REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Air Rifle Carbine Super Lite Airgun, [Music] hello there welcome to the egg and gear show now as the title of the video says today I’m going to show you the air arms s510 carbine superlight let’s take a closer look this is an air arms rifle so of course everything except the stock is made in England and the stock itself is made by manali of Italy and because it is manali the engraving and checkering on the stock is absolutely beautiful the version I have here is 177 caliber which should give you 70 shots per charge if it was a to 2 it would be around 90 shots per charge and because it is a carbine it’s got that ultra short barrel which has baffles built in and the length of that barrel is forty six point eight centimeters and the overall length of the rifle including the rubberized shoulder pad is 97 centimeters so that’s under a meter the s510 superlight stock it’s got a green tinge to it or graining and I think that’s because it’s actually shouting at you look over here I’m your ideal hunting rifle the trigger has the safety on it but it’s also two-stage adjustable not forgetting that also it’s actually a multi shot rifle and comes with a 10 shot magazine which is why on the right hand side of the super light you have the side leader cocking system which is smooth and meaningful the s510 is a South regulating rifle so you know that you’re going to get the best possible usage and consistency out of your 190 bar fill and what about the weight well at 2.9 kilos it’s astounding it’s actually a shame to put the scope on top and make it three and a half kilos in this case because I’ve actually been walking around with this for the last couple of weeks on my permission and using it quite a lot and I have to say at times you actually forget what you’re carrying because you don’t actually realize you carrying a pre-charge rifle at all it is that light I know I know enough of the waffle how does it shoot I’m going to show you before I shoot the 510 super lights I’ve got to put some pellets in the magazine and my palette of choice today is the air arms Diablo fields now as with any air arms magazine loading the pellets is dead simple easy as in and spin in and spend and if you know these pallets just drop straight into position and spin and in and spin once I’ve done that ten times I’m ready to go it’s dead easy to put the magazine in the gun you simply pull the cocking lever all the way back slide the magazine in and push the cocking lever forward and we’re ready to go so I’ve got a target 20 meters down there and I’m going to put ten shots through the super light see how I get on here we go while you’re watching me shooting downrange I need to tell you that over an average ten shots at 150 bar with an eight-point for grain pellet I’m getting seven hundred and sixty-two feet per second that’s the average and that’s giving me ten point eight three foot pounds from the s510 superlight carbine right everyone out there I would actually be lying if I didn’t admit that I already know just how damn accurate the s510 is because I’ve been using it for the last two or three weeks nevertheless I need you to see the evidence that is ten shots at 20 meters and the widest point of the group is 1 centimeters across as absolutely phenomenal the s510 has a built-in baffle at the front to help reduce noise but should you wish to add a moderator or a silencer on the front it is threaded so you can take that as an option even though the 510 will take the fight to any big boy in a target shooting competition its home is actually out in the field as a pest control and a hunting rifle and that short barrel at the front makes it extremely agile in a lot of close and tight situations that you might find yourself in so to conclude it’s super light it’s super accurate and it holds a super amount of shots enough to fill a bag of bunnies on any days hunting so they have it that’s the s510 carbine superlight I really really like this and I can’t actually find the words even though I’ve tried to explain just how good this is it’s not pallet fussy and in the weeks I’ve been using it I have another misfire or a single problem with this rifle I have to say I am so impressed and I actually think it looks damn good as well so they are looking for a true hunting rifle you’ve got a few pennies in your pocket and you want a lot of bang for your buck get out and get yourself one of these [Music] These items are clever!
REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Air Rifle Carbine Super Lite Airgun
These add-ons are quite elegant. REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Air Rifle Carbine Super Lite Hunting Air Gun
This has to be one of the best hunting air rifle’s around at the moment, it’s light, accurate and a 10 shot. What else do you need from your air gun.

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