umarex walther ppq airsoft pistol, black(Airsoft Gun)


umarex walther ppq airsoft pistol, black(Airsoft Gun)



  • 15 Round Capacity, 6mm
  • Spring powered authentic Walther replica
  • Comes with 2 magazines and 400 6mm plastic BBs
  • Shooting velocity of up to 300 feet/second
  • Buyers should be at least 18 years of age to purchase. Read all instructions before using


The drive to get the 1 gun is known as the MHS or Modular Handgun System competition, and ought to be kicking off within the upcoming few months. As mentioned before, this gun isn’t field ready as a result of its low performance. In some instances, we may decide to ship guns to certain dealers. I believe this gun is going to be a huge hit. Although owing to its realistic appearance and features, this gun is an excellent option for use in film productions or as a fantastic display piece. It is not serviceable and does not include a warranty of any kind. In our opinion, this pistol is extremely comfortable to hold and has a rather good grip.

Magazines had witness holes on either side. Spare magazines are readily available. The magazines that have the Walther P99 are really excellent.

Trigger pull is extremely slick, no effort required, only a light squeeze. Furthermore, when fired, the pistol’s slide tends to create a metallic clang sound effect that may just irritate you after a whileor perhaps, you may just wind up appreciating the extra realism! The blowback metallic slide provides the user a more realistic experience.

The aim of the training is to maintain the trainee alive, not simply to place a shot on the aggressor at any price. The aim of training with guns like these is to offer someone with the chance to use decision-making abilities, while utilizing tools that represent the actual thing, but in a secure environment. This was done to handle user comfort concerns regarding the preceding style.


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