Sniper 1″ Ring-3/8′ Dovetail Medium Profile Airgun Scope Mount Rings


Sniper 1″ Ring-3/8′ Dovetail Medium Profile Airgun Scope Mount Rings



  • Dovetail 3/8″ .22 airgunscope mounts – 2 mounts, 4 screws per mount, hex/allen keys
  • Precision-machined from aircraft quality aluminum
  • Designed to fit securely and last well
  • Easy to install
  • Reversible Locking Plate to Fit Full Range of Airgun/.22 Rails


Considering what you’ve invested in your scope, you need something that will to hold it in place. First things first, you should make a decision as to what scope you desire. You’re able to get up 9x Magnification scope that makes it simple to concentrate on far away targets.

If you mount a scope, the factory delivers a horizontal bar it is possible to attach to the grooved thumb part of the hammer which lets you cock it from both sides of the scope. The scope includes a focus dial that can be found at the border of the scope. Rifle scopes can be eliminated and disassembled for cleaning. Picking the right rifle scope is vital and needs to be the number one priority on your list.

Folks often purchase the scopes because they’ve read the stellar specs without researching whether it’s going to be compatible with the rifle. The two sorts of scopes are suited for different scenarios. Next, you will want to correct the scope to discover the appropriate eye relief distance for your usage. Nowadays you know what things to be aware of, you’re almost prepared to make choose your crossbow scope! To discover the best crossbow scope, you need to know just what it is you should be searching for.


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