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Valken Tactical AEG V2.0 TRG Battle Machine Airsoft Rifle, Black/Dust, Medium


Valken Tactical AEG V2.0 TRG Battle Machine Airsoft Rifle, Black/Dust, Medium


  • New shim-less ventilated motor plate with larger adjusting screw
  • Improved gear set, barrel/Hop-Up retention Clip
  • Barrel (CNC cut and Machined), improved Sling attachment plate design
  • Upgraded shuttle switch and trigger assemblies


Determine how you’ll use your airsoft gun. Airsoft guns have existed for several years and have come to be among the favorite tools of the weekend warrior. Most airsoft machine guns and sniper rifles are in fact exact replicas of the actual variant of the gun, and even have the exact weight in several cases too.

Once you’ve got an airsoft gun, the best method to practice and get accustomed to firing it is to visit the firing range. One of the chief reasons airsoft guns are so attractive in militaristic simulations is, aside from the realism, the easy truth that you could actually utilize them to fight. Spring Airsoft Guns are still quite popular amongst Airsoft gun users.

Airsoft guns are sometimes a personal collection or it may be used for proficient training purposes. To begin with, they are meant to provide a safer environment for shooting practice. There are a number of airsoft guns on the current market at this time under $200 that are extremely accurate and shoot well over 350 FPS.

The best kind of airsoft gun, nevertheless, is really likely to depend on what you’re using it for and what you’re trying to escape it. Now you know how to choose airsoft guns properly, it is the right time to pick up the proper gear and begin playing immediately. Add to every one of the options the very low price tag of ammunition Airsoft guns are sometimes a terrific pastime for virtually any budget large or small.


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