Skully Tactical Full Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle Gun


Skully Tactical Full Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle Gun




  • 32″ length replica submachine gun; Firing modes: semi-auto, full-auto, safety
  • 30rd standard magazine and drum with adjustable hop-up
  • Magazine w/ gear wind are both included
  • Front and rear sling mounts and iron sights
  • Battery: 8.4v 450 mah; 250 FPS


Your airsoft gun is currently powered up. Airsoft guns may be used in an assortment of scenarios. Just because you’d rather put money into an inexpensive airsoft gun doesn’t imply you’re most likely to sacrifice value of the weapon.

Frankly, airsoft is much more engaging and downright fun than other sports on the marketplace. It is a fun game that can be played by anyone at any time. If you attempt to do that in airsoft, while it’s highly unlikely anybody would get hurt, it would be rather unpleasant to receive shot multiple times at a close variety. Although airsoft isn’t as widely referred to as mainstream sports, it’s still an optimal game choice. It might be one of the finest military simulation sports.

Nor do you have to be 21-years-old to purchase an airsoft gun as you would be to obtain a true handgun. As another bonus, airsoft guns may be used for different things besides airsoft. Although they only use BBs as ammunition, there are numerous types of BBs that can be used in an electric airsoft rifle. Review the manual for those who have a gas-powered airsoft gun.

When acquiring a pre-owned airsoft pistol, you will need to take care to buy a gun that’s in fantastic form. Make certain that you ensure that your gun isn’t likely to go wrong after firing off a few shots. In either instance, you’ll discover below various paintball guns that are incredibly capable and will allow you to excel in many competitions. There are lots of paintball guns for sale nowadays, it can be hard knowing just what sort of marker to buy.


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