Rabbit Hunting With Air Rifle (Backyard Chronicles Ep. 1), hello file YouTube use they were doing a video with my scope cam that I made oh I might start hunting videos um I’m just testing it out right now see if we’re gonna do this but yeah let’s get into it you okay guys I just got this rabid with my FaceCam with my school cam got him right there with that blood is took me two shots be the first time with a little wal gotten the leg put it Omar Mattie drops pretty quick about a 40-yard 34 30 35 40 yard shot with the natural venom Boston terrorizes first you open your scope camp but see how it’s pretty happy to get a rabbit so come a few guys with more backyard chronicles and is a successful my first day with the soap This is one smart addon.
Rabbit Hunting With Air Rifle (Backyard Chronicles Ep. 1)
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HELLO FELLOW YOUTUBIANS! Today we do something new that Reel Em’ Outdoors has never captured on film and today we did… A hunting video. I have been wanting to do small game hunting videos since I saw a famous hunting youtuber Teds Holdover hunt with strictly pellet guns.