RACCOON hunting with AIR RIFLE!! (CATCH CLEAN COOK), everybody is a beautiful night to go hunting we are going to a place that doesn’t get hunted all that often we are gonna try to we’re gonna try to go get on some pigs before it gets too late and then we’re gonna call the rest of the night I don’t know how long we’re to stay out there but I’m sure we’ll put something on the ground so I’m going to meet up with Braxton right now and I’m gonna hop in with him I think then we’re going to get over there and start scanning fields for pigs to hopefully put some meat on the ground and I let me yeah go kill something always let’s do it we’ve gotten about 20 inches of rain in the past month here in Texas normally we ride around this place in the truck but we had to Braxton brought his km today so we’re about to unload it and go scan some fields for some pigs first and then do a little bit of Collin so hopefully we put something down and I [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] alright guys we found a group of Coons so we’re gonna sneak up on me put the lock on them put him dry put him down with 25 era yonni alright guys the old 25 Air Force air gun got the job done oh that’s a big Coon perfect head shot may it pass through them alright let’s go kill some more guys what do you think about a catch clean and cook on a coon we got to try it right eat what you kill you kill it your Grillet braixen what you think about a catch clean and cook on a coon alright guys I think that’s gonna do it catch clean and cook on a coon hey I’m gonna try it I never tried Coon but I will try I’ll try anything yo Lee hey once y’all want a baby but Hitler offed him one shot to the forehead to the to the frying pan I guess we’re gonna do it not enough that one shot to the forehead then killing the 30-foot ball that he had whoa how do we miss it dude that is a pretty tune oh my god that I’m putting him on the wall Paulie has a fat lady okay two hits a female she’s going on the dinner table boys dude that is the biggest Coon I’ve ever shot seriously that is like a brute of a coon guys we were just calling for coyotes and what bobcats and foxes and whatever and we were getting done so I turned on the raccoon fight and this raccoon came all the way from that tree over there and sprinted to us and I made a running shot and this is where he this where he ended up we were standing into the back of the mule and I dropped him right here with a head shot a running head shot and just flip them over I can’t believe that I can’t believe we didn’t get it on video that’s another big Coon we got three that’s that’s Big Mama right there she’s going on frying pan alright guys calling and pig hunting didn’t go as planned so we’re packing up loading the km up and we’re going to head down the road about 30 miles to a place on the river where there’s Coons everywhere so we’re going coon hunting we got three in the in the km right now we’re gonna try to go get some more it’s so fun calling tunes if you’ve never called Coons it is a blast you ought to try it so we’re gonna go see if we can’t get on a few more Coons alright we made it to our new spot we’re gonna unload the can-am go get after them Coons it is super late we didn’t end up shooting anything else but we had a blast doing it I already hung up this ginormous Coon I’m keeping the skin so I’m gonna show y’all how I how I skinned out of Coon and then I’m gonna take the meat off and cook it up tomorrow for lunch before my wife gets home because she will not eat Coon I know that for a fact first step you want to do you can see I already cut the skinning up the foot so I could hang but I don’t have a gimbal here it’s at the ranch so we want to do just like the Bobcat take this line straight down from either side and just run this is one fat Coon right here and then once you get that long cut out I’m gonna go right here to VIN and go up and around the vent on both sides good and then come around here to the legs and just start working them down man this is a fatty okay so then once you get skinned around the leg you just take your knife and cut that skin down the foot see how it’s kind of goes up the foot then from here this work down also kun except for these fatty pieces wanna take your knife come straight down the tail I’m gonna just walk it around over here on this side yeah on the tail I don’t have a tail stripper so just take two two laws or two screwdrivers or whatever you have and just strip that tail out so now you got a clean pretty tail and then you gonna finish cutting it all the way down so it’s all that fat in there can get some area dry out and before you get too far cut your legs you take your screwdriver just like the Bobcat and pull that skin down to the pull that skin down to the legs same on the other side just take it pop those out and keep pulling down once you get to the head things kind of start up using your knife just like the Bobcat you’ll come to to two little bulges on either side of the head that’s your ears I’m gonna cut them cut them pretty deep so after the ears you’ll get down to the down to the eyes that’s where you really want to be careful just take your time feel around hey pass the eyes just keep working it down dumping those and then same as Bobcat bottom lip don’t need it cut it off yeah you have a nice pretty Coon fur really pretty on the wall and they turn out really good and this is probably one of the prettiest canes that I’ve ever killed definitely the biggest cream I’ve ever killed so I’m with throw this guy in the freezer and then get some meat off of the back quarters in the front quarters and back strap I try to do everything I can without gutting it so I’m also going to take the skull off and boil it like I did the deer heads so there’s one front leg get the other novels YouTube doesn’t like blood so uh I don’t have a water hose in here I can’t clean it off so I’m gonna quarter this guy up and throw it and I think I’m gonna put it in some salt water and then let it soak overnight and then clean it up tomorrow and cook it so I’ll see you guys tomorrow all right it’s the next day and it is lunchtime so here’s some of the meat I got pieced up for frying it’s going straight from that to egg wash – it’s actually Saturn’s fish fry that or that using and then this regular regular old grease so I’m let this grease get hot and let’s get the fry and see what this stuff tastes like I’m very nervous [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so drop a comment if you have ever eaten Coon or if you know of a better way to cook Coon because I’ve definitely never done and I don’t know how to cook it so I figured out fry it because these are the approximately it turns out pretty good even if it’s bad but uh I’m definitely going to overcook this meat because I have no idea what raccoons carry alright I think they’re pretty well cooked I guess we’ll give it a go we’ll try peas first without ketchup and then try it with ketchup let’s go for [Music] Chuey it’s not bad though I mean it tastes like a trans fish seasoning I guess to really get the flavor of me you really need to just grill it with maybe salt and pepper to really see what it what the actual meat tastes like that’s really not bad try it we’ll catch you [Music] I don’t have a bad flavor it’s just super chewy huh it’s not bad it’s a I don’t know let me cut into a piece I mean it’s I don’t know that’s weird it’s a it’s unbelievable how much fat I had to take off of this meat just to cook it [Music] coming that is just that’s I know it’s a see if it’ll focus I know it’s cooked I know it’s overdone but that is like a black meat it’s not bad though [Music] well guys if you ever shoot a coon take a leg off take back straps off cut it up try it try it kill it you grill it you always got to try something at least once so yeah it’s not terrible well the Coon wasn’t terrible I’m definitely glad I try to try everything once at least but I got the five winners of the giveaway from the last video thanks to everybody that went accommodated on my picture on Instagram I couldn’t believe how many of you put y’all’s stories on there I was pretty cool but the five winners are brett mcdaniel jordan Kimble logan cup douglas plaka Flaco I don’t know how to say that and Josh ham so thank y’all for putting all the stories on there y’all’s most memorable hunt I’ll be sending you guys a DM and we’ll get y’all stuff to you as soon as we can so if you guys like that giveaway stuff let me know leave it in the comments and we can definitely do more of that I think it’s pretty fun but that’s gonna wrap this video up thanks for watching guys hit that subscribe button share with friends and give it a thumbs up and remember eat good This is another beautiful WordPress plugin!!
I love constituents, because they are the nice! Went out for a night of what we thought would be pigs and coyotes and ended up killing a few coons. I have never tried coon and have always been interested in what it tasted like so we took it home and fried him up!! thanks for watching and be sure to hit that subscribe button and share with friends!!

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