REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter Air Rifle – Is it Really ULTIMATE?, hello there welcome to the egg and this is the air arms s510 ultimate.sporter.[Music].if I was to say that Ferraris were the.ultimate sports cars in the world.someone out there in YouTube land would.surely tell me quite quickly that I was.wrong.and if I was to also say that Bessie my.trusted lawnmower here was the best.Norma in the world.I’m sure someone out there would very.quickly pipe up and tell me that I was.wrong.don’t worry Bessie it’s not true so when.a manufacturer claims that their air.rifle is the ultimate sporter that’s a.hell of a claim we need to take a closer.look at it this air arms is basically a.beefed-up s510 with a fully adjustable.laminated manelli stock which at first.glance is a true work of art the version.I have here is 177 caliber and air arms.say that the moderator on the front is.specially tuned specifically for that.caliber and that specialist tuning of.the moderator entwines with the.shrouding around the barrel as with the.standard s510 this ultimate sporter is a.10 shot air rifle the trigger is typical.air arms fully adjustable with button embedded in it I have.previously reviewed in air arms s510 and.found it to be an exceptionally good air.rifle and the link for that is on the.screen now should you wish to watch it.however on the side of this does say ultimate sporter and I’ve.devised the test to find out exactly.what an ultimate air rifle should be.this is my list of air gun ultimate.nurse and I’ve generated it during my.travels around the world of Agins in air.rifles by asking people what would be on.that ultimate air gun list on the multi shot single shot accuracy anti.double load adjustability left hand and.right hand visible safety high quality.barrel regulated quick fill quality.stock and swivel studs I’m going to.grant a point for each item achieved list.let’s see how the air arms s510 ultimate.sporter gets on first thing on the it a multi shot yes it is.the magazine on the ultimate sporter has.been grayed out on the front and that’s.the only change between that and the.original yellow fronted air arms.magazine but I have to say when loading.and our arms magazine I’m going to neck out and I’m going to say this far the best magazine loading system.I have ever tried because you simply.drop the pallets in there’s no in afterwards it spell it in and spin.and because you’ve got that cover on the.front it means nothing ever comes back.out the next one on the list is single.shot number three accuracy I’m a measured 42 meters the scope I’m.using is an MTC Viper Connect three but.well 424 and I’ve got it wound up to is it accurate oh yes it’s accurate.even with a wobbly scopecam it’s very.forgiving and for those of you that.follow us on Facebook you’ll know that.the other week I shot that one on a very.calm day and that’s all 10 pellets.touching each other number four.anti double load now I’m doing this empty magazine I don’t recommend this with your own gun so anti double.load no number five adjustability.well the cheap piece is adjustable in.three places there’s two screws in here.which the camera can’t quite pick up and.a further one here for height the.shoulder pad is also adjustable for up.and down the trigger is also adjustable.via these two Allen bolts here so it’s a.yes for adjustability number six is the.ambidextrous well the cheek piece is but.the action isn’t so it sort of goes half.way so I’m going to give that half point.I have to admit when I’m in this.position if I look to the rear of the.rifle I like to know if the gun is or not I can’t tell you without.counting the rifle to the side and.there’s that safety on the trigger so do.I call that a visible safety number.eight high-quality barrel it’s Luther.Walter it’s fine it’s a high quality.barrel regulated a load of you said the.rifle must be you might spit your tea out when I.say this.don’t necessarily agree with you as the rifle works and does what it.should do out of the box and don’t have.a problem with it being regulated or.unregulated a lot of manufacturers out.there fit regulators a lot don’t and.they all seem to get the same source of.power and consistency so I’m going to.overrule on the regulated thing and I’m.going to say if it’s got enough’s got enough accuracy and if it’s.consistent it gets a tick kick the regulate it even though it.doesn’t have one.number 10 a quick fill procedure.our arms is always stuck by it’s filling.procedure which does take time and with.their own air arms adapter it means’s not interchangeable between rifles.and you have to get it lined up just.right I’m doing this sat down at my.table there we go.right so we then fill.and then release now this is the tricky.bit and I’ve seen people do this what I do because everything’s got to.get this off and when I pull it forward.I don’t want to bash the underside of my.silencer or my fact I’ve actually seen people take.the whole silencer off to do this here.we go see I bashed my silencer so me yep.that’s not a quick fill procedure adapter like that or like that so quick Phil nope.number 11 the quality stock it is a very.nice stock however straight out of on mine I have to say it’s not.perfect and as I’m paying extra money.for the stock I’d like to see a perfect.stock and mine isn’t it does have.visible marks and imperfections and.therefore high-quality stock you know.number 12.swivel studs yes there’s two of them on the front and there’s one at the.rear which is very nicely finished.I’ve tufted up the scores and the air.arms ultimate sporter comes out with a.score of six and a half out of there are those of you that will haven’t measured the barrel you.haven’t told us how heavy the rifle I haven’t in the description box.below there’s a link to the air please click through there and.have a look and that will answer all the.technical questions that you have the.point of my video today is to find out.whether or not the rifle is worth the.title ultimate I’ve got one last say about the s510 and it’s the.biggest compliment I compare a rifle.I’ve bought it it’s mine cold hard cash for it why when I.tell you why I don’t really go much for.the chintzy stock.I haven’t even bothered to adjust it size and shape just doesn’t float the.boat for me but the action what goes on.inside the breech the magic that goes there and the barrel and the’s bloody fantastic and it’s not going.back I haven’t had an air arms in my.collection like this for a long time and.this one is gonna stay with me just lawnmower no er then thanks for.watching.[Music]. This is another huge constituent!!
REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter Air Rifle - Is it Really ULTIMATE?
My elegant sister says this plugin is very elegant! Air Arms 510 Ultimate Sporter – one of the most talked about rifles of 2014, with the massive claim to be “Ultimate”. Giles takes a look at this beauty of an air gun and works out a test of ultimate air gun worthiness.

This video contains a review of a pellet / BB rifle. Its powered entirely by spring actioned compressed air and uses no gunpowder and must not be confused with any form of tactical firearm. My Targets are paper and tins.

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