Removing a coil from an air rifle’s main spring, you.hi and welcome to vermin Hunters TV Davy Thomas for those of you who.would like to know how to lower the.power of an air rifle by removing a coil.of an air rifle spring watch this.footage and it’s a simple process to follow providing you out there.right equipment so let’s see how I get.on taking this coil off the’s the spring so now what we’re.going to do is we’re going to cut the.spring at this point here which will.take a whole coil off cut in the spring.we’re going to use the edge of a smooth.stone then once the steel gets hot.through the process I’m going to dip it.just in a little bit of oil so as a.tempest of Steel don’t forget when you.use it now the stone grinder is put goggles then we need to do pair on those.pliers and then just the middle bit.that’s how I take a coil off my spring.right now once with a cup spring we can.compress it so I got this blowtorch on.the diys.instantly what I won the top coil since at that stage of beef and I.consistently impressive.for the long-nosed.bring it up up to two eyeline.make sure.Smart’s flat.turn that off and then I’ll scrip dip some paraffin to temper the steel.other form of and you can see.that’s compressed it’s nice and flat.almost like the other end which is a.being finished need we want to go the stone and we just want to take.this high point off and flatten it out.don’t forget safety goggles please find.a little bit of pressure each time and.then just giving that little chat.keep setting’ll agree it’s not by finish.let’s not actually finished just yet but.I’ve got to take the dremel to it so now.what I’m going to do and I take a the end of the spring just as we lose.all these bears on the end of the spring.just there so I take a dremel round as before make sure you’re wearing.your safety glasses.nice and gently.pretty much that’s all it takes to get.the birds off so now see I can run my.finger over there good tester this is.put um disposable gloves on and just over it if it catches the new haven’t.done the job properly I can tell that’s.done properly all right so now the last.stage is just to polish for the end of.the spring so just to cut a dab some oil.some wet and can see that it still needs a little.bit of a Polish but basically that’s why.your a little bit of doesn’t take long and there you go.I can see that.nicely polished and once you fir on.through the process of taking the in turn it up compressing it.polishing it along the way you’re get a bit of dirt or grime so if you.take some virtual KC.firearm degreaser cleaner degreaser just.give it a spray the wipe off and can use some data flash office.cleaner spray duster this will remove.any foreign bodies or dirt and grime.what’s gone along the way so now this is.a spring I will not be using in any air rifles is purely for this demo you guys how to take a coil off a.spring if you need to if your air rifles.are running high it’s a good way of.bringing the power down there you go I.hope some of you guys out ever found.this footage of some use and their can use it and follow the step by.step and get some good results out of I have so if you like what you see.give us a thumbs up subscribe to for more footage from psy and.from myself thanks for watching.I hope this bit of footage is a so like what you see give it a thumbs.up subscribe to the channel for more so.edge These plug-ins are helpful.
Removing a coil from an air rifle's main spring
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in this short video i show how i have removed a coil on a air rifle’s main spring,to reduce the power on a spring powered air air rifles are now running at 9.5 ft/lbs to 10.5ft/lbs,i find that the spring powered air rifle performs so much better at theses lower power’s.

the use of oil and paraffin is to temper the steel,and stops it from becoming brittle if i had used water.if you are going to attempt this modification to a spring,please make sure you have the correct eye protection.

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