Stunt Police Gamo Mini Steyr Aug Airsoft Rifle (Clear)


Stunt Police Gamo Mini Steyr Aug Airsoft Rifle (Clear)



  • Full automatic
  • 6mm BB
  • 100 rounds magazine capacity
  • Metal upper receiver
  • 1:3 Scale
  • This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York


Plus The rifle can break down a small bit and that makes it simple to travel with. Like the actual steel AUG, the rifle doesn’t have any selector switch. The Polymer Parts of this rifle are incredibly substantial quality and are amazingly durable. In slightly narrow places, carrying an enormous rifle will certainly slow someone down.

Ensure you understand the way your battery needs to be used and how much time it ought to be charged. The batteries go in the handle and there’s a security feature on the face of the gun that won’t let you fire if you don’t press it for extra safety. The battery is housed in the stock Simply get rid of the rubber foot. Just remeber in case you have mini battery, then receive a little connector for it only has a massive connector.

KSC airsoft pistols has received plenty of good reviews due to their quality and performance. Concerning features this gun has some rather clever and admirable capabilities. It uses the Marui Ver. Because of its polymer finish, it is very lightweight and easy to carry. Overall, it is great for the price and you should buy it. If you seeking to get a budget airsoft gun I defiantly suggest this to you. Even though the pistol is not too good( you’re able to dodge the round and it’s not going to shoot over 20 feet) the rifle is an excellent purchase.


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