Proof an air rifle can kill a deer!!!!!!! Benjamin Discovery .22 cal Episode 4, you.welcome with this week’s episode of.lubbers outdoor adventures come along.with me today as we’re going to shoot.this skull with the Benjamin discovery.22 caliber air rifle I found this in the.woods today so I’m going to use this and.this and this to see if an air rifle.will fatally kill a deer so we’ll see if.the palette goes through this first arm.set up bone here at the bottom there you.can see right there there’s a better.view right there we go through that then.I’m on a live deer it’d be going into.the brain and then that would do fatal.damage so stick with me here we’ll see.the results feel free to comment.anything subscribe we’re gonna go set it.up and stay tuned gosh always always.forgetting something geez oh god every bad betters pellets oh these.aren’t the pellets what what is this.what what a Polish man oh my gosh.Adisa oh uh come on okay what does this.thing this is that it is what are those.possible aha I found let’s go’s setup got it set up here on the.fence GoPro right next to it get it aim.straight for the center of the skull.take a shot see what happens here we we go gotta zoom in boom.deer skull here comes the shot alright.this is a good hit right in the sound.let’s go check it out Moop me personally.I think I mean it went through these.things have so much power so check it.out South the GoPro alright here we go.whoops.all right so here’s a hole and yes that.went through right there punching.caliber pellet will definitely fatally.kill a deer lay that pellets in the wood.after after the impact is pellets are.nasty bedroom discovery very powerful.thank you all for watching this episode.we’ll see it the next one give it a like.if you thought this is cool.we’ll see you have a good one. I adore addons, because they are magnificent.
Proof an air rifle can kill a deer!!!!!!! Benjamin Discovery .22 cal Episode 4
My beautiful brother says this plugin is very huge! Hello everyone welcome to this weeks episode of Lubers Outdoor Adventures! Thank you for joining us today for this exciting video! I found this skull while shed hunting today and thought it’d be cool to do a video on this, please give it a like if you agreed!! Also subscribe to this channel because there is some amazing professional quality videos coming out this turkey and deer season that must not be missed so everyone hit that red button!!! Also follow me on twitter! See you next week on Lubers Outdoor Adventures!!