Sonicking tactical 3-9×40 AO Rifle Scope with 20mm Mounts


Sonicking tactical 3-9×40 AO Rifle Scope with 20mm Mounts



  • 6061-t6 aluminum alloy is adopted to achieve high strength and high hardness (more than HV90). 6061-T6 series are made of aluminum, magnesium and silicon alloy which is processed by heat treatment and featured with corrosion resistance. With monolithic tubular design, high strength and strong resistance guarantee the integrity and safety of the product, despite of strong collision or scratches in outdoor sports.
  • Lead-free glass allows outdoor enthusiasts to present different color tones at different angles. It releases most of images from distortion and maximizes the softness of the light to protect your eyes. The coated lens improves light transmission rate, while improving the color reproduction and balancing the color. There is a scratch-resistant coating outside the lens, which can protect the external lens from scratches, oil trace and dirt.
  • The oscilloscope of the 3-9×40 product is completely sealed and 100% nitrogen-filled. When being installed in gun or air gun, it has advantages of anti-vibration, fog proof and water proof. The shock-resistant structure can meet the demand from pistols, shotguns and other types of high recoil weapons. It is wholly trustworthy. The Picatinny rail bracket built in oscilloscope is easy to connect hunting accessories, meeting your equipment needs to the maximum extent and increasing outdoor fun
  • The scope can be quickly moved and aimed, in which there is also an intelligent annular structure that controls the articulated interactions between inner and outer tubes within a range. The design provides long-lasting reliability for these interactions, ensuring precise response to adjustment of wind resistance/height over time. Full testing has been conducted for airguns and rifles with the destruction and certain range under extreme recoil.
  • In a wide range of zoom-in region, the target can be positioned with the scope at a medium to long distance, and precision shooting is achieved. The quick focusing eyepiece is equipped with the 1/4-inch repositionable wind direction and elevation adjustment, and can rapidly acquire the target that moves fast at a close distance. This will save you more time, when you take aim at a large deer or other predators which are 300 meters away. In addition, you can easily install other devices like flas



When you check through the scope you wish to make sure the cross-hair are perpendicular to the ground. A rifle scope is a significant equipment for those hunters. In the majority of instances, a highly effective rifle scope enables you to view as much as a hundred feet.

There are many things to contemplate in regards to buying a rifle scope. Carefully consider your requirements and assess the available options and you’ll discover a rifle scope that’s ideal for you. Rifle scopes are an easy item of shooting equipment that’s an essential addition to your weapon. They also allow hunters to get a closer look at their primary target and secondary targets. Whichever rifle scope you would like, I would just like to add one final thing.

The greater the lines per millimeter, the larger the picture quality you will become aware of within your scope. What you most likely don’t see is that the rifle scope is equally as crucial as the gun you select, actually, some experts would even say it’s more important than the gun and that you ought to be careful to obtain the ideal scope you can afford. When you’re prepared to purchase your next rifle scope it’s important to think about that Swift provide a vast array of scopes that are perfect for many different kinds of hunting and shooting.


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