Smith & Wesson M&P Dark Earth HPA Airsoft Pistol


Smith & Wesson M&P Dark Earth HPA Airsoft Pistol



  • Spring powered pistol
  • Bax hop up System
  • Heavy weight
  • Lower tactical rail

All our high-powered custom made rifles have a bipod and optic to provide you with one of the strongest sniper rifles out there. Determine which field you’re going to be playing at regularly and then discover the gun that fulfills your field’s velocity requirements. Non-blowback guns don’t have that feature that makes them less expensive but more gas efficient. If you’re searching for your very first airsoft gun, there’s no greater place to begin!  Also don’t forget that while you know which you are carrying a paintball Pistol others will not get this. You will see that there are a few pretty expensive paintball pistols out on the market. Magazines Airsoft firearms now arrive with magazines that appear uncannily much like real firearms’ magazines.

If you get a pistol kit then decide you would like to upgrade to a rifle, the pistol kit will perfectly supplement your rifle in the specialty and provide you more capability for a player!  With our rifle kits, you can select between a basic and an entire kit. The fundamental kit gets you all you will need to find the rifle ready to go. A number of the kits also included field required protective gear as a choice to add in your package, providing you whatever you should get out into the area and play. All the kits on this page will supply you with all you need to receive your airsoft gun ready to go. You will see that you have some intriguing accessories to improve your paintball pistol.


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