Soft Air Colt Spring Pistol with Metal Slide, Tan


Soft Air Colt Spring Pistol with Metal Slide, Tan



  • COLT M1911A1 100th Anniversary Edition, 1911-2011
  • Metal Slide Series
  • 12rd Mag
  • High Grade Polymer Frame
  • 320 FPS w/ .12g BBs
  • This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York


The gun is made from metal so that it isn’t an inexpensive plastic pistol. This gun may mess up later on, but you’re going to be pleased to know that it includes a 1-year warranty.¬† It is simple to shoot with an easy cocking mechanism. It is completely ambidextrous. It is designed for the adrenaline junkie. It offers plenty of modes to play around with. It is important to make certain you pick a gun which suits your needs within this category.

Each shooter differs. Also, if you would like a gun you may conceal, you should choose a handgun rather than a rifle. You want a gun that’s capable of slaying your prey without an excessive amount of trouble. Others will be pleased with a gun that provides extensive selection. This produces the gun a fantastic alternative for someone that wishes to get up close to their prey. It’s a fact that airsoft guns ought to be made with metal. The Avalon Airsoft Gun is intended to ensure it’ll supply you with several years of usage.


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