RABBIT HUNTING with AIR RIFLE & Skoped Vision Gear Review, how’s it going guys now we’re actually out here doing a video that you guys have highly highly requested a lot of you guys have been wanting to see me go rabbit hunting again with an air rifle so I got myself a new air rifle here if you guys are new to the channel go ahead and hit the subscribe button for weekly outdoor videos to the minimum now a lot of you guys been watching my fishing videos and liking them I’m actually a very avid hunter so we’re out here just kind of getting the jitters off warming up a little bit testing out the new gear I just want to take a second out that time to show you a little bit of the new gear and things you should be expecting from this hunting season and uh since the outdoors [Music] so first off what we’re gonna be using today is this beam and air rifle this beam an air rifle it’s a 22 caliber rifle it’ll run you about 250 bucks for the scope I’m using a vortex crossfire got the one rate gear here as I’m wearing as you guys can see this is the early to mid season hooded shirt with the pants you can kind of unzip this a little bit and throw a hood right over now you got protection from the Sun and everything so that’s awesome these gloves aren’t quite one right gear I got these out of a hunter’s haul box as you guys see here the county six predator calls they made this vinyl harness wearing one right gear as you guys know the camouflage we wear that we believe in we trust so those of you that are into air rifles already know this but a lot of you guys are trying to learn about your rifles now there’s some of them that break in half that you can put the pellet in but ones like this you’re actually going to need a separate pump for now this pump will run you probably bought 40 50 bucks you’re gonna have to buy a separate if you buy this Beaman I’ve always wanted to be able to do this is I got a new phone scope scope division right here now this is gonna be able to attach to my scope right here and you’re gonna actually be able to see everything that I see through the scope there we’re gonna pretty much be using this throughout the entire hunting season if you guys stay till the end of this video we’re gonna be hunting with it also maybe we’ll get a couple rabbits with it so you guys definitely wanna stay tuned for that part [Music] [Music] sorry about the wind this one’s gonna be horrible but we can’t really do much about it but the target set up I arranged it I was about 25 yards away we’re going to go ahead and start trying to cite in the Beaman all right so my first shot I’m not too far off and go ahead and do a group of three just check so it’s windy out here but I’m gonna go ahead and try to do my best to cite this in you guys know I rifles kind of carry in the wind but as long as we can get on target we’ll be good so I don’t want to bore you thought the adjustments but I’m just gonna go ahead and get on target and then then I will bring you guys back all right so after about 20 shots let’s do for a pump I’m pretty satisfied early getting 20 shots out of it all right so we got the phone scope attached now we’re just gonna take one last shot so you guys can see it through there and we’re gonna go ahead and go and chase some rabbits [Music] so this is one of our rabbit spots right here and I’ll go ahead and walk around and see if we can’t find a couple there’s a chuckwalla they’re pretty cool lizards we’re gonna go ahead take a closer look so I ran into the first problem and it’s with the iPhone it’s like 107 degrees out here we only been walking for like five minutes and it’s overheating gave it temperature warning so because I ran out to head back to the truck to cool it off I really want to get the footage on the phone scope without it you know I’m just shooting like normal on it I want you guys to see what I’m seeing through the scope I got close right there I’ve just popped out try to get a shot off but didn’t really work out you didn’t really stop moving for long I wanted to sit down and get through it so we’re still gonna try our best that’s number one we spooked a Manny hopefully yep finally got home guys yeah that actually was a lot harder than we thought because hunting these desert jacks when your spot and when you’re like hiking around a lot of times it’s jump shooting so they’re jumping and we’re shooting at him and that’s why we like to heat shotguns but it’s good everyone salata blessed challenged like this with a beaming this is at 22 caliber and Manny dropped him I’m pretty sure I’d double double on them and he fell within seconds and I really hope this was focused cuz we’re kind of having a little bit of troubles with this staying focused and overheating and stuff but I think we got it good cuz right before we popped up over this hill I tried to focus it so hopefully it’s good he’s laying right there we’re gonna go ahead and check him out that was almost like a spot in stock situation I feel like I was hunting kneeled here again trying to literally we saw him weigh you down there run and stop on the bush and we were all crawling like going all sneakily in between these mountains and popped up over here and he was in that bush waited he popped out blasted him so let’s go ahead and check them off 40 yards drop them within like two seconds retaking so there’s a huge difference between the 177 caliber I was I used to shoot and this 22 caliber you know you lose a little bit of velocity with the 22 caliber but I mean when it hit him you could hear it it sounded like it was a real distinct real punchy sound and then he dropped very very fast versus that when I would use the 177 caliber at about 40 yards they wouldn’t go down nearly as quick Jack got a mean-looking tick on this here look at that you look at that tick it’s like not digging him yet you know they’re not he’s clear this is one of the cleanest Jack’s I’ve think I’ve personally ever shot as far as ticks goes easily he’s clean very hot heart punch them so heart punch this Jack dropped them very fast no I’m still waiting I can’t wait to check out the footage with this but we’re gonna go ahead and pick him up take him back to a truck no they’re not I mean I’m actually very impressed 22-caliber I think I’m falling in love with the 22 over the 17 so once again guys I just I showed you pretty much everything I’m using here and everything I’m using for the entire hunting season now I got you guys a discount on these phone scope to remember that links are down in the description below if you want to check them out I got you 10% off on your purchase all purchases for phone scope you want to use this I absolutely cannot wait after seeing the footage this thing we’re not amazing but they’re seeing the footage of that for coyotes and bobcats we’re gonna hit the season very hard we even got deer tags and so and it works out awesome once again I took the phone off because I was overheating that’s the only problem I had in the middle of the summer it’s about 100 degrees right now so you know you can’t expect it not to overheat and I’m sure during the winter we won’t really have that problem but as long as far as the summer goes I’m gonna have to figure out a way to cover this and as far as this beaming 22-caliber goes right here you guys should be expecting to see me use this a lot more in the future the family unions coming back around if you guys are a longtime subs you remember we go to that every year and my grandpa’s owner owns a ranch and there’s like groundhogs and Gophers and stuff that he might need a little bit help taking care of which this will do the job just right so we’re gonna go ahead and take this guy back to the truck but nut i want to thank you guys for watching and i’ll see outdoors [Music] [Music] This is one glamorous extension.
RABBIT HUNTING with AIR RIFLE & Skoped Vision Gear Review
Meet this nice addon. Rabbit Hunting in the desert can be difficult. I use an Beeman air rifle with a skoped vision attached to it. I was able to get pretty good footage that is hard to get without a phone skope. I hope you enjoy the hunt. #rabbithunting #phoneskope #sincityoutdoors

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