Soft Air Taurus 24/7 Airsoft Pistol


Soft Air Taurus 24/7 Airsoft Pistol



  • Officially Licensed by Taurus
  • Polymer Build with 375 FPS w/ .20g BBs
  • 15rd. Mag
  • Lower Tactical Rail
  • Semi-Auto


If it comes to airsoft sport, the most crucial point to have is obviously protective gear and a gun, you can rent it if you’re a casual participant, but should you go airsofting on a standard basis, it is wise to have your own gun, since you will see a gun you may customize to meet your requirements, instead of utilizing the generic guns that most places rent out. At 1000 fps304 mps, there’s loads of speed to find the job finished. Permit the engine to cool sufficiently so you will not get burned when touching it.

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In addition, the guns and their parts have a tendency to be costlier than AEGs. Remove any ammunition clips and open the breech as a safety check to make sure it is unloaded. Spring guns are extremely dependable and extremely easy. Some non-standard varieties of pistols utilize other weights, but that’s not too common. At length, airsoft guns are often virtually identical in look and feel to an actual gun. It’s essential when buying an airsoft gun that you understand how to repair and upgrade its internals.


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