’m show you just how easy it is to put.this rifle together and to do that we.have to take everything out of the case.first and scope comes out and we’ve got.two barrel that would be the two -.whoops and that will be the 177 and so we’re gonna put that down and.have a look putting it together.depending on whichever barrel you use first the 177 all the two – you.simply slide that barrel into the rifle.and then you tighten the allen key screw.just there and if that wasn’t simple.enough.they’ve even marked the barrel on the.breach so you can see exactly where they.have to join together already I’ve got a.very good looking rifle into two caliber.but just remember I could have 177 if I.wanted to.also in the Box don’t forget is the.scope and it’s a three benign but 32.diamond scope so let’s put that on and.when you come to tighten the scope you.realize just how well the rifle has been.thought out because the same allen key.that adjusts your scope also takes the.barrels on and off the stock comes with.a pre fitted rubber shoulder pad the.synthetic version of the rifle has.checkering all the way down which makes.gripping really easy the breech is a.lovely chunky affair the barrel is.really nice and thick and it runs all.the way down to the very stylish noise.disruptor at the front the trigger.itself is two-stage in a lovely silver.color with ridges on it it also has which is presented just in front.of the trigger the scope itself is.really easy to adjust in the field you.don’t need any special tools the scope.also has the range-finding adjustment on.the front of it I have to say this is a.very good-looking rifle and looking.forward to taking it outside and.shooting it so let’s do that here we are.then outside on a lovely December day.and we’re gonna do accuracy first in the.point 177 version 5 shots 25 meters at a.paper target which is down there.somewhere for the accuracy test I’ve hand in the magic pellet cupboard and.have randomly picked Diablo fields let’s.see how we get on.whoa.let’s grab a look wow I’m super.impressed with that four shots inside a.five pence piece granted I have got one.that is outside but not by far and.actually it is quite a gusty day I’m really impressed what the Beaman.dual caliber can do in point one what about the power though it is a dual calibre we found in.testing that the lighter pellets the.better the Beeman dual caliber in 177 is.more than capable of 10 foot pounds’re done shooting you 177 for the might want to go with you to 2 now.other people they have to go after and unpack something not me watch.all right.177 barrel out.- two-barrel n admittedly I have to.tweak the scope but it’s only a couple.of clicks and I’m ready to go for this.test I’m using randomly selected Ally.pallets I’ve made a couple of click.adjustments to the scope and now we’re.going to do accuracy into two same usual five shots 25 meters here we go.let’s go have a look look at that.25 meters with the tutu Springer I can’t.lie to you I have been using this rifle.for a few days now and I have been.practicing quite a bit because I get it right and actually see what it.can do that is what it can do and fits just inside a 2p coin I’m a.happy chappy and again the power is more.than enough this is the buy one get deal of the decade you by the get the 2 to you by the 2-2 you get.the 177 you get the idea not only is it.deadly accurate but it’s very.good-looking as well it comes in a bag.with a scope and I liked it a lot and I.think you will too.thank you for watching this episode of.the egg and gear show if you want to see.more click up there where it says more.from the egg and gear show or you over there because there’s be a featured video or something else.from us failing that click here and this.will take you through to another video.on our channel or click here and you’ able to subscribe anyway thanks for.watching buh-bye.[Music].you. These ingredients are interesting!
REVIEW: Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle .177 and .22 - X2 RS2
Meet this adorable module!! REVIEW: Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle .177 and .22 – X2 RS2
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REVIEW: Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle .177 and .22 – X2 RS2
Sportsmarketing brings us the Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle. A cracking air gun which comes with 2 barrels, not just one. So gone are the days when you wish you had bought the other caliber, because the by-one-get-one-free deal of the decade is here.

The case does contain spare barrel bolts and ‘O’ ring seals for the breach.

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