Walther Airsoft P99 Special Operations BiColor airsoft gun


Walther Airsoft P99 Special Operations BiColor airsoft gun



  • caliber: 6mm
  • velocity: 250.00 ft/sec
  • Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
  • Spring Powered – BiColor Action Kit

Whether you are a newcomer to airsoft or a seasoned veteran, Fox Airsoft is guaranteed to have the ideal airsoft guns to fit your requirements. If you attempt to do that in airsoft, while it’s highly unlikely anybody would get hurt, it would be rather unpleasant to receive shot multiple times at a close selection. Airsoft is an enjoyable game that may be played by anyone at any moment. Frankly, it is a lot more engaging and downright fun than other sports on the market. Fox airsoft carries broad range of airsoft guns from a broad array of professional manufacturers.

The guns originated in Japan due to a ban on real firearms in the nation, and have come to be a favorite toy due to their relative safety. Your airsoft gun is currently powered up. Airsoft guns mimic the appearance of a true weapon by duplicating the many parts which make up a weapon. Review the manual in case you have a gas-powered airsoft gun.

Reassemble the gun and find out how it shoots. Nor do you should be 21-years-old to purchase an airsoft gun as you would be to buy an actual handgun. There are a huge amount of airsoft BB guns out there in the United Kingdom.


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